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Best Python Training Institute In Hyderabad-Naresh IT


Naresh IT is having 15+ years of experience in software training industry, Providing classroom, online, weekend, Corporate training, Internship, Academic projects at Our Branches. We Offer Online Training by a team of expert trainers in Hyderabad, Chennai, Vijayawada, Bangalore, India, and the USA Providing courses like PHP, Data Science, Python, Javascript, selenium, big data, Oracle by Industry Experts. Visit Our Site: For Online Training: Contact Us: Naresh i Technologies 2nd Floor, Durga Bhavani Plaza, Satyam Theatre Road, Ameerpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500016, India Mob/Whats app: +91 8179191999 Email: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Python Training Institute In Hyderabad-Naresh IT

Best Python Training Institute
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What is Python?
  • Python is a Popular Programming Language made in
    1991 by Guido van Rossum a previous occupant of
    the Netherlands, whose most loved parody group at
    the time was Monty Python's Flying Circus.
  • Python is an interpreted, object-oriented,
    high-level programming language with dynamic
    semantics. Its high-level built in data
    structures, combined with dynamic typing and
    dynamic binding, make it very attractive for
    Rapid Application Development, as well as for use
    as a scripting language to connect existing
    components together.
  • Python supports modules and packages, which
    encourages program modularity and code reuse. The
    python interpreter and the extensive standard
    library are available in source or binary form
    without charge for all major platforms and can be
    freely distributed.

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What can you do in Python?
  • Python is extended it use in Object Oriented
    Programming so that anyone can easily use oop
  • Python is used for Scientific and Numeric
    computing and Function Decorators can be easily
    designed in a modular style and code can be
    reused across a variety of projects.
  • Python can be used to code a Raspberry Pi to
    function as the brain of a robot. By doing this
    you can get the robot to react to its environment
    and perform multiple actions.

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Prerequisites to learn Python Course?
  • There are no certain prerequisites because there
    is not mandatory to know any other programming
    language before learning python. Basic
    Understanding of Programming is necessary but not
    completely mandatory.
  • The simple prerequisites for learning python is
    basic knowledge of concepts like variables,
    loops, control statements etc.
  • The Course can learn by any IT professional
    having basic knowledge of
  • 1.Unix or Windows Operating System
  • 2.Any Programming Language

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What Exactly Is Python Programming?
  • Python language is the basis for many advanced
    applications which are being used globally by
    many multinational companies Python is considered
    as one among the most powerful object-oriented
    programming languages which have been developed
    and maintained by a global community of open
    source developers.
  • Python is very simple to learn when compared with
    the other programming languages like C, Java, C
    Python and other related ones owing to the ease
    with which one can script its syntax.
  • Python can easily enhance the productivity of its
    programmer. There is a lot of demand for the
    professionally skilled Python programmers across
    the globe.

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Who should do Python Course?
  • Web Development Popular frameworks are D Jango,
    Flask, Pylons etc. Since these frameworks are
    written in python. You will also be impressed as
    many websites such as Insta-gram, Bit-bucket,
    P-interest are build on these Frameworks only.
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Graphics
  • Testing Framework
  • Big data
  • IT Developers

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