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The 10 Most Innovative Digital Healthcare Solution Providers 2018


Such healthcare providers always foster a healthy team environment at their workplace and engage in behaviors that benefit the team and display empathic behaviors when interacting with patients and their family members. To highlight such great healthcare providers, we have come up with an issue of “The 10 Most Innovative Digital Healthcare Solution Providers 2018”. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The 10 Most Innovative Digital Healthcare Solution Providers 2018

1T0he July 2018
Grace Castillo-Soyao Founder CEO
Chrissa McFarlane CEO Founder Patientory, Inc.
Transforming Healthcare through Real World
Evidence and Experience
Helping all people live healthy lives
w w w . b d . c o m
From the
DAnalytics, and more have the potential to
revolutionize the
igital healthcare is the buzz word these days.
like Arti?cial Intelligence, Machine Learning,
Big Data
medical sector. These innovative digital
technologies can play a
pivotal role in curbing long term healthcare
costs, and enabling better health outcomes.
Digital healthcare can empower both the patient
and healthcare provider with real-time data and
assist in far better healthcare outcomes. Mobile
phones, smartphone sensors, wearable gadgets,
cloud storage, and big data can assist healthcare
providers and patients in the early detection of
various chronic diseases. With the e?cient and
precise use of these technologies, behavioral
changes could be detected in early stages which
prevent, eliminate or reduce the overall
healthcare cost. Patients will also get empowered
with the usage of these technologies. Patients
will be able to compare the service, quality and
a?ordability of di?erent healthcare providers and
thus assist in making an informed decision based
on value, which will ultimately improve
productivity. Telemedicine and remote monitoring
are the other facets of digital healthcare which
can improve patients health without even
directly coming to the hospital premises and
ensures the most e?cient level of care through
long distance. These bene?ts are driving the
digital healthcare innovations towards the
positive trajectory. In 2016, the global digital
health market was valued at 179.6 billion and
is expected to touch 536.6 billion by the end of
2025. The projected CAGR of 13.4 from 2017 to
2025 itself indicate the growing interest of
technology adoption in healthcare. But there are
certain areas that need an overhaul. The digital
environment comes with an array of implications,
and evolving will require a bit of a balancing
act. For example, products will need to be
patient di?erentiated while delivering both
value and best-in-class quality, and
solutions. Digital healthcare solutions will need
to cover a broader part of the patient pathway
supporting the full range of care. Apps and
devices must be secure yet provide seamless
interoperability, and the value proposition must
be transparent while driving improvements across
the value chain. Better usage of big data
analytics and machine learning algorithms to
draw much more e?ective insights without any
error is the other area which must be looked into
on priority basis. Working on these vital
aspects will truly transform healthcare vertical
and will provide the optimum level of bene?ts to
all the stakeholders.
Convergence of Life Sciences and Technology can
Revolutionize the Healthcare Vertical
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The Caretakers of our Health
Mo s t
THE 10
GThey understand the agony of underprivileged
patients and thus believe in giving back to
society in terms of
ood healthcare providers are good communicators.
They re?ect altruism through a strong sense of
service for
the betterment of healthcare. For such providers,
patients always are at the forefront of their
every operation.
a?ordable, subsidized or even free of cost
healthcare services to the needy. Ace healthcare
providers carry the highest
degree of professionalism and work with full
integrity to treat the patients. For them,
earning money is never the main intention
instead, sharing the burden of the distressed
patient remains the focal point of their every
maneuver. Such healthcare providers always
foster a healthy team environment at their
workplace and engage in behaviors that bene?t
the team and display empathic behaviors when
interacting with patients and their family
members. To highlight such great healthcare
providers, we have come up with an issue of The
10 Most Innovative Digital Healthcare Solution
Providers 2018. On the cover we have highlighted
Self Care Catalysts. It is a cloud based
analytics company powered by real world evidence
to impact health decisions and outcomes of
patients, physicians, providers, payer and
pharmaceutical industry. Biolumo is growing
MedTech Company that aims to provide the doctors
with a device which helps them in making
accurate antibiotic prescriptions. healthbank is
a health-tech ?rm that provides cutting-edge
solutions for managing clinical data.
Intelligent Locations is focused on optimizing
hospital operations and increasing patient
satisfaction by implementing an easy to use
Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) platform for
the healthcare industry. Kanteron Systems helps
healthcare providers to manage imaging and
genomic data e?ectively, for precision medicine
applications at the point of care. Marham is a
digital healthcare platform assisting people to
?nd, ask, and consult a doctor. oladoc is a
healthcare startup provides a leading-edge
health-tech platform that solves all challenges
that come across a typical patient
life-cycle. Patientory, Inc. provides an easy
way to securely store and manage health
information in real time. It is the leading
provider of dApp and block-chain solutions for
healthcare sector. Sehat Kahani is an all-female
healthcare service provider which aims at
providing cost-e?ective healthcare solutions.
Sihatech is a digital healthcare company that
helps in documenting a patients medical journey
as well as provides ?nancing services to the
non-insured medical treatments. We have
included some intriguing piece of articles
written exclusively by industry veterans and our
in-house editors which you will ?nd
captivating. So, do ?ip the pages and enjoy
The da Vinci Surgical System
da Vinci is powered by robotic technology that
allows the surgeons hand movements to be
scaled, ?ltered and translated into precise
movements of the EndoWrist instruments working
inside the patients body.
Cover Story
Self Care Catalysts Transforming Healthcare
through Real World Evidence and Experience
Company of the Month
Patientory Your Health at Your Fingertips
Inventive Diagnostic Tool Liquid Biopsy A
Non-Invasive Approach Intended for Personalized
Care of
Insiders Opinion Molecular Genetic Diagnostics
A Bird's Eye-View
Experts Viewpoint From Relevance to Convenience
to Value The Future of Data
Cancer Patients
Tech-Health Smart Inhalers Tackling Respiratory
Analytics in US Healthcare
with IoT
Biolumo An Ingenious Solution for Precise
Antibiotic Selection
healthbank Transforming the Way Health Data get
Exchanged, Stored and Monetized
Intelligent Locations A Seamless Solution
Provider to all Digital Healthcare Problems
Kanteron Systems
An Incredible Precision Medicine and Diagnostic
Marham Sharing the Distress of those Fighting a
oladoc Engineered a Groundbreaking 'Hub' to
Bring Varied Healthcare Services to Consumers
Sehat Kahani Making Quality Healthcare
Facilities Accessible and A?ordable to All
Sihatech Emboldening the Connect between
Doctors and Patients
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Cover Story
Grace Castillo-Soyao Founder CEO
self care
catal sts
Transforming Healthcare through Real World
Evidence and Experience
Digital Transformation will play a pivotal
role in the future of Healthcare
THE 10
Mo s t
SOLUTION PROVIDERS 2018 researchers, providers
to customize and personalize care for patients
to generate real world, real time data. The
company understands the power of technology and
thus always aims to be at the forefront of using
leading-edge technology to craft better
products. The company is aiming to extend
personalized medicine to personalized healthcare
through the application of AI, Behavior Science
and BlockChain. Its endeavor is to build a new
healthcare business model where patients,
physicians, providers and industry are equal
participants in research, care and healthy
economic exchange. Products and Services They
have multiple products and services that are
widely popular in the healthcare sector and have
won many accolades for the same as well. Some of
its notable products are
atients are the most vital part of any healthcare
system. Everything starts and ends with patients.
When a healthcare solution provider keeps patient
the center of their operations, chances of better
satisfaction augment signi?cantly. Such providers
when patients are informed, respected, and
engaged, they make better choices for
maintaining healthier lifestyle. One such
trailblazing healthcare solution provider is Self
Care Catalysts (SCC), which considers patients
real world evidences/experiences are necessary
for crafting cutting- edge healthcare
solution. This Toronto headquartered
organization was founded in 2010 with the
mission to promote self-care behaviors among
patients, while enabling patients to contribute
their behavioral data to support important
research across the product lifecycle, such as
drug discovery, precision medicine, and
development of support services and programs
that are speci?c to the community. Today, after a
( patients in the market with its many state-of-
the-art solutions. It is a cloud based solutions
and analytics company powered by real world
evidence to impact health decisions and outcomes
of patients, physicians, providers, payer and
pharmaceutical industry.
successful stint of several years in the
business, Self Care
  • Health Storylines Creator is a customized and

