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HRM Software Development Company Nagpur


HRMS (Human Resource Management System) or HRIS (Human Resource Information System) are forms of HR software that entail multiple tools and processes for managing an organization’s employees and database. Ranging from payroll to recruitment to attendance and basic HR functions, Human Capital Management solutions are being extensively used by small and big businesses to streamline their workforce and is being taken as the next step in HR evolution. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: HRM Software Development Company Nagpur

Human Resources Management Software
Major Features of LMS/TMS
1.Fully Automatic Software to function as a
Training Manager-Dedicated. 2.Competency mapping,
Skill Matrix preparation, SWOT Analysis. 3.Micro
Analysis for an Individual (Knowledge details in
). 4.TNI and Preparation of Training
Calendar. 5.Training Budget. 6.Vendor Details,
Online Quotation, Comparison Statement. 7.Training
program details Contents. 8.Training Delivery,
Assessment, Evaluation (Pre, Post, 3 months) etc.
9.Testing and Skill Certification
. 10.Departmental Control by HOD . 11.Special
Training program requirement from HODs . 12.ROI
Analysis-Online . 13.Internal and External
Trainers Database . 14.Annual Departmental
Feedback system, Internal Survey . 15.All reports
are at one click-User friendly. 16.Career
Succession Planning . 17.App for more efficient
application, Other system Integration.
1.Fully Web Base solution and application. 2.Simpl
e, reliable User Friendly to Operate. 3.Flexibil
ity to Modify or customize as per individual
requirement. 4.100 Transparency based. 5.Easy to
use, Quick entry, Quick Responding Fast
Printing. 6.One click report generation as per
requirement of business. 7.Completely Paper Less
online feedback system. 8.Wide data base can be
generated as per requirement. 9.Certification can
be done internally. 10.Can be customized as per
requirement. 11.All training programs
arrangement, assessment etc. 12.App for efficient
application, other system Integration. 13.Can use
as a organizational development tool, OJT
Implementation . 14.Succession Planning
. 15.Behavioral assessment for soft skill
List of various Training programs
1.Technical. 2.Electrical . 3.Mechanical. 4.Proces
s. 5.Instrumentation/Automation etc. 6.Soft
Skill/ Behavior Training . 7.Management programs
(MDP). 8.Quality/Business Excellence/TPM
. 9.Safety. 10.Induction. 11.Base Level Training
. 12.Leadership/Team Building. 13.OEM
Trainings. 14.External Training
Details. 15.Customized requirement.
How it work?
1.Specially developed Software dedicated to all
Learning Development Activities. 2.Systematicall
y Processed for LD systems. 3.Various Reports
for an Individual Employee. 4.Various reports for
HOD. 5.Various Reports for HR. 6.Pre and Post
test for Skill Analysis and auto
Updation. 7.Training assessment and
Evaluation 8.Skill Certification
testing. 9.Recruitment Process (Internal/External)
. 10.Employee Joining , Documentation Induction
. 11.Attendance, Leave and payroll management
. 12.Learning Management System
(LMS). 13.Performance Management System
(PMS). 14.Reward and Recognition
(RR). 15.Workforce Management System
(WMS). 16.Succession Planning. 17.Resignation
Survey,360 feedback, SWOT analysis, e-Learning,
graphical reports etc. All required Reports by
management at one click.
18.One stop solution to all LD activities,
Competency Mapping, SKILL GAP Analysis, TNI, SWOT
Analysis, Certifications, ROI, Feedback, Survey,
assessment all types of Reports. ROI. 19.OJT,
Technician or Operators Training . 20.Succession
planning . 21.SWOT Analysis. 22.Many other
reports required.System Modules . 23.Employee
Details . 24.Employee Dashboard
Individual. 25.Competency Mapping / Skill Matrix
/ SWOT Analysis . 26.Pre Post Test and Micro
Analysis. 27.Training Feedback , Assessment and
Evaluation. 28.TNI or Skill Gap Analysis
(Training Need Identification. Training Calendar
(Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly)
System Modules
1.Employee Details. 2.Employee Dashboard
Individual 3.Competency Mapping / Skill Matrix /
SWOT Analysis . 4.Pre Post Test and Micro
Analysis. 5.Training Feedback , Assessment and
Evaluation. 6.TNI or Skill Gap Analysis (Training
Need Identification). 7.Training Calendar
(Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly).
HOD Dashboard
1.Program verify and Approval and New training
request. 2.HR Dashboards (Function as a Training
Manager) Reports (Every report required for
talent management). 3.Different Types of
Reports. 4.ROI Training Assessment and
Evaluation. 5.Individual SWOT analysis and
Succession planning. 6.Customized requirement and
many more modules.
Workforce/Workman Management System
1.Workman Details. 2.Contractors Details . 3.Area
wise workers information. 4.Induction Safety
Training. 5.Payment Details . 6.Reporting as per
Statutory requirement. 7.Incident and Accident
details related to worker . 8.Individual
Management and record. 9.Facility to mention all
schemes by government . 10.Attendance
Module. 11.SAP Integration . 12.Training
requirement . 13.Auto updation of all activities
. 14.Fully customized as per requirement
. 15.Various reports as per statutory requirement
. All Forms (1-25) 1,3,12, 6A, 13, 14, 15, 16,
19, 24, 27, 28, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 4, 5, 7 10.
Performance Management System
1.Employee Details. 2.Auto Flow from Employee to
Line manager to HOD to HR Coordinator Director
to COO/CEO for final Approval. 3.Target Setting
(KPI/KRA) . 4.Performance Evaluation will be done
as per. 5.Measurable specific achieved
targets. 6.Completion of activities at par
targeted one. 7.Benefit to the organization from
performed activities. 8.Concern while doing the
activity for future scope of improvement. 9.Self-e
valuation by employee. 10.Line manager HOD
evaluation. 11.HR evaluation approved by Head of
the plant. 12.Competency Assessment . 13.360
degree evaluation and Bell Curve assessment
. 14.LDP, PDP, PIP, TNI all includes.
Payroll, Leave and Attendance Management System
1.Employee Details . 2.Auto Flow from Employee to
Line manager to HOD to HR Coordinator Director
to COO/CEO for final Approval. 3.Auto Attendance
system . 4.Pay roll management . 5.Salary Slips
. 6.All reports.
Other Systems
1.Succession planning . 2.Recruitment
module. 3.360 feedback, online survey . 4.SWOT
analysis . 5.E-learning module management.
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