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Top 20 Places to Visit in South India from October to March


South India brings forth a distinctive combination of beaches, backwaters, hills, mountains and coffee plantations which work together to evoke the curiosity among travelers looking to explore the vividness of coastal regions. Read here: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 20 Places to Visit in South India from October to March

Top 20 Places to Visit in South India from
October to March
South India brings forth a distinctive
combination of beaches, backwaters, hills,
mountains and coffee plantations which work
together to evoke the curiosity among travelers
looking to explore the vividness of coastal
regions. Add to this the deeply rooted culture
and heritage showcased in ancient temples
and monuments of South India and you have one
power-packed trip that will exceed your
expectations as a tourist destination.   South
India Tour packages also gives you an opportunity
to savor the flavorful South Indian cuisine that
utilizes freshly grown spices and coconut which
gives a unique flavor to the dishes. This region
is mostly preferred by tourists during winters
due to its pleasant weather. Hence, if youre
planning to travel from October to March, South
India offers many options to give you a
cherishing experience. For an unforgettable
vacation in Southern India, here is a rundown on
the best places you must visit while traveling to
South India.
Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram
Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram is a sea side town,
known for its marvelous temples built during the
7th and 8th century period. Shore temple is the
most eminent ancient temple in Mahabalipuram that
houses shrines of Lord Shiva and Vishnu. Panch
Ratha is another holy site
that houses five rock-cut temples which are fine
examples of Dravidian architecture. The town has
some of the most beautiful beach locations which
serve as an ideal venue for fun activities like
water surfing and turtle walking. A visit to the
Crocodile bank gives you a chance to see
different species of Indian and African
crocodiles left in open pools.
Situated in Karnataka, this erstwhile capital of
Vijayanagar dynasty is famous for the ruins of
temples and other monuments which attract the
interests of archeologists from around the globe.
Every corner of this city exudes grandiose of the
Vijayanagar Empire
which can easily be seen in the structures spread
all over the city some of which have turned into
ruins. Hanuman temple and Virupaksha temple
are popular pilgrimage spots in Hampiwhich leave
the visitors spellbound with their impressive
carvings and structures. You will also come
across many huge boulders lying all over the
city. Climbing these boulders is a good way to
catch the sights of famous buildings and temples
in Hampi.
Madurai is another city located in Tamil Nadu
that enthralls the visitors with its glorious
temples. This city holds most of the attention
due to buildings that depict Indo-Saracenic
architecture which is the reason it is often
termed as the Athens of the East. Meenakshi
in Madurai is the focal point of tourism as it is
the only living temple with lots of activity
going around in its premises. Vilachery village
located a few kilometers away from Madurai is a
revered tourist attraction that features making
of idols of Lord Ganesha from clay.
The lush landscape of Adilabad, a town in
Telangana, makes it a perfect getaway for those
in search of a quiet place bustling with natural
wonders. A Kuntala waterfall located in the town
is a prominent tourist attraction that offers
mind-boggling views of Sahyadri
mountain range. Pochera waterfall is another
visual treat which gives a chance to wallow in
the serene atmosphere of the surrounding regions.
The town is home to a dense forest area housing
numerous species of wild animals and birds. Kawal
wildlife sanctuary and Pranahita wildlife
sanctuary are the best places in Adilabad to spot
sloth bears, panthers, peacocks, owls, cobras,
crocodiles, ducks, and teals.
This coastal paradise has everything to entice
the nature seeker in you right from stunning
beaches, guzzling waterfalls to verdant valleys
and hills. Yarada beach is the most famous beach
in Vishakhapatnam to relax and rejuvenate you
after a tiring journey. Trekking up
to Katiki waterfalls in Araku valley lets you
grasp the serenity emanating from the abundant
greenery found in the hills. A Borra cave is
another point of interest in Vishakhapatnam that
lures the travelers with their enigmatic
appearance. Being one of the largest caves in
India, Borra caves are surrounded by scenic
Ananthagiri hills which are sure to capture your
hearts with their soul-stirring beauty.
Gokarna in Karnataka is a fabulous destination
for beach lovers and Hindu pilgrims. The town is
famous for its unending array of temples
dedicated to Lord Shiva. The most frequently
visited temples in Gokarna are Mahabaleshwar
temple, Maha
Ganpati temple, and Murudeshwar temple. The town
boasts of its numerous beaches that serve as an
ideal location to relax amid the stunning
greenery of hills lying in surrounding areas.