Catalysts is leveraging its intimate
understanding of
personalized platform that can be used for
research, patient monitoring, patient behavior
modi?cation, and patient support. It is a
disease-agnostic, customized and personalized
self-care and disease management product and
tool to generate
We have built a SaaS that
empowers physicians,
researchers, and providers
to customize and
personalize patient care
real world evidence.
  • Patient Storylines is an enterprise platform that
    can run

The organizations vision is to contribute
towards the improvements of healthcare
eco-system that are driven by patients
willingness to participate, share and own their
data through research and behavior
interventions. They are working towards the
empowerment of patients through personalized and
customized self-care tools like digital
therapeutics that generate real world experiences
and evidence to support better healthcare
decision-making. Journey towards Excellence With
the desire to craft an ecosystem that can set a
landmark in the health journey of a patient, Self
Care Catalysts was established. In a shorter
span of time, it moved ahead with full vigor and
collaborated among all stakeholders, be it
patients, providers, pharmaceutical companies
and doctors to seamlessly paint a full patient
experience in order to manage better health
outcomes. They have built a SaaS that empowers
various analytics required by Pharmaceutical
industry, patients and physicians. Health
Storylines has been ranked 1 in motivating
behavior change among heart failure patients by
many eminent healthcare organizations. New
Product Innovation Award for North America, Frost
Sullivan (2016) award, Springboard
Enterprises Life Sciences awards among others
are few of the top notch accolades that Self
Care Catalysts has earned with its sheer
commitment towards designing e?cient and deep
impacting products. Self Care Catalysts is known
for building an eco-system that generates and
interprets real world patient experiences
outside the traditional clinical labs or genomics
data to complete the entire patient journey. And
its eco-system is
bringing positive transformational changes
towards drug development, clinical research,
product commercialization, post marketing,
patient monitoring, behavior care and population
health management. Patients are the Most
Signi?cant Stakeholders The management has
nurtured a robust company culture where the
vital traits like resilience and risk taking
attitude are always encouraged. For them, bigger
the challenge is, more bigger is the
opportunity. They never bog down with challenges
rather turn them into an opportunity to grow
further. Their ability to forecast changes in
industry and mitigate risks are deeply rooted on
their culture which always assists them to turn
out with more shine even after facing a
catastrophe like situation. The company is
strengthening its data collection and analytics
tools but most importantly, they treat the
patients as the most signi?cant stakeholder
whose needs to improve outcomes and quality of
life are addressed by leveraging continuous
collection and interpretation of real world
experiences. Judicious Leadership Over the
years, Grace Castillo-Soyao has taken various
executive business and leadership programs from
the Rotman School of Business, University of
Toronto, the Wharton School at University of
Pennsylvania and has a rich corporate experience
of over 20 years in pharmaceutical vertical. She
is the Founder and CEO of Self Care Catalysts
and is driving this organization towards the
path of glory with her astute business mind and
adept had wondered how drugs are approved based
on a narrow leadership skills. Grace considers
herself a Citizen Scientist. For years, she set
of data and evidence and yet when patients
experience illness and health in the real world,
there are many other variables and factors that
need to be factored. According to her, big
decisions related to healthcare are shaped mostly
by data locked inside clinics and labs, despite
the fact that 90 of care happens outside the
clinical setting. She believes there are
enormous types, format range of patient data that
can be gleaned from actual patient experiences
when they are not inside the physician clinics.
Therefore, to put patients at the forefront of
any healthcare development, she established Self
Care Catalysts. In 2014, Grace transformed a
patient research company into a digital health
and data company, building an eco-system that
?nally connects various healthcare stakeholders to
are the
Epicenter of our Every

