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Medicinal plants and Usefulness for Health


Medicinal plants and Usefulness for Health – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Medicinal plants and Usefulness for Health

Medicinal plants and Usefulness for Health We
all know that Indonesia is a country with a
tropical climate and fertile soil make the
country we awarded a variety of plants. As are
spice plants that became the hallmark of an
agricultural country. Since time immemorial
grandmother we've been using various types of
plants used to treat diseases of the outside and
inside 15 Best Treatment and Natural Remedies
For Tinnitus.
As time goes by and the more modernya times,
today fewer and fewer people are using medicinal
plants to treat illness. They prefer to go with
modern medicine that we unknowingly contain
chemical substances in them, and some even went
to abroad for the sake of healing. In fact if
you consume the drug in the long term can cause
other diseases. Plus the cost of the current
treatment is more expensive, therefore medicines
from traditional plant this may be used as an
alternative to treating your illness. 1.
Starfruit Don't imagine star fruit has a shape
like a carambola in general. Starfruit also known
as carambola vegetable because it is often used
as a spice in cooking to give a strong sour
taste. Another function of starfruit in addition
to as a spice in cooking is to traditional
medicine. Ranging from fruits, stems, leaves and
rom can be used as medicine. Starfruit useful for
treating bleeding gums, rheumatic drugs, ,
remedies thrush, remedy rheumatic and can be
used as a toothache remedies.
  • Curcuma
  • Wild ginger is a plant herb native to Indonesia
    which has a range of benefits for health. The
    part that is often used is part of the root also
    called rhizome. This is the part that is often
    processed to be used as a remedy for various
  • The efficacy of the curcuma plant is to cope with
    kidney disorders, digestion, nourish the heart,
    and maintain the health of the liver. Actually
    there are many types of other diseases that can
    be cured with medicinal plants. Moreover, when
    its use is combined with other medicinal plants,
    of usefulness will be increasingly felt 7
    Homeopathic Cold Remedies Common Cough, Cold
    and Flu.
  • Daun Cincau
  • Surely you guys are familiar with this plant
    isn't it? Yes, the plants are often processed
    into ice grass jelly has diverse benefits for
    the health of the body. The leaves of grass jelly
    in general there are 2 types, namely green and
    black, both have the same taste equally
    delicious and cool.
  • The benefits of medicinal plants this one is a as
    drug fever, drug diabetes mellitus, gastric
    inflammation, and treat pain types. Wow amazing
    yes?So this could be one of the medicinal plants
    that have a delicious flavor.
  • Leaves broken bones
  • Plants which have the shape of twigs without
    leaves is often used as an ornamental plant in
    the yard. But behind the uniqueness of the plant
    broken bone has many benefits for health,
    especially traditional medicine.
  • This plant can be used to treat broken bones,
    toothache, leprosy, hemorrhoids, tumors or
    cancer, rheumatism, syphilis, nerve pain, and
    also skin diseases. But in its use should ask
    health experts because the sap of this plant
    contains toxins.
  • Celery Leaves

