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Guido Paniccia Gives 5 Essential SEO Tips and Tricks (2018)


According to Guido Paniccia an SEO strategy only becomes effective when all the actions/tasks it involves aim to considerably improve the quality of a {website| an internet site |a web site} or a brand’s web presence (for the long-term). – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Guido Paniccia Gives 5 Essential SEO Tips and Tricks (2018)

Guido Paniccia Gives 5 Essential SEO Tips and
Tricks (2018)
According to Guido Paniccia an SEO
strategy only becomes effective when all the
actions/tasks it involves aim to considerably impr
ove the quality of a website an internet site
a web site or a brands web presence (for the
Guido Paniccia
1. Find the correct Keywords
One tactic that hasnt modified a lot of over the
years, is keyword analysis. Its a very
important necessity for success in link building,
on-page SEO, and content marketing.Remember,
keywords verify the niche relevancy and
visibility of your website in specific search
terms. Honestly, if youre doing any SEO activity
and dont have some target keywords in mind,
youre wasting time.Knowing the way to pick the
best keywords does take a bit of effort. But its
not rocket science. Well cover the
fundamentals below. If you want an entire guide,
weve got one for you here. As always, the Google
Ad Words Keyword Planner is a superb (and fully
free) tool for keyword analysis. You only need a
valid Google account to get started right away.
Guido Paniccia
2. Dont Skimp on On-Page SEO Efforts
Another tactic thats actually still tried and
true, is on-page optimization. Cut corners on
this one, and you will definitely find ranking
improvements hard to come by. For the most part,
SEO specialists agree that mentioning a keyword
2-4 times in the content is a smart idea. Keep in
mind, keyword stuffing is bad. Dont bother doing
it. You dont want your keyword use to disrupt
the readers experience in any way. So simply
focus on a natural expressive style that includes
your targeted keywords where applicable. If
you've got trouble with this, try reading your
writing back to yourself, out loud.
Guido Paniccia
3. Optimize Your Images
Speaking of keyword optimization, one
oft-overlooked tip is to optimize your pictures
for them as well. This is certainly still the
case in 2018. Users are as drawn to visual
content as ever! It may sound intimidating
initially, but it's honestly very easy. You
simply have to modify the images filename and
ALT tag thats it.
4. Boost Your Backlink Profile
Ok, so we coated some tips for on-page
improvement, keyword selection, and images. But
what about off-page SEO? Well, thats a whole new
ballgame! But at its most elementary level, it
begins and ends along with your backlink profile.
Guido Paniccia
5. Track Your Data
Noticing a pattern? Im dubbing 2018 the year of
common sense. All of the spammy tactics of years
gone by? Forget about them. Move on. All of the
common sense recommendation you have been given
since day one? Pay attention and put it to
work. It should come as no surprise that without
tracking the correct information, you are not
going to be able to learn a lot of about your SEO
efforts. After all, how would you even know if
one approach worked, if you did not recognize
what improvements to look for in the analytics?
Guido Paniccia
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