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Digital marketing training institute – ESearch Advisors


ESearch Advisors is a Digital Marketing Institute in Chennai to train and bring out Digital Marketers since 2 years. We have trained over 200 trainees on several Digital Marketing Courses. This brochure gives a detailed understanding about the ‘Diploma in Digital Marketing’ Course like what you will be learning in the 14 modules, who can attend the training, course and other benefits of learning at ESearch Advisors, etc. You can refer the complete syllabus here in this brochure. Contact details: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Digital marketing training institute – ESearch Advisors

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Diploma in Digital Marketing
Course Syllabus
  • Unit-I Digital Marketing Overview
  • Define Marketing (Traditional)
  • Types of Marketing
  • Evolution of Marketing
  • Aim of Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Traditional Vs. Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing for Employment
  • Digital Marketing for Business
  • Purpose of Digital Marketing
  • y TCEO Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • y Inbound Marketing Process
  • y Marketing Funnel Process
  • Features of Digital Marketing Strategy
  • How to Identify your Target Audience?
  • How to do Competitor Analysis for your Business?
  • Unit-II Website
  • What is Internet?

  • Unit-III Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Google
  • Introduction to Search Engine its types?
  • How Search Engine Works?
  • Introduction to SEO
  • Differentiate between Organic Paid Search.
  • What is Search Engine Algorithm?
  • What are Keywords and its types?
  • How to find the Right Keywords for the Website?
  • How SEO is Planned Based on the Website Type?
  • y SEO for Static Website
  • y SEO for Dynamic Website
  • How SEO Benefits for Business?
  • Define and Explain Search Engine Ranking Factor
  • Define Search Engine Optimization Techniques
  • On Page Optimization
  • y Define Explain On Page SEO
  • y List of Factors which Determine the On Page
  • y How to do a Keyword Research and Mapping for a
  • y How does Content Optimization Benefit On Page

  • y Why Digital Analytics?
  • y What is Google Analytics?
  • y How Google Analytics Work
  • y Google Analytics Setup
  • The Google Analytics Layout
  • y Navigating Google Analytics
  • y Understanding Overview Reports
  • y Understanding Full Reports
  • y How to Share Reports Based on Analytics
  • Google Analytics Reports
  • y Audience Reports
  • y Acquisition Reports
  • y Behavior Reports
  • What is Search Console?
  • Why use Search Console?
  • y Monitor your Sites Performance in Google
    Search Results
  • y Discover How Google Search Engine Measures your
  • Google Tag Manager Overview
  • Setup and Installation

  • Unit IV - SEM (PPC) Google Bing Ads
  • Introduction to Pay-Per-Click
  • How Paid Search Differs from Organic Search?
  • Google Ads Vs. Bing Ads
  • Components of Google Bing Ads
  • y Keyword Research
  • y Account and Billing
  • y Campaign its Features
  • y Ad Groups
  • y Budget Bidding
  • y Ad Copies
  • y Ad Extensions
  • y Landing Pages
  • Important Metrics in Google Ads
  • y Impressions
  • y Clicks
  • y CTR
  • y Avg. CPC
  • y Cost

  • Unit V - Social Media Optimization (Organic and
    Paid Promotion)
  • Facebook - Facts and History
  • Facebook Optimization
  • y Facebook Profile Setup and Post types
  • y Exploring Facebook Account Dashboard
    (Marketplace, Create a Frame Etc)
  • y Types of Facebook Pages
  • y Facebook Page Creation
  • y Page Setup - Profile Photo Cover Photo y
    Types of Page Tabs Custom Page Tabs y Post
  • y Facebook Page Settings
  • y Publishing Tools
  • y Facebook Groups
  • y Facebook Group types
  • y Facebook Group Creation
  • Organic Facebook Marketing
  • y Facebook Algorithm and Strategies for Organic
    Post Reach
  • y Creating Facebook Marketing Plan
  • y Creating Facebook Sales Funnel for Lead
  • y Types of Facebook Content
  • y Strategies to Gain more Page Likes and