When patients are informed,
respected, and engaged, they make better choices
for maintaining healthier lifestyle

begin generation of real world patient
experiences that will drive innovation in
clinical research, drug development,
commercialization, patient engagement and
behavior change. Take on Digital Healthcare
Industry According to the organization,
technology will continue to play a pivotal role
in the healthcare industry. Digital healthcare
will rede?ne patient diagnosis, treatment and
post-treatment activities. Traditional hospital
will become obsolete and digital therapeutics
digital patient care will become the booming
trend in up-coming future. This digital
transformation will assist medical professionals
in generating greater revenues, cost-reduction,
enhanced operational e?ciency, and better drug
regulation. Everyone, from patient, physician to
provider will get bene?ted with the progression
of digital revolution. Future Endeavors Self
Care Catalysts has an endeavor to be part of this
revolution by catering to varied client needs
through its cutting-edge healthcare eco-system.
Ultimately, they want to upgrade a business
model where physician, patient participation,
data ownership and sharing could drive
personalized and customized healthcare for all.
Community Care Collaboration (C3) Model
Care Teams Family, friends and Professional
community care providers
Mobilize Care Actions Care instructions
distributed via mobile devices shared by Care
Lifestyle Support Access to lifestyle
products/services to keep people in their homes
Because together, were better. Our C3 model
Community Care Collaboration supports care
programs that require high levels of
collaboration between interdisciplinary care
providers, patients, and family caregivers. Our
goal is your goal to keep patients independent,
living comfortably in their homes.
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Company Name Management Brief Company Name Management Brief Company Name Management Brief
Biolumo Olga Grudniak, CEO Marcin Pitek, CSO Wojciech Gizowski, CTO COO Jakub Wysocki, CMO Biolumo is growing MedTech Company that aims to provide the doctors with a device which helps them in making accurate antibiotic prescriptions.
healthbank Reto Schegg CEO healthbank is a health-tech ?rm that provides cutting-edge solutions for managing clinical data.
Intelligent Locations Bogdan Nedelcu Founder CEO Intelligent Locations is focused on optimizing hospital operations and increasing patient satisfaction by implementing an easy to use Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) platform for the healthcare industry.
Kanteron Systems Jorge Cortell CEO Founder It helps healthcare providers to manage imaging and genomic data e?ectively, for precision medicine applications at the point of care.
Marham Ehsan Imam Co-founder Marham is a digital healthcare platform assisting people to ?nd, ask, and consult a doctor.
oladoc Abid Zuberi CEO Arif Zuberi CTO oladoc is a healthcare startup provides a leading-edge health-tech platform that solves all challenges that come across a typical patient life-cycle.
Patientory Chrissa McFarlane Founder CEO Patientory, Inc. is the leading provider of dApp and blockchain solutions for healthcare sector providing an easy way to securely store and manage health information in real time.
Sehat Kahani Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram Co-Founder CEO Dr. I?at Zafar Aga Co-Founder, Director CDO Sehat Kahani is an all-female healthcare service provider which aims at providing cost-e?ective healthcare solutions.
Self Care Catalysts Grace Castillo-Soyao Founder CEO Self Care Catalysts is a cloud based analytics company powered by real world evidence to impact health decisions and outcomes of patients, physicians, providers, payer and pharmaceutical industry.
Sihatech Ahmed Al-Bader Co-Founder Dr. Mussaad Al-Razouki Co-Founder Sihatech is a digital healthcare company that helps in documenting a patients medical journey as well as provides ?nancing services to the non-insured medical treatments.
We empower consumers,
clinicians, and healthcare organizations to
access, store and transfer information safely,
with blockchain technology

