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How Blockchain will transform the MLM industry?


A glimpse on how blockchain technology will revolutionize the Network marketing industry. Understand the functioning of blockchain technology in the business world. Read more: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How Blockchain will transform the MLM industry?

How BLOCKCHAIN will transform the MLM industry?
By Epixel Solutions https//www.epixelmlmsoftware.
Blockchain Technology
  • Blockchain is a digital ledger system linked with
    cryptocurrency transactions. Blockchain
    technology is devised for digital currency in MLM
    industry. This technology revolutionizes the
    business industry, ensures the success and
    security of MLM businesses.

  • A short note on blockchain and MLM industry
  • A concept or proposal from our end to transform
    the industry
  • E-commerce system in the blockchain
  • Why blockchain and its benefits

MLM in E-commerce Existing system analysis
  • Now marketing strategies are changed, customers
    are migrating from traditional marketing to
    network marketing. Currently, E-commerce meets
    more folks in multi-level marketing system. The
    products are sold through referral marketing.

Limitations Existing system
  • Technical limitations (Step-by-step payment
  • Product shipping
  • Lack of privacy (Third party API payment
  • Henceforth, switching to the new proposed model
    can resolve all such difficulties easily.

Blockchain MLM industry
  • How blockchain and network marketing are
  • What are the changes seen in MLM industry?
  • How blockchain is effective in MLM industry ?
  • Blockchain technology assists the MLM business in
    many ways. This revolutionary concept create
    impacts on MLM business and the network marketing
    ideas rise to prominence.

Blockchain in E-commerce
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrencies offers a lot to
    the world of conventional e-commerce.
  • Various payment methods
  • Faster transactions
  • Secured payments
  • Easy validation
  • Fully automatic verification


Product Shipping Existing System
  • Buyers lost their tracking point or a stationary
    hub point result
  • Incorrect packing of the product
  • The product gets mixed up or lost in traffic/rush
  • Delays in the shipping during its passage
  • Tracking number errors or any misleading facts
  • Human error or malpractices in between shipping,
  • Implementation of blockchain in shipping system
    will boost up the sales and marketing and all
    these issues can be avoided.

  • In this modern era, people are more acquainted
    with digital currencies in the form of
    cryptocurrencies. Crypto-token is becoming the
    trading asset found in blockchain which can be
    used for peer-to-peer transactions without the
    help of any central organizations.

Smart Contract
  • Smart contract is a set of conditions or an
    agreement in codes, which runs on blockchain. On
    meeting these conditions, the transactions will
    be completed.
  • Advantages
  • Accuracy Transparency
  • Direct business with customers
  • Cost efficiency
  • Storage Backup

  • ICO is a cryptocurrency space in the investment
    world, crypto-token sale is more acquainted to
    investors. Most of the process in an ICO is
    similar to crowdfunding, to keep the funding part
  • ICO Process
  • Project idea
  • Purpose of tokens
  • Initial supply of tokens
  • Assemble team
  • White paper presentation
  • Creating ICO website
  • Coding smart contract
  • ICO marketing campaign
  • ICO launch

Blockchain its future
  • Digital identity
  • Banking sector
  • Governance
  • Smart Contract
  • Digital voting
  • Distributed cloud storage
  • Decentralized notary
  • As above, most of the applications are still
    impoverished. The future prospective of
    blockchain is still folded. Upcoming days will be
    all about experimenting blockchain in all aspects
    of modern civilization.

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