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Title: Best TNPSC coaching in Chennai

Best English Notes For IAS Prelims Paper 2 CSAT
English section is an important part of all
Competitive Exams. Dear Students, You are living
in very competitive times, If you want something,
you have to fight for it, nothing comes easy
these days. All of you are trying your level best
to get a Govt. job. We will start with all the
basic components of English Grammar. One
important thing you need to understand. While
these, notes are prepared keeping in mind the
needs of SSC, we can ensure that they can also be
used for other exams like UPSC, SSC or other
Endeavour (noun)
Best English Notes by Top IAS Coaching Center
  • Meaning try hard to do or achieve something
  • Synonyms attempt, venture
  • Antonyms idleness
  • By common endeavour we can raise the country to a
    new greatness, while a lack of unity will expose
    us to fresh calamities.

Sterling (adjective)
  • Meaning excellent or valuable
  • Synonyms splendid, magnificent
  • Antonyms poor, unexceptional
  • These pragmatic but profound remarks defined the
    vision and the sterling character of Sardar
    Vallabhbhai Patel, the principal unifier of
    modern India.

Coercion (noun)
  • Meaning the action or practice of persuading
    someone to do something by using force or
  • Synonyms constraint, enforcement
  • Antonyms persuasion
  • However, he was also compelled to use coercion by
    launching Operation Polo to liberate and
    integrate Hyderabad after the Nizam of Hyderabad
    entertained false hopes of either joining
    Pakistan or remaining independent.

Unscrupulous (adjective)
  • Meaning having no moral principles
  • Synonyms amoral, reprobate
  • Antonyms ethical, honest
  • Writing about Patels decisiveness in the
    Christian Science Monitor, W. Gordon Graham
    observed Hyderabad, a State covering 80,000
    square miles in the heart of peninsular India,
    was at that time in the grip of an unscrupulous
    minority which aimed at secession from India.

Balkanise (verb)
  • Meaning divide (a region or body) into smaller
    mutually hostile states or groups
  • Synonyms divide, separate
  • Antonyms join, unite
  • Displaying statesmanship of the highest order,
    Sardar Patel prevented the attempts to not only
    Balkanise India but internationalise the issue as

  • Meaning danger of loss, harm or failure
  • Synonyms peril, vulnerability
  • Antonyms safety, security
  • Indeed at the most critical time when the
    countrys political unity was in jeopardy, India
    found the man of the moment in Sardar Patel, who
    displayed amazing patience, tact and a steely
    determination in dealing with an intransigent
    ruler, who refused to see the writing on the wall
    and even wanted to take the issue to the United

Dexterity (noun)
  • Meaning skill in performing task
  • Synonyms efficiency, adroitness
  • Antonyms clumsiness, insensitivity
  • The complicated case of Junagarh, Gujarat, was
    also handled with dexterity by Patel.

Trammelled (verb)
  • Meaning deprive of freedom of action
  • Synonyms restrain, constrain
  • Antonyms help, assist
  • It will be relevant to recall his famous address
    to the civil service probationers in 1947 when
    Patel told them that the service will have to
    adopt its true role of national service without
    being trammelled upon by traditions and habits of
    the past.

Magnanimity (noun)
  • Meaning the fact or condition of being
  • Synonyms generosity, benevolence
  • Antonyms selfishness
  • Another aspect of the Sardar that needs to be
    highlighted is his graciousness and magnanimity
    in readily abiding by Mahatma Gandhis advice to
    withdraw his candidacy for the post of Congress
    President in favour of Pandit Nehru in 1946,
    although a majority of State Congress committees
    supported his candidature.

Emulate (verb)
  • Meaning match or surpass (a person or
    achievement), typically by imitation
  • Synonyms imitate, mimic
  • Antonyms neglect
  • As we pay our tributes to the great statesman on
    his birth anniversary today, on October 31, let
    us try to emulate his qualities and work towards
    realising his dream of providing Suraaj in a
    new and prosperous India.

Prorogued (verb)
  • Meaning discontinue a session without dissolving
  • Synonyms adjourn, suspend
  • Antonyms continue, expedite
  • Parliament has been prorogued by the President
    till November 16.

Imbroglio (noun)
  • Meaning an extremely confused, complicated, or
    embarrassing situation.
  • Synonyms squabble, altercation
  • Antonyms agreement, concord
  • Meanwhile, in planning his next moves for
    political survival, Mr. Wickremesinghe should
    also realise that he is partly to blame for the
    political imbroglio.

Goriest (adjective)
  • Meaning involving or showing violence and
  • Synonyms horrible, murderous
  • Antonyms pleasant
  • The Turkish press has over the past few weeks
    made public the goriest details of the murder.

Vindication (noun)
  • Meaning the action of clearing someone of blame
    or suspicion
  • Synonyms justification, exoneration
  • Antonyms conviction
  • Turkey had applauded Mr. Morsi coming to power
    as a vindication of the moderate and
    constitutionalist Islamist model that the Justice
    and Development Party represented in Turkey and
    an indication that the Brotherhood was headed in
    the same direction.

Tottering (verb)
  • Meaning move in a feeble or unsteady way
  • Synonyms careen, wobble
  • Antonyms stabilize
  • It was not surprising that the Saudis embraced
    Egypts General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, in 2013,
    and immediately granted 2 billion to the
    military regime to save it and also Egypts
    tottering economy.