-Chrissa McFarlane CEO Founder
18 July 2018
Company of the Month
Your Health at Your Fingertips
Hpatient outcomes and
their quality of life and health
ealthcare organizations are
towards making a di?erence in the
outcomes, while delivering bene?ts to all
healthcare stakeholders. The Successful Journey
of the Company Patientory was incorporated and
initiated as part of the inaugural class of the
Boomtown Health-Tech Accelerator, in Colorado.
This led to a collaborative exchange with the
Denver-based Colorado Permanente Medical Group,
part of the Kaiser Permanente consortium, based
in Oakland, California. Patientory is also part
of the Startup Health portfolio, a global
organization leading the movement to transform
health. In 2017, The Patientory Stiftung was
established to be a global not-for-pro?t,
healthcare member-organization that connects
healthcare industry adopters of disruptive
technologies, right now with a focus on
blockchain adoption. It provides neutrality for
its PTOY utility currency that provides users
access to the platform to store and secure
health information. The PTOY coins are utilized
to access the PTOYNetTM, a private permissioned
blockchain with data storage. This blockchain is
similar to that which cryptocurrencies like
Bitcoin currently operate upon.
working for improvements in
healthcare sector on a global scale, and has
achieved unprecedented success in a highly
compressed timeframe. Chrissa is among the
youngest female CEOs in the Healthcare IT
industry, and is a highly sought after global
speaker. She brings more than ten years
experience in the healthcare industry conducting
research and managing teams. Her passion for
healthcare began in high school, where she
conducted microbiology research at the Albert
Einstein College of Medicine and won top honors.
Later at Cornell University, she worked with
organizations such as the US Department of
Agriculture. Chrissa is named as one of the top
women, leaving their mark on the medtech ?eld
in health IT. As an innovator, she recognized
that healthcare provider organizations urgently
need secure, scalable, and cost-e?ective health
information management solutions that empower
patients and healthcare organizations to use
actionable data to make clinical decisions for
improved operational e?ciency and health
outcomes. Thus, Patientory was
born. Distinctive Products and Services The
Patientory, Inc. dashboard software for
healthcare provider and payer organizations, and
the Patientory App for consumers, provide easy,
secure means to store and better manage health
information. The Mobile App empowers consumers
to take better control of their health and
operational e?ciency, using
technology. The 2018 Accenture
Digital Health Technology Vision
Report published in May 2018 states that, 91
of health executives believe blockchain and
smart contracts will be critical for their
organization over the next three years. This is
clearly an exciting time for the healthcare
sector as many organizations are adding new
technologies, to enhance their operations. This
will create better experiences for patients,
physicians and healthcare workers. Meanwhile
there are rising information security risks,
which is why it is vital to begin securing
health information in the healthcare blockchain
to mitigate health data risk and related
?nancial penalties. Patientory, Inc. is an
industry-leading pioneer of blockchain based
solutions for healthcare. Incorporated in
2015, Patientory is recognized as
an award-winning innovator in healthcare
information technology. Many veteran healthcare
organizations are calling upon Patientory to
discuss its technology solutions and consulting
services. It is the ?rst-mover in distributed
App (dApp) and blockchain-based software
solutions for healthcare that address the
complex challenges faced by todays healthcare
industry. Its mission is to empower consumers to
better manage their own health information,
thereby improving
Passionate and Humble Leadership of
Patientory Chrissa McFarlane is the CEO and
Founder of Patientory, Inc. She is a passionate
entrepreneur, working
July 2018 19
Company of the Month
to manage their healthcare information both
clinically and ?nancially with greater accuracy
and e?ciency. Primarily, the app allows easy
access and precise sharing of their medical
information that is secured within the
healthcare blockchain. It provides users better
control over their health information, with a
more complete picture of their health and goal
setting. It allows customers to receive targeted
access to health information, healthcare
support, educational resources and community. It
also enables them to utilize and manage a
broader and more e?cient array of payment
options. The Patientory, Inc., Dashboard is
currently testing for large healthcare
organizations, with a current EPIC, Cerner,
Meditech, or Allscripts installation. This
dashboard is a population health management
software solution that regulates and safeguards
patient data in the blockchain, while providing
convenient secure access to actionable health
information, and clinical administrative
decision support. It enables physician-coordinate
d care, enhanced by peer-to-peer patient
support. Professional Services are for healthcare
organizations that leverage Patientorys
technology. Typical customers are healthcare
organizations that require interoperability or
custom use case development. Patientory
Professional Services provide customization of
the blockchain application, integration, faster
deployment, as well as ready access to
blockchain technical and expert
resources. Patientorys Unique Selling
Proposition Patientory solutions empower
patients, clinicians and healthcare
organizations to readily harness meaningful data
to make more e?ective and e?cient
  • treatment, and ?nancial decisions, enabling real
    improvement opportunities as well as the safe
    access, store and transfer of information, thus
    improving care coordination while ensuring data
    security within a secure
  • HIPAA-compliant PTOYNetTM blockchain.
  • The company o?ers unique solutions that
    interconnect with most EHR systems, thereby
    enabling doctors, care providers and consumers
    to communicate on a single easy-to-use
    platform. Also, its solutions will work with
    almost any healthcare blockchain bringing
    together into actionable form many previously
    inaccessible data sources. These range from
    EHRs, to patient monitors, wearables, and Apps,
    connecting this data into a more complete view
    of a personal health information (PHI). Bene?ts
    of the solutions will include the following
  • Sustainable risk mitigation Patientory takes PHI
    security to the next level as it uses blockchain
    technology, ensures end-to-end encryption, and
    adheres to current regulatory guidelines and
    compliance requirements.
  • Data risk reduced - HIPAA compliant, reduced
    risk of PHI data breaches and related penalties
  • Patient risk reduced - greater consumer
    engagement, control, and responsibility with
    their PHI
  • Financial risk reduced reduced readmissions,
    broader reimbursement options
  • Operational performance improvement and e?ciency
  • More e?cient access to health data for
    physicians saves time
  • Better controlled access to current PHI, from a
    wider range of current data sources
  • More pro?cient access to sources of payment, and
    rules of payment for claim resolution
  • Financial performance improvement
  • Enables e?ciency for diverse payment methods
    (including cryptocurrencies and soon electronic
    claim reimbursement)
  • Saves costs by reducing the need for duplicative
    tests/radiological scans and related measures
  • Recent Accolades
  • Patientory, Inc. has been recognized with
    accolades including the following
  • Ranked Top 5 digital health solution in the
    world for empowering patients, alongside
    multi-million- dollar revenue companies
  • Voted Top 10 Amplify Women in Technology Startup
    Company out of 139 startups
  • 2018 Globe Award Winner in International Trade
    by U.S. State of Georgia
  • Top 11 Company Disrupting Healthcare in 2017
  • 2017 Company of the Year by the Metro Atlanta
  • Future Perspective
  • Healthcare is embracing a wave of technology and
    cultural changes. Patientorys vision is to
    provide solutions that will enable doctors, care
    providers and consumers to communicate on a
    single easy-to-use platform, one that
    interconnects with most EHR systems, while also
    enabling a wider array of payment types.
    Patientory, is continuing to lead advancements
    in arti?cial intelligence, blockchain, and is
    working with the industrys uptake of the
    Internet of Things (IoT) to better serve
    healthcare consumers, providers, payers and
    BioTech while creating a more accessible,
    e?cient, e?ective continuum of care throughout a
    patients life, and wherever they may travel.

