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Top 20 Best Places to Visit in Bhutan


Bhutan is in every way a paradise for all sorts of travelers and there are many beautiful places to visit in Bhutan. Read here: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 20 Best Places to Visit in Bhutan

Top 20 Best Places to Visit in Bhutan
Adorned with the prepossessing natural beauty of
lofty hills, serenity exuding from the Stupas and
monasteries and a booming wildlife, Bhutan is in
every way a paradise for all sorts of travelers
and there are many beautiful places to visit in
Bhutan. Huddled between the Indian and Chinese
border, this quaint country holds an irresistible
charm that attracts millions of tourists from far
off countries. The most admirable character of
this hidden jewel is its aloofness from urban
influences, which is the reason this country is
listed as one of the best places to travel in the
world. The thick expanse of forest and lush
valleys dominating the country is a thing to keep
the visitors glued to this quaint country.
How to Reach Bhutan
By Air Paro International Airport is the only
airport which takes direct flights from Delhi,
Mumbai, Kolkata, Gaya, Bagdogra, Guwahati,
Kathmandu, Singapore, and Bangkok. The place is
located at a distance of 65 km from Thimphu, the
capital of Bhutan, Thimphu. Taking a flight from
Bagdogra Airport to Paro will get you to Bhutan
in just thirty minutes. Flights from Kolkata to
Paro take an hour and a half while from New Delhi
International airport it takes four hours and
thirty minutes to reach Paro. By Road Bhutan
shares its border with Kolkata and Assam and one
can take a taxi through one of the three entry
points namely Phuentsholing, Gelephu, and Samdrup
Jongkhar. The drivers have to obtain a permit
from Bhutan Consulate office in Kolkata to drive
inside Bhutan. The shortest route is
from Guwahati to Samdrup Jongkhar which takes
only three hours drive. You can also travel from
Bagdogra to Phuentsholing in Bhutan which takes
about five hours to reach in a car. This border
town is just 165 km away from Thimphu which will
take another five hours to reach the capital of
Best Time to Visit Bhutan
The fall season (September, October, and
November) is the peak season for tourism in
Bhutan. One can enjoy the golden hues of fields
and valleys during these months as the crops
become ready to be harvested. You need to book
your air tickets at least three months prior to
your intended journey date to avail best
offers. If crowds prevent you from enjoying the
beauty of a place, spring season would be
the best time to visit Bhutan. The flowers and
other fauna bloom at this time giving you an
opportunity to wallow in the gorgeous views of
the blooming valleys of Bhutan.
20. Pangri Zampa Monastery, Thimphu
Pangri Zampa monastery is the oldest monastery in
Bhutan famous for its two temples Pangri Zampa
temple and Zhabdrung Lhakhang temple. Both these
temples are four storey buildings with separate
floors for
prayers, meditation and astrological studies
carried out by Buddhist monks. There is no entry
fee for visitors and the best time to visit the
monastery is during the day.
19. Wangchu River, Thimphu
Wangchu River is the ultimate destination for
anglers. The river course overlooking the scenic
Jongkhar village is ideal for photography and
water sports activities like kayaking and
rafting. One can spot the
mesmerizing sights of Samteling Palace and
colorful flags marking the territory of the
kings residence from the river.
18. Chele La Pass, Paro
Chele La pass is the highest motorable pass in
Bhutan with an enormous range of sightseeing
options for visitors. Situated at a height of
3988 meters on the western part of Paro valley,
this mountain pass offers mind-boggling views of
the majestic Himalayan range. Mount Chomolhari,
the most sacred Himalayan peak in Bhutan can be
spotted easily from Chele La pass. Winter is the
best time to capture the views of snow covered
mountains from the pass. To reach the Chele La
pass, you have to take a taxi from Paro which
will get you there in an hour.
17. Tango Buddhist Institute, Thimphu
Located just 14 kilometers drive away from
Thimphu, Tango Buddhist Institute is a
renowned tourist attraction in Bhutan which
offers a chance to explore Buddhist religion in
Bhutan. The institute houses several
buildings where monks study Buddhism and practice
meditation. Built by Lama Gyalwa Lhanampa the
institute houses gold and silver statues of Lord
Buddha, Avalokiteshvara and other deities.