Paradise beach, Half-moon beach, and Kudle beach
are the most revered tourist attractions in
The land of the Nawabs, Hyderabad is yet another
attraction that will amaze you with the richness
of luxury portrayed in its palaces and cuisine.
The city represents a beautiful melange of Hindu
and Muslim culture which can be seen in the
architecture of various historical monuments
located within the city. Among the most
attention, worthy places you need to pay a visit
to Hyderabad are Golconda Fort, Charminar, and
Chowmahalla Palace. The bustling market in the
city is another thing that will keep you busy on
your trip to the city. While strolling around the
city you will come across many food joints
serving delicious Hyderabadi biryani and kebabs
which would be a treat for gastronomes.
Mysore is the perfect place to get a glimpse of
the rich heritage of India showcased in its
palatial monuments, temples, and palaces which
attract a lot of attention from architects
belonging to different parts of the world. Mysore
palace is the most enchanting monument
that witnesses a large number of tourists. Every
inch of this palace breathes opulence with its
lavishly decorated interiors. Apart from being a
cultural center, Mysore is also known for its
ancient temples like Somnathpura temple and Sri
Chamundeshwari temple which attract many pilgrims
from all over India. A Brindravan garden is
another place that mesmerizes the visitors with
its beautiful flowers, fountains and light shows.
Kanyakumari is the right destination for those
who wish to grab a slice of the coastal life. The
place derived its name from virgin goddess Kanya
Kumari who is believed to be an incarnation of
goddess Parvati. For this reason, this coastal
town is a popular pilgrimage destination for
Hindu devotees who come
to take holy dips in Triveni Sangam and this is a
biggest tourist attraction in Kanyakumari. The
flower market at Thovalai is a must-see
attraction famous for an astounding variety of
flowers like jasmine, roses, marigold, etc.
Padmanabhapuram Palace is another showstopper
that holds the gaze of people with its marvelous
architecture which utilizes intricate woodwork to
decorate the walls and ceilings.
Situated in Telangana, Warangal presents a
beautiful blend of history and nature which is
sure to leave a lasting impression on the minds
of the visitors. Right from its finely carved
temples, gardens, forests to bewitching lakes,
Warangal offers an irresistible bundle
of attractions for tourists. Thousand pillar
temple is the most famous temple you must visit
to get a glimpse of the ancient Kakatiyan
architecture. Warangal fort and Kakatiyan Rock
Garden are other attractions that deserve a
mention. To witness the abundant nature, a visit
to the Pakhal wildlife sanctuary is highly
recommended. This reserve is located on the banks
of Pakhal lake and houses different species of
animals like deer, antelopes, panthers, tiger,
wolf and sloth bears.
Being the most frequented beach destination in
India, a trip to Goa is the best way to get in
touch with the happening beach life. The place is
particularly famous for its amazing nightlife
which offers endless avenues for
party hoppers. The place also acquaints you with
the Portuguese influences with its culture,
traditions, and cuisine. To know in detail the
history of Goa, a trip to Goa State Museum is
recommended. The flea markets in Goa are a
delight for shopaholics where they can buy
artefacts, handicrafts, clothes, and Goan jewelry
at jaw-dropping prices. The beaches of Goa have
numerous restaurants serving awesome Goan seafood
which is worth a try.
Blessed with a ravishing landscape consisting of
hills, forests, waterfalls and spice plantations,
Thekkady offers a refreshing experience to
visitors who wish to escape the monotonous city
life. One of the best ways to witness the
abundant nature in this part of Kerala is by
visiting Periyar wildlife sanctuary. This place
has received recognition for its role in tiger
conservation. The flora and fauna found in the
sanctuary enchant the visitors with its beguiling
charm. Boat rides are offered in Periyar to let
the tourists view and explore the natural wonders
and wildlife found in this region. Elephant
rides, bamboo rafting and visit to the spice
plantations are other things that will make your
holiday a memorable one.
Puducherry or Pondicherry
Puducherry or Pondicherry is a French colonial
settlement located near Tamil Nadu known for its
breathtaking beaches and coastlines some of which
have been washed away due to construction
activities on the shores. Promenade beach,
Paradise beach, and Serenity beach are
ideal options to be mesmerized with the
astonishing coastal views. Puducherry Botanical
gardens is another place that lets you soak in
the gorgeousness of nature found in this coastal
region. The French influences this town has
witnessed are visible in its cuisine. There are
many cafes and eateries serving French, Italian
and Indian cuisines which will be a worthwhile
experience for vacationers.
