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A comprehensive guide on Bitcoin for beginners!


Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that exchanges a monetary value.Lets have a glimpse at the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin & its operations. To know more about Bitcoin visit: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: A comprehensive guide on Bitcoin for beginners!

By Epixel Solutions https//www.epixelmlmsoftware.
  • Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that
    exchanges a monetary value. It can transform the
    traditional currency system entirely.
  • Can you visualize an economy without financial
    institution or a centralized authority? Yes, that
    is the world of cryptocurrencies. These
    decentralized currencies have been leading our
    economy for almost a decade. All cryptocurrency
    transactions are recorded in a distributed ledger
    system called blockchain. Bitcoin is the first
    cryptocurrency released in 2008, allows
    peer-to-peer transactions.

  • Bitcoin is a digital currency, emerged as an
    alternative to the fiat money. It allows
    peer-to-peer transactions, which holds same value
    globally. It is a decentralized global currency
    developed by an open source software. Bitcoin
    exits in blockchain, its value is determined by
    demand supply. However, traditional currency
    value depends upon the circulation of money, but
    digital currency value never be devalued. It can
    also be transferred for other alternative
    currencies (altcoins). Bitcoin is becoming an
    emerging digital coin among spectaculars.
  • Basically,
  • Bitcoin is an investment opportunity
  • A new way to make the transaction
  • As a payment option
  • Trading option

How Bitcoin differ from traditional currency?
  • Decentralization
  • No Counterfeit
  • Immutable
  • Limited supply
  • Divisibility

How does BTC system works?
Earns Bitcoin
Provides BTC wallet
BTC Transfers
Transactions validate in blockchain
Digital signature (Transaction request Private
key) encrypts the transaction
Mining Process (Verification Validation)
New block get added
Reward BTC
How to buy BITCOIN?
What can you do with your BITCOIN?
  • Now that you own BTC, we have various services
    tasks to perform with this digital currency. Use
    BTC payment option for easy secure online
    payments. Trading a Bitcoin is also possible for
    the exchange of other cryptocurrencies. We can
    make payments of flight tickets, hotel bills,
    shoppings so on through BTC payments. Receiving
    bitcoin payments, the speculators will get access
    to global markets.
  • We can earn BTC with our fiat currency or in an
    exchange with alternative coins. BTC will be
    securely stored in the BTC wallet. Make sure the
    website you are using to buy the BTC is genuine.
    At BTC transactions, user adds a block to the
    blockchain at every creation of Bitcoin. BTC can
    also be transferred for other altcoins.

Bitcoin Mining
  • What is bitcoin mining?
  • Simply, it is a process of producing bitcoins.
    Obviously, you know BTC transactions are
    validated in blockchain. BTC is mined by bitcoin
    miners, the miners will resolve all computations
    in transactions. They use special software to
    solve all math problems. After transaction
    verification, a new block gets added on the
    blockchain. By creating a new block, miner is
    rewarded in terms of bitcoin. Mining implies
    adding BTC transaction data to blocks, after
    verifying complex hash functions which makes the
    ledger system immutable .

Have a glance at BITCOIN !
  • A peer-to-peer electronic cash system for online
  • Open source protocol where anyone can review the
  • Minimize the transaction fee, and make cut the
    business expenses.
  • Easy set-up and no chargebacks.
  • No regulations or centralized team to control
    this digital currency.
  • A perfect way to invest, transfer and pay through
    the online platform.
  • Fake or false transactions can easily spot as
    every transaction is validated by nodes in the
    concerned network.
  • A new way to make a transaction and an
    alternative to fiat currency.

BITCOIN - Pros to check
  • Safe and secure
  • Direct transfer
  • 24X7 Payment facility
  • Access to global markets
  • Cheap best international payments

BITCOIN - Cons to check
  • Delay expensive for retail transactions
  • Highly volatile
  • Risk of loss
  • No stable fees speed
  • BTC to fiat conversion is expensive
  • No recovery for private key loss

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