July 2018 20
(No Transcript)
An Ingenious Solution for Precise Antibiotic
Ithat might help the general practitioners to
n world of medicines, the most frequently
prescribed one is antibiotics. Yet, every solution
prescribe the right antibiotic is beyond their
reach. As a
result, they have to guess and statistically
there are only
50 chances that they guess right. Biolumo is a
company which will help the practitioners in
prescribing proper antibiotics. Biolumo is an
innovative and growing MedTech company that aims
to provide the doctors with a device which helps
them in making accurate antibiotic
recommendations. The device is fast enough to
test every patient as well as a?ordable for
both, doctors and the patients. In a long
perspective, it will be developed for the
governments or the healthcare providers. They
aim to design, test, and mass-produce an
inexpensive and rapid point-to-care tool. The
Exemplary Leader for Biolumo Olga Grudniak, the
CEO, is an adept leader for a MedTech company
due to her interest and expertise in economy as
well as biotechnology. She has inherited the
business genes from her father, who established
many successful enterprises, and science genes
from her mother. This has helped her to ?nd the
balance between the good of the company and the
bene?ts that their science can bring to the
healthcare. The entire team of Biolumo has two
very important features- they are persistent and
systematic. These qualities have inculcated in
them the habit of not giving up in di?cult
situations and seeking ideas to solve any problem
that comes as an obstacle to them.
Olga Grudniak

We aim to help
you in precise
antibiotic selection

22 July 2018
Biolumos Take on E?ects of Technological
Advancements on Healthcare Without easy access
to new technologies, like the clouds and
servers, fast exchange of data, 3D printing, AI,
and IoT, digital healthcare solutions wouldnt
have been possible. Jakub Wysocki, the CMO, talks
about how the most important change the
technology can bring in healthcare is to treat
every patient individually. Di?erent people with
the same infection react di?erently to the same
antibiotic and therefore, moving a step closer
to the personalized treatment will be a
breakthrough in the healthcare sector. Strategy
against the Challenges Wojciech Gizowski, the CTO
COO, talks about how they keep the check of
their competition, but the main strategy is to
continuously improve their technology. They are
well-informed about the changes in laws,
procedures, and so on, which helps them to stay
up-to-date with the emerging trends. Improving
their solutions according to the market needs
helps Biolumo to stay ahead in the competition.
To better adapt to the changes, Biolumo is
thinking about implementing the TRIZ methodology,
which can be used to improve the competitiveness
of their technology. A Word on the Future of
Digital Healthcare Solutions With all the
enhancements the technology has brought to the
world, medicine- the most important for our
lives, is still underdeveloped. But slowly the
change is coming, with quick diagnostic tools
for viruses, cancer, cardiovascular diseases,
genetic diseases, and of course bacterial
infection, and that is the future, says Olga.
She further talks about how with decrease in the
number of doctors and healthcare professionals,
the diagnosis in the future will be outsourced
to the patients themselves, for which all the new
MedTech solutions should be easy to use,
a?ordable and quick. Biolumo is focused on
delivering one such solution with the
development of their device.
Pacing through their Story The idea of Biolumo
came to them in 2016, from a phone call. A
friend, whose son had a bacterial infection, had
called them to ask for a solution to quickly
determine the right antibiotic for his son.
Their research in-charge, Marcin Pitek, now the
CSO of the company, did not ?nd any existing
answers to that question, but knew how to do it.
From that moment on, with the help of many
mentors and experts, the idea of Biolumo turned
into a complete concept. Featuring in a
prestigious conference, Infoshare- 2017 was a
breakthrough for them. Thereafter, they were
invited to the Start-up boot camp in Berlin and
started appearing in all the major conferences
in Poland, like The Chivas Venture and
Impact18. Recently, they were honoured as one
of the biggest innovators in Polish MedTech by
receiving Healthcare Leaders Competition
award. Developing a Radical Product and Future
Aims Biolumo is developing a device for quick
antibiotic resistance detection for healthcare
as its core product. This device is being
designed from scratch to be implemented in a
mass, which means the hardware will not be that
sophisticated and hence, will be made in large
quantities at a low price. Along with being
a?ordable for the GPs as well as the patients,
the device will be fast and easy to use. In the
next six months, they will enter into clinical
validation by testing the product on patients
samples and comparing it with antibiogram, the
golden standard. Biolumos target is to
introduce the product to the market in two years.
Next in the pipeline, they have a tool for
antibiotic resistance and bacterial infection
detection for vets and livestock breeders, for
which they have got the EU grant. This is
estimated to enter the market in four years.
July 2018 23
  • Transforming the Way Health Data get Exchanged,
    Stored and Monetized
  • Iexception. Whether it is an X-ray report, a MRI

T and mobile revolution has changed the landscape
of many businesses and healthcare too is not an
report, or just a normal pathological lab report
  • data can be stored digitally or even on cloud
    with just a few clicks of a device. All these
    reports and patient history generate mammoth
    amount of data every year which often get stored
    in a closed eco-system and remain dormant.
    Stakeholders thus cannot process and derive
    meaningful insights from this valuable data as
    they dont have access to the comprehensive
    record of any individual.
  • To alter this scenario and to revolutionize how
    personal health data is exchanged, stored and
    monetized, healthbank got incepted. The ?rm
    empowers all the healthcare stakeholders by
    providing an open eco- system that enables users
    to securely store and exchange data with a range
    of healthcare, pharmaceutical and wellness
    lifestyle service providers at the users
    request. healthbank provides an independent and
    neutral solution, that only the user has access
    to yet provides access to a vast amount of
    health services in the open eco-system.
  • Incepted in 2013, this Switzerland based
    health-tech ?rm is gaining popularity with its
    leading-edge healthcare solutions. Today,
    healthbank consists of two symbiotic
  • healthbank cooperative is the core solution which
    stores patient data on a fully secure digital
    platform - governed by people (members). What
    makes it unique is healthbank cooperative is
    owned by the people, controlled by the people,
    and the pro?t also goes back to the people.