Perched on a scenic valley, the place offers lots
of options like hiking, walking, and bird
watching for visitors. The institute remains open
from 8 am to 5 pm.
16. Punakha Suspension Bridge
Walking through the dangling Punakha suspension
bridge over Po Chu River is an adventure filled
activity for tourists. This ancient 350 meters
long bridge is surrounded by a lush valley
bedecked by
colorful flags dotting the bridge and the Punakha
valley which will take your breath away with the
magnanimous beauty the moment you enter the
suspension bridge. Spring and Autumn are the best
seasons to witness the stunning beauty of the
valley drenched with blooming fauna.
15. Jungshi Handmade Paper Factory
The rich culture of Bhutan is attributed to the
way the locals have kept alive the traditional
art forms. Jungshi handmade paper factory in
Thimphu is one of the best tourist attractions in
Bhutan which gives an insight into the
traditional paper making process. Established by
the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Bhutan to
give exposure to the skills of domestic artisans,
visiting the factory lets you witness the art of
turning bark of trees into paper. One can also
buy craft items made from handmade paper. You can
visit the factory on all working days between
830 am to 5 pm.
14. Haa Valley
Haa is a very thinly populated valley in
Bhutan with an endless range of picture-perfect
locations. The tranquilizing beauty of this
secluded valley has a spellbinding effect on the
visitors. Being an isolated region, its a tad
difficult to reach this place. The valley is
connected to three districts and it takes roughly
an hour and a half to reach by car from Paro.
Staying in the homestays in the valley is highly
recommended to capture its serenity. Autumn is
the best time to visit Haa valley when the
mountains are in their finest form.
13. Handicrafts Market, Thimphu
For an immersive experience in various art forms
of Bhutan, visit the Handicrafts market in
Thimphu is highly recommended in your Bhutan Tour
package. Here you can explore the traditional art
forms sourced from different regions in
Bhutan like embroidery, wooden and bamboo craft,
traditional jewelry and other items like handmade
paper, bamboo huts, hand-woven silk clothes and
silver ornaments showcased in the stalls.
12. Crocodile Breeding Centre, Phuentsholing
The crocodile breeding centre in Phuentsholing is
the right place to catch a glimpse of the
crocodiles and other reptiles of Bhutan. The
breeding farm has several varieties of the creepy
creatures some of which are endangered and
have been bred inside the farm. The farm is just
10 minutes drive away from Phuentsholing and
remains open from 9 am to 5 pm. To maintain the
serenity of the place, only 50 people are let in
inside the centre upon payment of the entry fee.
11. National Museum of Bhutan
To dive into the history of this culturally rich
land, a visit to the National Museum of
Bhutan would prove to be an enriching experience
for tourists. The six-story building houses
several artifacts, arms, manuscripts,
Costumes and epigraphs which beautifully exhibit
the cultural diversity of Bhutan and its
transition from the Stone Age to the time of the
Mahayana Buddhists. The museum is open from 9 am
to 430 pm and closes an hour earlier during
winter months.
10. Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary
Sakteng wildlife sanctuary located in the Samdrup
Jongkhar in Bhutan is a treat for the livers of
nature and wildlife. The sanctuary houses several
snow leopards, red pandas, Himalayan red fox, and
black bear. The forest is covered
with an expanse of rhododendrons which is also
said to be the refuge of the snowman yet. One can
also spot many wild species of flowers growing in
the sanctuary. With so much greenery and
wildlife, this natural reserve is an ideal
destination for nature walks and treks.
9. Bumthang Hidden Valleys
Bumthang hidden valleys are the most enchanting
place you will get to visit in Bhutan with Best
travel agency of India. Comprising if four
valleys, Ura, Choekhor, Chumney and Tang, the
place is the best destination for those
who wish to experience unadulterated country life
away from any modern influences. The valleys are
best known for their organic produce such as
apples, buckwheat, potato, rice, and dairy
products. Spring and autumn season is the best
time to relish the gorgeous views of the valleys.
