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Common Bitcoin scams & How to avoid!


Be aware of these common 7 Bitcoin scams before making your investments on BTC/ any other cryptocurrencies. Read the full article at: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Common Bitcoin scams & How to avoid!

7 Common Bitcoin Scams
  • How to avoid!

By Epixel Solutions https//www.epixelmlmsoftware.
  • Bitcoin was introduced in the Digital world as an
    alternative to the traditional payment systems.
  • Moreover, Bitcoin grew into an investment option
    and way to make good returns.
  • Currency of the Digital era!

Bitcoin becomes an investment option
  • Beware!!
  • The problems arise!
  • If you are making investments on Bitcoin or any
    other cryptocurrencies, it is better to be aware
    of these scams and save your money.
  • Since everyone is not that aware of the
    technology behind, it has become common that many
    people fall into Bitcoin scams and lose their
  • The Research
  • Weve done a research on these scam reports and
    the most common 7 scenarios are pointed out in
    this presentation.
  • The complete article can be found out at
  • https//

The 7 common ones
Unverified Bitcoin exchange platform scam
  • 1

Ponzi business BTC scam
  • 2
  • 3

BTC phishing scam
BTC website/offline/physical scam
  • 4

Investment/ICO scam
  • 5

Social media/Malware scams
  • 6

Pump Dump scam
  • 7

1 Unverified Bitcoin exchange platform scam
  • Exchange Platform
  • How scam is done
  • How to avoid
  • What is it?
  • It is the platform where one cryptocurrency is
    exchanged for another or fiat currency or
  • Faking the platform
  • By using a fake exchange platform, user may lose
    coins/money while transacting through the
  • Use authoritative platforms only
  • Check the authority of the platform
  • Note those kind of promotions that promises to
    make you rich

2 Ponzi business BTC scams
  • Ponzi business
  • How scam is done
  • How to avoid
  • What is it?
  • A ponzi business is an illegal or huge profit
    promising MLM business where the focus is only on
    profit, without promoting any valuable products.
  • Sudden rise and fall of BTC
  • A ponzi business that runs on BTC/other
    cryptocurrencies may show sudden rise and fall of
  • Note these kind of businesses and avoid
  • If the business is too relied on money
  • Returns that offer high-profit ratio

3 BTC phishing scam
  • Phishing
  • How scam is done
  • How to avoid
  • What is phishing?
  • Phishing is the fraudulent attempt to obtain
    users sensitive information such as usernames,
    passwords, and card details by faking as a
    trustworthy website or resources.
  • User may receive attractive emails
  • User will receive emails saying You've received
    BTC coins and login in your wallet to verify
    it!, and will be redirected to a phishing site.
  • Avoid spam emails
  • Emails that offer free BTCs and discounts
  • Never disclose the wallet credentials or private
    keys without checking the genuinity

4 BTC Website/offline/physical scam
  • Physical Scam
  • How scam is done
  • How to avoid
  • What is it?
  • Bitcoin is not at all a physical asset, it is a
    virtual currency obtained as a result of solving
    huge computations. The process is known as mining.
  • User may be offered BTCs in physical form
  • Lots of websites and emails offers free BTCs,
    some in physical forms too. It is done via fake
    websites or spam emails.
  • Be aware that BTC is a virtual currency
  • Never disclose the wallet credentials or private
    keys without checking the genuinity

5 Investment/ICO scam
  • ICO
  • How scam is done
  • How to avoid
  • What is ICO?
  • Investors make the potential investment through
    crowdfunding- like event and is called ICO or
    Initial Coin Offering or token sales.
  • Investors make huge predictions about their new
  • Investors of new crypto-projects persuade you to
    invest in it by claiming that it would become the
    next bitcoin soon.
  • Dont fall in false investments
  • Make sure the crowdfunding event is legal
  • Check validity of ICO before making token sale

6 Social media/Malware scams
  • Malware
  • How scam is done
  • How to avoid
  • What is malware?
  • These are programs designed to access a computer
    system to gain sensitive information.
  • Malware URLs
  • Malicious URLs and Pop-ups are designed in such a
    way that user data can be exposed and explored.
  • Take security measures
  • Avoid fake social media profiles and hypes
  • Never download any files/programs from unknown

7 Pump Dump scam
  • Pump Dump
  • How scam is done
  • How to avoid
  • What is it?
  • Pump is the hype part of a cryptocurrency.
  • Dump is when the coin touches a profit point/
    peak value.
  • Pump Dump Groups
  • There are groups for making fake hypes on digital
    currencies and attract huge incomes.
  • On reaching a profit point, they dump their
    investments and normal users lose money.
  • Take security measures
  • Avoid appealing high BTC yield social media
  • An over hype in a certain community is a
    suspicious PD group

Be aware of these scams and
keep your money safe.!
  • Read the full article at
  • https//

  • Thank you..!
  • Epixel Solutions
  • Cherish your e-life!
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