Reto Schegg

We are giving back the
control of personal health data into the hands
of its rightful owners i.e. the people

24 July 2018
  • Full GDPR compliance Due to its detailed,
    informed and dynamic consent management, which
    puts the user in the middle of the decision
    process to connect, store and share personal
    data healthbank helps achieving full GDPR
    compliance for their application partners from
    the ecosystem.
  • Future Endeavors
  • The company will soon follow a much more robust
    architectural approach and will raise its data
    security to the utmost level through end-to-end
    encryption The range of functions for users will
    also get expanded. The health platforms get
    refurbished to integrate further partners and
    applications from the health sector quickly,
    e?ciently and more securely. With the new
    software architecture and the implemented
    security mechanisms, healthbank is ready to
    connect further partners and applications with a
    healthbank account.
  • Their two award-winning apps CatchMyPain and
    PainCompanion will soon be integrated into the
    healthbank. Users su?ering from severe or chronic
    pain can bene?t from the long-term pain
    documentation in the future and continue to
    share their experiences and thoughts.
  • healthbank works closely with the Swiss app
    developer Rehaptix. Rehaptix monitors the
    rehabilitation of patients with motor
    disabilities due to a neurological injury such
    as stroke, multiple sclerosis or Parkinsons
    disease. All data generated in the app is
    securely stored in the healthbank and can also
    be passed on to other people.
  • healthbank plans to integrate ?tness trackers
    into the healthbank in the near future. With
    this service users can connect their ?tness
    tracker with the healthbank. And if a user
    changes the tracker, this will no longer be a
    problem in the future - the data and the
    connection to the healthbank will remain intact.
  • The trailblazer behind its Success
  • Reto Schegg, Chief Executive O?cer, has
    pro?ciency in eHealth projects. He was involved
    in many of the big eHealth initiatives in Europe
    in recent years. Holding masters degrees in
    Electrical Engineering, Business Administration,
    and Business Law, he has been responsible for
    international health tech business lines and
    sales teams. Reto drives the idea of encouraging
    citizens to make better decisions about their
    own health in order to receive the best possible
  • healthbank innovation AG as the platform manager
    responsible for the development of services,
    apps, integration of partners, and data
    processing on behalf of the user.
  • About the Company
  • This Switzerland based ?rm was founded when an
    international team of 28 academics, entrepreneurs
    and experts of the healthcare industry came
    together with the intent to give back the
    control of personal health data into the hands
    of its rightful owners i.e. the people. The
    companys vision is to empower people across the
    globe to exchange their health data, on their
    uniquely neutral and independent platform.
  • Uniqueness of healthbank is its policy of
    one-person-one- vote which develops a greater
    sense of trust among all its stakeholders and
    encourages greater participation. This policy is
    one of the prime factors behind healthbanks
    stupendous success. When it comes to health data,
    they put people at the center of every maneuver.
  • Their ultimate aim is to bring together market
    players and help them to participate in an open
    eco-system connected to the healthcare market.
    They believe that open ecosystems are more
    e?cient than closed ones. Therefore, health
    service providers bene?t from joining healthbank
    and will be able to integrate their service with
    customer data and other service providers to
    more comprehensive solutions.
  • Bene?ts of its Eco-system
  • Technological Security Through a full-?edged
    end-to-end encryption as well as a high-security
    software architecture concept, healthbank
    provides the right ecosystem partnership to
    safely manage health data for ecosystem partners
    that rather want to focus on their ?rst-class
    services and products than on data back ends.
  • Full Independence healthbank provides a truly
    open and neutral ecosystem that comes with
    long-term stability as well as competition on
    the platform itself.
  • Real World Patient Information As soon as the
    users give their consent, the app service
    provider can integrate dozens of other data
    sources to enhance their own services through
    big data, arti?cial intelligence or machine
    learning algorithms.