8. Jigme Dorji National Park
This is the second largest nature park in
Bhutan spread over the Northern part of Thimphu,
Gasa district, Punakha valley, Paro and Wangdue
phodrang districts. Theres an immense variety of
vegetation ranging from warm climate trees to
wild blooms like poppy, orchids, and
rhododendrons. Apart from the snow leopards, red
pandas, and blue sheep, this sanctuary also
houses the national animal Takin. For avid
trekkers, the sanctuary proves to be the best
destination in Bhutan where one can relish the
panoramic sights of mountains and valleys.
7. Dagala Thousand Lakes, Paro
One of the most enchanting treks in Bhutan is
the Dagala thousand lakes trek. The route takes
you through the most stunning lakes located in
the Paro valley. You can rest at the banks of any
of these lakes and
try your hand at fishing. The lakes also serve as
a perfect location for camping with pristine
views of Mount Everest, Mount Jomolhari, Jichu
Drake and many other mountain peaks to keep you
company. Months of March, April, May June,
September October, and November are ideal to go
on a trek to the pristine lakes.
6. Clock Tower Square, Thimphu
Clock Tower square attracts a large number of
visitors every day owing to its proximity to
other eminent attractions in the capital of
Bhutan. The tower has an interesting design
displaying dragons facing the clock.
The tower was built to provide space to
youngsters for dancing, games and other sports
activities but has become the most
happening place in Thimphu. The area is
surrounded by many hotels, restaurants, and shops
selling clothes and traditional craft items from
5. Taktsang Palphug Monastery, Paro
Your visit to Bhutan will be incomplete if you do
not pay a visit to the Taktsang Palphug monastery
in Paro. This monastery has four temples with
golden roofs and is located on an isolated region
in the heart of Paro valley. To reach the
monastery you have to trek
your way up through one of the three routes
leading to the monastery. The caves inside the
monastery are the most interesting feature of
this place. These caves are used by the monks for
meditation. It is best to visit the spit during
the day to understand all aspects of the
monastery and its role in the Buddhist religion.
4. Mo Chhu River
Mo Chu River is a popular tourist destination in
Bhutan which lets you enjoy the pristine
environment of Bhutan. The river is a famous
venue for kayakers, rafters, and anglers. Rafting
through this river gives
the most enchanting views of mountains and life
of herdsmen living near the shores. It is one of
the best experiences that will rejuvenate your
soul and freshen up your mind. The soft breeze
wavering around the river is something that will
leave you in awe of this gorgeous place.
3. Bumdra Monastery Trek
The most exhilarating experience which acquaints
you with the unadulterated beauty of
Bhutan is Bumdra monastery trek. The monastery is
also known as the cave of hundred thousand
prayers and is adorned with vast stretches of
mountains and valleys. The trek starts at Sang
Choekhor with a prayer and covers a dense area of
shady trees. The whole path is dotted by prayer
flags and a few temples. It takes around five
hours to reach the monastery where you can stay
in the tents and have your meals at the monastery.
2. Punakha Dzong
Punakha Dzong is the most spellbinding dzong in
the whole of Bhutan. The dzong used to be the
seat if the local government and is still hailed
as an eminent place in the history of Buddhist
religion in Bhutan. Most of the kings in Bhutan
crowned at this place. The lilac hued patterns on
the white walls of the building acquire a
beautiful look in the spring season. The place
remains open from 9 am to 5 pm in summers while
in winters the dzong opens for a few hours from 3
pm to 5 pm.
1. Phobjikha Valley
In simple words, Phobjikha valley is a heaven on
earth that offers stunning views of the pristine
flora and fauna eclipsed in layers of clouds.
Trekking your way up to the Gangteng monastery is
the best way to soak in the beauty this
glacial valley. In winters, Phobjikha valley gets
covered with snow in winters. As the winter
season descends, black-necked cranes flock in and
make the valley their home for winters which adds
to the charm of this place during the months of
October, November, and December which is also
considered as the best time to travel to the
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