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Lancers International School - One of the best schools in Gurgaon


Lancers International School is one of the best school in Gurgaon located in DLF Phase - 5, Sector - 53 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Lancers International School - One of the best schools in Gurgaon

Lancers International School
An IB World School
Dheeraj Sharma
Rank 1 school in Gurgaon
Schools in Gurgaon Facilitate Learning
International Schools Improve Education System
Crack Nursery School in Gurgaon Interview
Examine the traits of Lancers
Rank 1 school in Gurgaon
School Recognition
Great Teachers
Parents Involvement
This is the first step every parent and student
should take care before taking admission in an
international school. This is to verify whether
or not the school is accredited by a recognized
accrediting organization. The accreditation
status is for a specific period. Therefore, top
schools keep the certificates up-to-date whether
it is CBSE, ICSE or IB school.
Schools in Gurgaon put this trait on top of the
list. The best schools have amazing teachers.
Their credentials are apt as per the
requirements. They are passionate about the
learning and the subjects which they teach. They
are highly qualified to teach their subjects.
Explore the faculty lists on school websites.
A lot of schools do not focus on parents
involvement. But top international schools share
each and every detail of children with their
parents. They keep the parents informed about the
activities and progress of their child.
Facilitate Learning of Host Country
  • There are many authentic and authorized way for
    many schools in Gurgaon to include local culture.
  • Particularly DP part of the curriculum contains
    the core value called CAS Creativity Action
  • Most of the internationally acclaimed and
    credential schools have a small part included
    within their curriculum blueprint.
  • Under expert guidance of CAS coordinators these
    big projects garner due attention through the
    whole school.
  • The schools in Gurgaon following the IB pattern
    consists of community service element inclusive
    in IB PYP, IB MYP and IBDP programs.
  • The projects take place across the school as well
    as outside its boundaries.

International Schools Improve Education System
The international schools in Gurgaon facilitate
unique learning opportunities focusing on
cultivating various aspects of personal
Creativity is the key to solving today's
competitive challenges. There is a list of top
international schools in Gurgaon that helps
students develop innovative approaches to
problem-solving through a broader range of
Lancers International School give students proper
insights into the preschool, nursery school and
primary school students.
Through various initiatives at international
schools, this sphere aims to nurture children as
socially responsible global citizens of tomorrow.
Personality Development
Creativity and Innovation
Universal Values and Ethics
Community and Care
Crack Nursery School in Gurgaon Interview
First and foremost is to give your children small
instructions and see how they react to them.
Generate different situations and check the
result is positive. If you at all feel the
reaction of your child is wrong, correct them
The children are at the age where they like to
play and follow games like building blocks,
puzzles and colors. In case the child is not
aware about any of them, parents should ensure
they learn a little about these play activities.
Get your child up to speed regarding the
interview. The nursery going child should be
aware of its importance. This will make them take
the interview much more seriously.
Playact the interview with your child in order to
get them aware as to how it will process. Ask
them perform some skills and follow the
instructions carefully.
Keep tight control over your emotions and tread
patiently around youre your child. This will
help to keep the nervousness and anxiety of the
interview down over the child.
It is imperative for an outgoing and open
personality of a child to get praises for a job
well done. This will help them look more
confident when they attend any interview of top
nursery schools in Gurgaon.
At the age of nursery school, the child is old
enough to socialize and interact with other
people. Parents should encourage this behavior as
it will make them more open and bold. For this
purpose many schools in Gurgaon offer physical
education programme.
The child should be able to identify different
set of colors, at least the main ones. For this
purpose stimulate them to oversee banners,
pamphlets, hoardings and newspapers. These modes
will also help them to brush yup on their numbers
and alphabets skills for nursery school admission.
Difference between entitlement and deserve
Teaching Them Essential Values of Life
Raising a child of whom everyone can be proud of
is a dream for every parent. But such a desire
comes with great responsibilities as well. It is
essential that we set a vivid example to our
children portraying the right kind of attitude
when they are around. If we start to indulge
ourselves needlessly in possessions, then the
kids will naturally be bound to pick up such a
A conclusion on deserving kids
We, at the Lancers believe that it is very
important that whatever we portray to our
children gets into their minds. Even unknowingly,
it gets hardwired into their thought patterns and
serves to shape their character. Therefore, we
must be extremely careful around them and balance
our behavior.
Our kids are the next generation of the society
who will succeed in the world after us. Hence, it
is important that we teach them the values make
them a good human being. We teach them to create
a better future for themselves. With a motto of
hard work over entitlement, such young gems are
sure to shine brightly, making us all proud of
Growth of Lancers International School
Our Lancers Community continues to grow to
deliver quality education to the local community
and the world.
Lancers began offering the IB MYP, making it one
of the first schools offering the IB Continuum of
International Education in North India. The
school was listed as a UN Chapter School.
To establish a world-class quality education and
to further expand the growth of Lancers, Lancers
International School (An IB World School) was
Recognized and awarded by Sahitya Academy for
outstanding performance in academics.
Lancerians set a National Record by winning Gold
Medal in the shot put category. The school's
basketball team won the state level championship.
Lancers received accreditation from Cambridge
International Examination AS level /A level /
IGCSE. Lancers offered the IB Diploma and the
Primary Years Programmes to its school.
Our Lancers Community continues to grow to
deliver quality education to the local community
and the world.
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