July 2018 25
26 July 2018
Inventive Diagnostic Tool
A Non-Invasive Approach Intended for
Personalized Care of Cancer Patients
Cpatients face is the late detection of the
ancer has been the talk of the town for many
years now. The main obstacle that Cancer
that causes sixteen percent of the deaths around
world. A biopsy is a method which is generally
used to diagnose cancer. It involves sampling of
the tissue or cells from any part of the body
that is a?ected and checks it for cancer, which
is a highly invasive and costly
technique. Traditionally, cancer diagnosis has
been carried out by pathology and medical
imaging. This included tissue biopsies,
serological indicators such as CEA and PSA test,
molecular pathology test, Ultrasonic testing,
X-ray imaging, CT-scan, MRI, PET-CT, and
endoscopy. The real-time diagnosis is not
possible with these tests, since in imaging
there is usually a lag in the tumor progression,
while in the serological indicators there is a
lack of e?ective bio-makers for early diagnosis.
July 2018 27
Inventive Diagnostic Tool biopsy. This will
provide new and valuable information regarding
the complex mechanism involved in drug
resistance and progression. Liquid biopsy has a
pleasing future in early diagnosis, cancer drug
design, determining the mechanism of drug
resistance, assessment of tumors grade and
stage, arbitrating prognosis and regulating the
treatment plan. Complications That Need to Be
Overcome There are a few characteristics of the
test that have yet to be addressed further, like
the primary or initial stages of tumor might be
small and easily missed. Researchers are trying
to solve the problem of small quantities of
ctDNA. Even with a medium sized tumor, the ctDNA
is very small, making it di?cult to detect and
diagnose. Also, ctDNA is not the only DNA that
is moving around in the bloodstream pregnant
women have placental DNA from the babys placenta
in their blood which might cause misreading.
Patients who have su?ered from a heart attack
also have DNA fragments in their blood. Accurate
identi?cation of the ctDNA from the other DNA is
a problem that needs to be addressed to evade
false alarms telling somebody they have cancer
when they dont could be disastrous. Although
liquid biopsies provide valuable insights into
the progression of cancer, it does not currently
provide any insights into the origin of cancer.
Studies are still being conducted to re?ne the
technology to throw some light on the nature of
cancer (its mutations), its place of origin and
so on. The cells that have metastasized may gain
bonus genetic characteristics over time and grow
individually away from the primary tumor. Direct
analysis of the metastasized cells is required
so that the patient is provided with speci?c
therapy and side e?ects can be avoided. This
method would provide the diagnosis of cancer
before the symptoms start showing. Although this
is an advantage, pre-symptom testing could cause
a scare, since cancer cells are produced by the
body continuously and they get killed
internally. The tests are expensive. Not all
cancers are aggressive and lethal, some are
slowly progressing, and are not fatal, thus do
not require any treatment. The method should be
further developed to di?erentiate which tumor
can be left alone and which require treatment. As
scienti?c information advances, researchers are
unveiling various potential aspects of liquid
biopsies to detect mutations, determining the
position of the tumor. This suggests that the
technology promises a powerful diagnostic
technology that could be game-changing. More
substantiation, development and clinical trials
are required to completely understand the value
of liquid biopsies in a medical setting.
Although tissue biopsy is considered a potent
technique, the patient faces severe clinical
complications during sampling. Also in case of
terminal cancer patients, it is very di?cult to
obtain tissue samples. Due to this, it has become
the need of the hour to look for new biomarkers
that are highly sensitive and speci?c to tumor
diagnosis. This will help in monitoring tumor
progression. Recently, researchers have proposed
a new technique which involves only a blood
test, known as Liquid Biopsy. It is gaining
ground all over the world and has been referred
to as the potential game changer. Although,
professionals believe it requires a couple of
years of development to become a vital screening
tool worldwide. Using this technology, doctors
will be able to screen cancer using only a small
sample of the patients blood. Liquid biopsy
would be a huge leap in deterrent cancer
treatment. It will help doctors to provide a
personalized and targeted treatment (aiming only
the cancer cells and killing them). Essentially,
liquid biopsy is an analytically sensitive blood
test which can detect a single tumor cell
loitering among a billion normal cells. This
process would be carried out in real time and
will transform cancer diagnosis and
control. Mechanism of Action This test examines
cancer related proteins and DNA that is
available in the blood of the patient before
cancer spreads. It also helps the doctor to
narrow down the form of cancer which is present.
The cells of a tumor are continuously shed,
allowing the tumors DNA to be released into the
bloodstream no matter where the tumor is. This
tumor DNA that is found in the bloodstream is
termed as ctDNA (circulating tumor DNA). Liquid
biopsies target the ctDNA, which makes it the
most non-invasive technique. This ctDNA has been
used by scientists to monitor and check for
genetic changes that might impact treatment. The
protein markers are used to help determine the
site of the tumor, to provide a speci?c and
correct diagnosis. Why Choose Liquid Biopsy Over
Traditional Diagnosis? Liquid biopsy being
non-invasive makes it feasible for the doctors
to take frequent samples, without causing
discomfort to the patient. It has very few side
e?ects, it is easy to maneuver, has a high
testing speed, which helps decrease the bias in
diagnosis and helps doctors understand the
progression of cancer. This permits it to be done
frequently to observe the treatments e?ect.
Combining a cell-free DNA marker with a known
protein marker (for several common types of
cancer) has allowed scientists to throw some
light on where cancer may be found. Cancers
genetics which plays a major role in the
development of the disease can be studied using
28 July 2018
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A Birds Eye-View
Gof the twenty-?rst century, thereby prompting a
enetic testing, especially molecular genetic
same condition. Therefore, it is of primary
importance to uphold impeccable laboratory
quality standards to minimize the scope of
error. In an e?ort to remedy this, a
comprehensive team that includes diverse
specialists such as molecular biologists,
medical geneticists, clinicians,
bioinformaticians, histopathologists, and
genetic and psychological counsellors is
required to overcome the scienti?c, technical,
social, and psychological implications of a
molecular genetic test. Their expertise extends
to choosing the right technique and avoiding
unnecessary testing with the aim of minimizing
the ?nancial and psychological burden on the
patients. Countless applications of molecular
and cellular biology have permeated across
various ?elds ranging from agriculture to
healthcare. For example, modern oncology relies
heavily on molecular testing for disease
management decisions. Successive testing for
mutations in family members of the patient has
proven to be cost-e?ective with long-term
bene?ts. Disease predisposition and prophylactic
measures are based on such genetic
evaluations. The prevalence of conditions such
as muscular dystrophy, dysmorphism, intellectual
disability, and disorders of sexual
di?erentiation are commonly observed in young
diagnostics, has evolved rapidly since the advent
corresponding evolution in patient management and
healthcare industry. Recent advances in molecular
biology research have opened a portal to plenty
of phenomenon that were previously heard of only
in science ?ction, such as gene editing,
personalized medicine, and even designer babies.
A literal interpretation of the term genetic
testing would refer to the analysis of changes
(known as mutations) in the hereditary material
or DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) of an individual
or group of individuals to con?rm or
predict health-related outcomes. A genome refers
to the complete set of genes that an individual
possesses and the study of this is referred to
as genomics. The concepts of genetic and genomic
testing are relatively novel for the larger
population and present multiple challenges for
everyone involved, including the clinician,
patient, and even the scientists developing the
tests. Genetic testing is available in a
plethora of ?avors, so to speak, ranging from
the genuine, actionable and relevant to poorly
regulated, ambiguous ?u?. Accurate molecular
diagnosis can impact patient treatment by
comprehensively identifying the disease
condition and providing the clinician with
treatment modalities. In addition, one can also
ascertain if a family member carries a risk of
developing the
30 July 2018
Insiders Opinion
Ms. Kavita Khatod MBBS, MS (Molecular and Cell
Biology), Certi?ed Medical Geneticist Head,
Technical Marketing Genetic Counselor GenePath
This has prompted pediatricians to use molecular
tests to augment their clinical acumen.
Reproductive and maternal health too has been
revolutionized owing to developments in
molecular biology. This is critical for family
planning and its possible implications in cases
of hereditary disease and consanguineous
marriage as most reproductive decisions are
seriously impacted with this knowledge. Genetic
testing is proving to be invaluable in the
diagnosis of critical infections such as sepsis
and transplant- associated infections as timely
intervention is of paramount importance in such
cases and genetic tests have a very short
turnaround time compared to classical
microbiological tests such as urine or blood
cultures. Pharmacogenomics, better known as
personalized medicine, enables doctors to
utilize the genetic pro?le of an individual to
tailor a therapy, and its dosage, that would
elicit the maximum response with minimal adverse
e?ects. This helps improve the prognosis in
cases of cancers, single gene disorders,
neurometabolic disorders, and hematological
disorders. To maximize on this wealth of
information, it is essential to establish certain
parameters that include correct interpretation
and communication, right bioinformatic support,
non-directive genetic counseling and open access
to population databases for comparison. Every
developing technology, however, has its own
caveats and pitfalls, some of which are
unnecessary testing, improper validation of
tests and limited access to
population databases. In addition, the ethical
complexities of access to such information need
to be reviewed as life- altering decisions may
be based on the ?ndings of the test. It is
imperative to maintain patient con?dentiality and
results must always be conveyed by authorized
and trained personnel owing to the social stigma
attached to such tests as discrimination by
employers, family members and societal pressure
lead to disfavoring outcomes. Establishing and
following guidelines to avoid unnecessary
screening and testing should be mandatory. The
impact of genomics is far-reaching and tapping
into new horizons. Data for the ?rst human
genome was assimilated over a span of thirteen
years through cumbersome research. Since then,
however, exponential leaps in technology have
shortened the time and monetary investment
required for whole genome sequencing (WGS),
thereby making personalized medicine a reality.
Arti?cial Intelligence (AI) will bridge the gap
in accessing global databases for data analysis
and reduce human dependency to a large extent.
Awareness and education, however, are required
for the population and the clinicians to bene?t
from the recent breakthroughs of modern molecular
science. Genomics is at a nascent stage and
caution through good governance is required to
ensure that it evolves rapidly to make concepts
like gene editing a reality in our lifetime.
July 2018 31
Intelligent Locations
A Seamless Solution Provider to all Digital
Healthcare Problems
Tthe future of digital healthcare continues to get
he healthcare industry is under constant pressure
to do more with less. As technology advances
more and more congested. Every time one turns
around, there is a new digital health solution
that has popped up. The key feature that
hospitals and healthcare centers seek is that
the solution should be easy to use, adapt and
most importantly it should work e?ciently.
Digital solutions must build sustainable trust
with its users by helping them in doing their
job e?ciently, and not hinder them. One such
platform that helps the hospitals ease their
workload e?ectively is Intelligent Locations.
Founded by Bogdan Nedelcu, in 2015, the company
is a cloud- based, end to end Real-Time Location
Services (RLTS) provider, working exclusively
for the healthcare industry. What started as an
idea on a single piece of paper, is now a
leading digital healthcare service provider.
Intelligent Locations started with a proof of
concept pilot with its ?rst hospital partner
once it proved successful the company scaled up
and launched out its RTLS Platform. The
platform allows hospitals to achieve smart
operations and is a one-stop shop for its users,
including everything from hardware installation
to end-user analytics. The speedy installation
of its system is the key feature of Intelligent
Locations. It leverages the RTLS network to
track everything from equipment, people, and
environmental conditions. Using this platform,
its clients can easily add new functionality or
use cases as problems are identi?ed. Intelligent
Locations is acknowledged as a top innovative
digital health company. Listening to its
Bogdan Nedelcu
Founder and CEO