  • y Creating Twitter Marketing Plan
  • y Hashtag Strategy
  • y Tweet Strategy (Getting Retweets and
  • y How to Tweet and Promote a Product/Service
  • y Creating Moments and Promoting a Story
  • y Using Twitter Advance Search to Promote Product
  • y Using Twitter List for Marketing
  • y Growing followers for You/your Brand
  • y Using Twitter Live for Marketing (Using
    Periscope App)
  • y How to get your Hashtag Trending
  • y Analytics Reporting
  • Paid Twitter Marketing
  • y Twitter Ad Campaigns
  • y Promoting Tweet to get App Install
  • y Promoting Tweet to Gain more followers
  • y Promoting Tweet to get more Engagement
  • y Promoting Tweet to get more Video views
  • y Promoting Tweet to get more Conversions or
    Website Clicks
  • y Promoting Tweet to Reach more People

  • y Blogging in LinkedIn
  • y LinkedIn Posting Strategies
  • y LinkedIn Article Publishing
  • y Recruiting Talent and Job Search with LinkedIn
  • y Job Posting in LinkedIn
  • y Finding Candidates with Advanced Search
  • y Finding Jobs in LinkedIn
  • y LinkedIn Groups
  • y Types of Group
  • y Creating LinkedIn Group
  • y Creating LinkedIn Company Page
  • y Setting up the LinkedIn Company Page
  • Organic LinkedIn Marketing
  • y Creating a Content Marketing Plan for LinkedIn
  • y LinkedIn Hashtag Strategy and its Working
  • y LinkedIn Posting Strategy in Company Page
  • y Strategies to Gain more followers and
  • y Utilizing LinkedIn Groups to Generate more
  • y Lead Generation using Direct Messaging

  • Snapchat Facts and History
  • Snapchat Optimization
  • y Creating Snapchat Account and Setting Profile y
    Setting up Snapchat Account for your Business y
    Exploring Snapchat Account Settings
  • y Introduction to Bitmoji
  • y Creating Personal Customised Bitmoji
  • y Introduction to Snapcode
  • y Creating and Optimizing Snapcode
  • y Integrating Snapcode in Website and Social
  • y Introduction to Snapchat Filters and Lenses
  • y Introduction to Snapchat Stories
  • Organic Snapchat Marketing
  • y Creating Content Marketing Strategy for
  • y Creating Custom Snapchat Filters
  • y Strategies to Build followers for your Business
    on Snapchat
  • y Creating and Utilizing Snapchat Stories for
  • y Analytics Reporting
  • Paid Snapchat Marketing
  • y Snapchat Advertising
  • y Setting up Ads Manager Account in Snapchat

  • Unit VI Marketing Tools
  • Marketing tool introduction
  • Working Methodology
  • Report Extraction
  • Analysis of Report
  • Unit VII Content Marketing
  • Introduction Scope of Content Marketing
  • Storytelling an Introduction
  • y Art of Storytelling
  • How to Generate Content Ideas
  • Planning a Long-Term Content Strategy
  • Building a Content Creation Framework
  • Becoming an Effective Writer
  • Extending the Value of Content through
  • How to Effectively Promote Content
  • Analyzing and Measuring your Content
  • Developing a Growth Marketing Mentality
  • Mini Project - Blog Post

  • Unit X Online Reputation Management
  • Introduction Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • Scope Online Reputation Management
  • Tools to Listen Online for Brand Conversations
  • Analyzing and Measuring Emotion for a Brand
  • Dealing with Negative Conversations
  • Creating ORM Strategy
  • Activity ORM Response
  • Unit XI Online Public Relations
  • Introduction to Public Relation Traditional PR?
  • What is Online Public Relations?
  • Introduction to Social Media in Public Relations
  • Social Media - Engagement and Relationship
  • Content Creation and Management
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Unit XII Affiliate Marketing
  • What is Affiliate Marketing?

  • Unit XIII Lead Generation
  • What is a Lead?
  • Lead Generation Process Scope
  • Lead Qualifying Process
  • Mechanics of Lead Generation
  • Lead Generation Trends Benchmarks
  • Tried-and-True Lead Generation Ideas
  • 4 Ls of a Lead Generation Strategy
  • Unit XIV Training Support/Guidance for
  • Certifications
  • Registering Google Certification Program (Free)
  • Google Ads Certification
  • y Ads Fundamental
  • y Search Advertising y Display Advertising y
    Video Advertising
  • y Shopping Advertising
  • y Mobile Advertising
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Hubspot Certifications

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