Calcium bentonite market to grow at 3.5% CAGR from 2018 to 2024 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Calcium bentonite market to grow at 3.5% CAGR from 2018 to 2024


More Information @ Sodium bentonite market demand from foundry sands applications was valued over USD 190 million in 2017. This product possesses the ability to absorb large amounts of water and swell to a large volume, high viscosity, high alkalinity, high strength formation and thermal stability. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Calcium bentonite market to grow at 3.5% CAGR from 2018 to 2024

Global Bentonite Market to hit US1.95 bn by
2024 Global Market Insights Inc.
Industry Overview
  • Bentonite Market to surpass USD 1.95 billion by
    2024 driven by growing demand from the drilling
    industry in North America. Booming steel industry
    in India, China and South Korea on account of
    increasing foreign direct investment from U.S.
    and Japan has boosted the iron pelletizing
    industry and may promote growth of bentonite
    market size. The product is used as a binding
    agent, offer improved mechanical abrasive
    strength, faster reduction and higher
    mineralization rates compared to ore fines which
    increases the productivity of sponge iron with
    less energy consumption. The product imparts
    structural stability to iron pellets, extracts
    moisture, improves drop strength and thermal
    resistance which may accelerate market growth.
  • Declining community involvement owing to rising
    urbanization has led to rising pet ownership to
    fulfill companionship needs, which may stimulate
    bentonite market growth. This product majorly
    finds usage in clumping cat litter owing to its
    ability of absorbing fluids and forming clumps.
    The complete absorption of urine helps in
    removing undesirable odors and some manufacturers
    also add odor control additives such as baking
    soda or charcoal or chemical fragrances to
    improve product performance.

  • Sulphur bentonite market size from foundry sand
    applications was valued at over 680 kilo tons in
    2017. This product, along with aggregate and
    water is a major ingredient of green sand, a
    hydrated mixture commonly used in the metal
    casting industry. The product helps sand
    particles adhere to each other, imparts high
    green, high hot strength and possesses
    beneficial swell properties, which may boost
    bentonite market growth.
  • Germany calcium bentonite market size from civil
    engineering applications may register gains close
    to 4 during the foreseeable period. The country
    is witnessing economy recovery, rising government
    investment on bridges roads, declining interest
    rates and a booming population which has led to a
    resurgence in the construction sector. The
    product is commonly used in slurries owing to its
    ability to stabilize seal excavations, allowing
    easy replacement by concrete, cost reduction and
    recycling which may accelerate bentonite industry
  • China sodium bentonite market demand from
    refining applications may surpass USD 3 million
    by 2024. The country has witnessed rising crude
    oil imports pertaining to increasing oil import
    quotas passed by the government and growing crude
    supply from the booming North America shale
    industry. Acid-treated clay materials are
    routinely used to bleach oil for removing
    contaminants such as iron copper ions which
    improves refining productivity and may boost
    bentonite market growth.


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U.S. Sodium Bentonite Market Size, By
Application, 2017 2024, (Kilo Tons)

Industry Coverage

  • U.S. calcium bentonite market share from drilling
    mud applications may witness gains at about 5.5
    over the forecast timeframe. Improvements in
    drilling fracking technology in the country has
    led to increased oil natural gas production
    thereby boosting demand for drill muds. Drilling
    fluids help in creating boreholes in the ground
    to access petroleum reserves and bentonite helps
    keep the stone detritus in suspension when purge
    pumps are idle, which may increase product
  • Halliburton, Wyo-Ben, CETCO, Delmon Group,
    MIDPOINT Chemicals and Minerals Technologies are
    some of the prominent industry participants in
    the bentonite market. Manufacturers are expanding
    their production capacity and mining operations
    to improve the availability of raw materials,
    lower costs and achieve market growth.

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