We help Hospitals and
Healthcare centers achieve smart operations, in
a seamless, cost- e?ective and timeless manner

32 July 2018
clients biggest (and smallest) problems has
allowed the company to stay ahead of its
competition and constantly evolve its IoT
platform to solve them. It is focused on adding
value to its clients, every chance it gets and
the company believes that will keep it at the
forefront of digital health innovation. The
Consummate Leader Currently, Bogdan Nedelcu is
the CEO of Intelligent Locations. He has
received a Degree in Physics, while studying in
France after which he started his career working
with various companies. Upon graduation, he began
his career with Motorola in their Networks
division, developing cellular networks working
in seven countries. His journey with the company
lasted over a period of ?fteen years, during
which his role grew from an engineer to the
management of the product life cycle and
business development of the entire product
platform. After his successful stint with
Motorola, Bogdan started working at a Silicon
Valley startup to manage a product realization
for a big data analytics platform and then
spent a few years working for major technology
companies in both mobility and embedded
electronics. He founded Intelligent Locations
to disrupt the current status quo in the
Real-Time Location Services space by using newly
available technology like cloud computing and
Bluetooth low energy. He uses his valuable
experience to achieve outstanding tasks and
operation for Intelligent Locations. Providing
Intelligent Solutions through RTLS platform
Intelligent Locations o?ers the most
cost-e?cient, a healthcare-focused, Real-Time
Location Services (RTLS) platform in the market.
The robust RTLS platform is at the core, that
the hospitals can use to track the location and
status of any moveable
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