  • Plants Saga many grow wild in the yard, the
    garden or on the edge of the road. There are two
    types of plant saga, that saga of the vines and
    the tree saga, but most people call both of them
    by the name Saga. Saga includes plants weeds, and
    usually interfere with other plants that are
    deliberately planted. Because it is considered
    disturbing, plants Saga often cleared and even
    burnt as well. Even so, the saga leaves vines
    commonly used as a cough medicine and
    anti-thrush. Sage leaves contain several active
    ingredients such as glycyrrhizin, abrus lactone,
    acid abrusgenat How To Increase Female Libido
    Home Remedies.
  • To treat thrush with sage leaves vines, you can
    pluck the sage leaves to taste and in the rack
    in a rather hot a few minutes until wither. After
    wilting, wash the leaves and then chew- chew
    until smooth and use to gargle also.
  • The Leaves Tempuyung
  • Tempuyung efficacious to cope with the stones of
    the urinary tract, gallstones, ulcers, burns,
    appendicitis, rheumatism, inflammation of the
    breast, bruises, dysentery, high blood pressure,
    hemorrhoids, and beser mani.
  • Aloe vera
  • Medicinal plants have a variety of benefits next
    is the aloe vera. Yups, it safe to say that aloe
    vera as the plant of a million benefits because
    of the many benefits of this plant. In addition
    to its main function for the health of hair,
    eliminate pimples, and beauty of this plant can
    also be used to to treat variety of diseases.
  • As a medicinal plant aloe vera is effective for
    treating coronary heart disease, diabetes, sore
    throat, constipation, and many types of other
    diseases which can be treated with this plant.
  • Plant sugar apple fruit
  • Plants of sugar apple in general contain anonain
    and retikulin. The leaves, roots, and the peel
    contains WN. The roots of the sugar apple is
    efficacious as an antidepressant and anti-
  • The leaves are efficacious as a laxative
    intestinal worms, speed up the ripening of ulcers
    and anti-inflammatory. Seeds efficacious to kill
    the insects and stimulate digestive enzymes. The
    bark as a tonic and astringent Kids and Toddler
    Diarrhea Remedies How To Stop It ?.

"A variety of relief plastered on Borobudur
temple, Prambanan Temple and heritage other
shows, that our ancestors had to develop, nurture
and love the nature since time immemorial.
therefore, the support of government and business
in the form of funds, experts and research
facility indispensable in the acceleration
program is to be able to improve the quality of
the research and marketing of natural medicines",
said Prof. Dr. dr. Nyoman Kertia, Sp.PD-KR, in
room Senate Hall of UGM, Monday
(26/8). Inaugurated as professor of Faculty of
Medicine UGM, Nyoman Kertia gave a speech
entitled "the Renaissance the Development of
Natural Medicines To Support Tri Hita Karana In
Achieving Hamemayu Hayuning Bawana". In his
speech, the Head of the Sub. Section of
Rheumatology, Section of internal medicine,
Faculty of Medicine, UGM/ RSUP. Dr. Sardjito,
hope the academics should be aware and
participate in developing a natural medicines by
increasing the knowledge, expanding the education
of natural medicine and research in this field.
"Similarly with the public, it should not stay
silent and must move together in the planting
and marketing of medicinal plants and natural
medicines" Simple and Effective Infant Cold
Remedies How to Treat It!. Among three models
of therapy, natural medicine, alternative
therapy, complementary therapy and conventional
therapy, said Nyoman Kertia, a model of
complementary therapy most widely applied in the
community. Because in complementary therapy,
natural remedies used to accompany the
conventional therapies, because it is able to
reduce the dose and effect of conventional
medicine. While on an alternative therapy,
natural medicine separate with conventional
medicine. Alternative therapies this be an
option for the patient and family because
conventional medicine assessed the benefit is
small, easy to cause side effects and affordable
prices. This Model is often applied in cancer
patients and chronic disease. "Meanwhile, as a
conventional therapy, natural medicine can stand
on its own. In conventional therapy, natural
medicine has been through clinical trials and
proved no worse than conventional drugs in terms
of benefits and side effects and natural
medicines in a conventional therapy, is already
can be classified as phytopharmaca," said Nyoman
Kertia. The Data give evidence of the
astounding, more than 120 kinds of conventional
drugs are derived from natural materials. For
example, the case of kardivaskular (digoxin) is
commonly used to increase the strength of heart
it turns out is derived from the plants Digitalis
purpurea and antropin to speed up the heart rate
derived from the plant Atropa belladona. On the
treatment of cancer (Taxol) are commonly used to
suppress the proliferation of cancer cells
apparently derived from the plant Catharantus
roseus Heel Spur Remedy Home Remedies,
Symptoms and Treatments. On the treatment of
attacks of acute gout or uric acid disease acute
(colchicine), which until now is still the main
choice in the medical world, it turned out
derived from the plant Colchicum autumnale. for
the treatment of severe pain, morphine is often
used apparently comes from the Poppy plant.
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