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Five Most Common Mistakes in diabetes Management.How To Avoid Them (1)


Diet and lifestyle plays a very important role in Diabetes management and need proper care and attention. The importance of diet cannot be overemphasised. In this ppt I will try to cover some of the most common mistakes that we make on a daily basis. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Five Most Common Mistakes in diabetes Management.How To Avoid Them (1)

Trying to Manage your Diabetes?
Avoid these 5 everyday mistakes
Skipping meals
Mistake 1
  • The stress of not eating produces Cortisol which
    leads to insulin resistance, raising your blood
    sugar level.
  • Solution Keep eating small frequent meals to
    supply a steady stream of nutrients in your body.
    It will also rev up your metabolism and will help
    in fat reduction.

Mistake 2
High carb and low protein combination
  • High carb diet burns up fast and converts to
    blood sugar quickly. Protein helps to coat the
    carb food and help them burn slowly leading to
    controlled spike in blood glucose level.
  • Solution Include peanut butter, nuts, your
    favorite dark chocolate, cheese, and lean meat in
    your diet.

Mistake 3
You are working only on diet
You think only controlling your food and having a
low-sugar diet or diabetic diet will help, then
you might be wrong. It can make you nutrient
deficient with still high blood sugar
level. Solution Work on managing your stress,
indulge in physical activity and sleep properly.
Mistake 4
You believe medication is the only way
Depending on medication as a method to fix
diabetes can put you at risk. It is only a part
of diabetes management and relying entirely on
the pills and insulin injections is not
safe. Solution Diabetes needs management with
regular monitoring, a changed lifestyle, good
eating habits and scheduled medical assistance.
Mistake 5
You skip doctor consultation
Checking blood glucose levels at home can make
you skip the doctors consultation. Working with
your doctor closely is needed for long-term
outcomes and assistance in case of other health
complications. Solution Find a diabetologist
online and schedule an online consultation as per
your convenience. Keep in touch with your doctor
for medicine dosage management and other
assistance concerning your overall health.
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