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Rapprochement (noun)
  • Meaning an establishment or resumption of
    harmonious relations.
  • Synonyms reconciliation
  • Antonyms aloofness
  • However, recent moves amounting to a
    rapprochement among Ankara, Moscow and Tehran
    indicate that a modus vivendi has been worked out
    between Iran and Turkey on defining their spheres
    of influence in Syria.

Salvage (verb)
  • Meaning rescue from loss
  • Synonyms recover, redeem
  • Antonyms abandon, forfeit
  • While Saudi Arabia is struggling to salvage its
    image in the aftermath of the murder of
    journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside its consulate
    in Istanbul, another human rights crisis
    triggered by its actions confronts the kingdom.

Conduit (noun)
  • Meaning a channel for conveying water or other
  • Synonyms passage, duct
  • Antonyms hydrant
  • Until recently Turkey and Iran were on opposite
    sides in the Syrian conflict, with Iran
    supporting the Assad regime politically and
    militarily and Turkey acting as the principal
    conduit for weapons supplies to the opposition.

Contingent (adjective)
  • Meaning occurring or existing only if (certain
    circumstances) are the case dependent on.
  • Synonyms conditional, probable
  • Antonyms essential
  • The Emir of Qatar had sent a contingent of
    soldiers to provide security to Mr. Erdogan
    during the failed military coup in 2016.

Ramification (noun)
  • Meaning a complex or unwelcome consequence of an
    action or event
  • Synonyms consequence, aftermath
  • Antonyms origination
  • Without going into the merits of the issues
    raised, two important questions have arisen,
    which relate to the relationship between the RBI
    and the government and between the RBI management
    and its board. Even if one cannot come to
    definitive conclusions, it is important to note
    the ramifications of the issues raised.

Salience (noun)
  • Meaning the quality of being particularly
    noticeable or important
  • Synonyms fame, renown
  • Antonyms obscurity
  • The argument seems to have derived its salience
    in the context of the 19th Amendment to Sri
    Lankas Constitution, passed in 2015 under the
    joint political leadership of both Mr. Sirisena
    and Mr. Wickremesinghe.

Detente (noun)
  • Meaning the easing of hostility or strained
    relations, especially between countries
  • Synonyms easement, precaution
  • Antonyms disruptive
  • Though he was careful not to say anything that
    would break the détente forged by the Centre and
    the central bank at its last board meeting on
    November 19, he made three forceful points that
    the RBIs autonomy is important to protect
    depositors interests monetary policy has to be
    the exclusive domain of the RBI and its reserves
    are central to maintaining its AAA rating.

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Cumbersome (adjective)
  • Meaning large or heavy and therefore difficult
    to carry or use
  • Synonyms unwieldy
  • Antonyms convenient
  • The application process is cumbersome and
    exclusionary a separate form has to be filled,
    signed and submitted for each of the three
    instalments, along with a copy of the applicants
    mother child protection card, her Aadhaar card,
    her husbands Aadhaar card, and the details of a
    bank account linked to her Aadhaar number.

Nipping (verb)
  • Meaning bite or pinch sharply
  • Synonyms tweak
  • Antonyms ardent
  • These statements are probably aimed at nipping in
    the bud any attempts to change the governance
    structure of the central bank.

Crux (noun)
  • Meaning the most important point at issue
  • Synonyms nub, gist
  • Antonyms unimportant
  • The crux of the problem is that the RBI, the
    board and the government must understand the
    limits to which they can push. A spirit of
    accommodation must prevail.

Onerous (adjective)
  • Meaning (of a task or responsibility) involving
    a great deal of effort, trouble, or difficulty
  • Synonyms strenuous
  • Antonyms effortless
  • This is certainly good news as it indicates that
    the skeletons are mostly out of the cupboard now.
    Of course, there is still the onerous task of
    resolving the bad loans stock, which is at a
    little over ?10 lakh crore now.

Encroachment (noun)
  • Meaning intrusion on a person's territory,
    rights, etc.
  • Synonyms infringe
  • Antonyms ignore
  • If the government has decided to ease the
    restrictions in a phased manner, this could
    adversely affect the indigenous population in the
    long run. Such commercialisation of tribal spaces
    could lead to encroachment of land, as we see in
    other parts of the country.

Promulgate (verb)
  • Meaning promote or make widely known (an idea or
  • Synonyms enunciate
  • Antonyms conceal
  • Jawaharlal Nehrus Tribal Panchsheel were the
    guiding principles after Independence to
    formulate policies for the indigenous communities
    of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Based on
    them, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Protection
    of Aboriginal Tribes) Regulation (ANPATR), 1956
    was promulgated by the President.

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Protracted (adjective)
  • Meaning lasting for a long time or longer than
    expected or usual.
  • Synonyms attenuate
  • Antonyms abridge
  • The protracted conflict has so far claimed about
    10,000 lives and displaced millions, and no
    lasting resolution is in sight.

Desisted (verb)
  • Meaning stop doing something
  • Synonyms abstain
  • Antonyms continue
  • It would have sent out the wrong signals both at
    home and abroad. It is good that the government
    has desisted from using Section 7.

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