Kovalam is a renowned beach destination that
captivates the hearts of tourists with its
alluring views. The pristine waters, coconut
trees, and sands of Kovalam are what add a
whimsical touch to this gorgeous beach. The place
is also considered a prime destination for
those in search of natural healing practices. One
can try the Ayurvedic massages in the resorts to
relax and rejuvenate after an exhausting day.
Kovalam also offers a fantastic range of
adventure activities like parasailing, and diving
to add an interesting touch to your holiday
This stunning coastal city is a treat for all
sorts of travelers looking to explore
the backwaters of Kerala. The houseboat cruise is
the most exhilarating experience you will
encounter in Alleppey. These cruises offer
exciting views of the banks dotted with coconut
trees, sunsets,
and birds residing in the region which makes them
popular among honeymooners. The Ayurvedic spa
facilities in the local resorts are another
attraction that makes your visit to
Alleppey worth it. You can also participate in
Kayaking tours to explore the remote regions
thriving in the backwaters of Alleppey.
This dazzling city receives a great number of
tourists due to its heavenly landscape made up of
palm trees, sandy shorelines and a flourishing
wildlife found in the citys remote regions.
Being a port city, Cochin is home to several
architectural wonders exhibiting Portuguese and
Dutch elements. The most famous buildings among
these are Mattancherry palace, Santacruz
Basilica, and Jewish Synagogue tourist
attractions in Cochin. Not only are the
buildings, what truly amazes you the museums that
give a peek into the history of Portuguese
culture. Mangalavanam bird sanctuary is another
exciting location for nature lover that houses
several species of endangered and migratory
Andaman Nicobar
A trip to islands of Andaman and Nicobar would
prove to be the most enriching experience for
travelers who wish to surround themselves with
its serene landscape. The place has a plethora of
beaches that serve as perfect destinations for
the seekers of peace and tranquility.
The cellular jail in Port Blair, the capital of
Andaman and Nicobar is a popular tourist
destination that gives a glimpse of the
atrocities meted out on freedom fighters during
Indias struggle for Independence. The boat rides
from one island to another is a distinguishable
feature of this place that sets it apart from
other South India tour destinations.
Ooty is the most scenic hill station located in
Tamil Nadu. Home to the spellbinding Nilgiri
Mountains, this place is one of the best tourist
destinations in South India. Termed as the
Scotland of the East, this hill station is
bestowed with an intriguing natural beauty found
in the flora
and fauna of the Nilgiris. To view the
magnificence of Nilgiri mountain range, toy train
ride is the perfect option. Ooty Lake is another
point of interest for tourists that offer
pristine sights of the lush greenery surrounding
this hill station. The Botanical garden in
Ooty is a must visit attraction where you can see
thousands of varieties of flowers.
Munnar is the most sought after hill station in
South India that beholds the gaze of visitors
with its sprawling tea plantations. The
criss-cross pathways dividing the plantations let
you capture postcard-perfect sights of the
surrounding areas. Staying in a tree house around
the tea estates is the best way
to feel the tranquility of this place. This hill
town is blessed with steep slopes which serve as
an ideal location for trekking and hiking. Trek
to the Echo Point allows you to watch the
beautiful sunset along with a chance to hear your
voice echo in this region which makes it a
preferred destination for seekers of fun. The
hill station is a treat for animal lovers as it
houses a great variety of birds and animals
housed in the forests of Munnar.
Set amidst the mountains and valleys of
Karnataka, Coorg is a one-stop destination for
all sorts of travelers who wish to immerse
themselves in the profound beauty and culture of
South India. The fragrance of coffee plantations
welcomes you the moment you enter this enchanting
town which is something that
rejuvenates your senses and sets the mood for
other exciting options to be explored. Coorg is
famous for its mist-laden hills that captivate
the hearts of many. The most interesting feature
of the mountains and hills is the gushing
waterfalls that lie at every nook and
corner. Abbey falls is the most
attention-grabbing site you should not miss in
Coorg. The hanging bridge overlooking the Abbey
falls is the most impressive attraction which
offers remarkable views of the waterfall against
the greenery of hills.
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