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Top 10 Travel Destinations in Madhya Pradesh


If top tourist places no longer excite you, then it is the right time to head off straight to the heart of India to soak in the unseen beauty of Madhya Pradesh. Jahaz Mahal, Nilkanth Mahal, and Bagh caves are other places of interest that feature as top destinations in Madhya Pradesh Travel packages. Read more: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 10 Travel Destinations in Madhya Pradesh

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Madhya Pradesh
If top tourist places no longer excite you, then
it is the right time to head off straight to the
heart of India to soak in the unseen beauty of
Madhya Pradesh. This state retains a unique
charisma which is ascribed to its distinct
assortment of culture, history,
religion, and landscape. Here, we bring you some
of the best destinations that should be in the
itinerary of your Madhya Pradesh Tour Package.
Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh
Pachmarhi has numerous historical monuments,
caves, thick forests and waterfalls that are sure
to leave you speechless with their amazing
beauty. The Bee Falls, Duchess Falls, Jata
Shankar Temple, Pandava
caves and Satpura national park are the best
places for sightseeing in this quaint hill
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
The capital of Madhya Pradesh is also known as
the Lake city which is divided into two parts
each of which carries a unique character. The old
city has many mosques and old style markets which
take you to a different world. Bhojtal is
a popular
tourist attraction in Bhopal where people come to
take a dip in the holy lake. Other prominent
attractions in Bhopal are Van Vihar National
Park, National Museum of mankind and
Mandu, Madhya Pradesh
This secluded town has witnessed the Mughal era
and is a treat for history buffs. Dominated by
several palaces, mosques, and lakes, Mandu
carries a distinctive old world charm. Roopmati
is the most beautiful tourist places in
Mandu which gives a peek into the love between
Rani Roopmati and her beau, Baz Bahadur. Jahaz
Mahal, Nilkanth Mahal, and Bagh caves are other
places of interest that feature as top
destinations in Madhya Pradesh Travel packages.
Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh
This world heritage site needs no mention as it
is one of the most frequented tourist
destinations in central India. The town has
several rocks cut temples and sculptures which
are epitomes of love and romance which makes it a
sought after
location in India tours to Madhya Pradesh. Raneh
falls, Ajaigarh Fort, Panna national park and
Archaeological museum are must visit sites in
this heritage town.
Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh
This holy city is one of the best pilgrimage
sites in India due to a vast number of Hindu
temples spread around the city. The place bears
great importance in Hindu religion owing to its
proximity with the holy Shipra River which is
said to cleanse a person of the
sins committed in past lives. Ujjain also happens
to be one of the four venues for the world
renowned Kumbh Mela. Jantar Mantar and Kaliadeh
palace are some of the prominent tourist places
in Ujjain.
Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh
Bandhavgarh is best known for its much
famous Bandhavgarh National park which houses
many distinct species of birds and animals
including tigers, black deer. The place holds
great relevance in Indian
mythology as it is home to Ajaigarh fort which is
one of the oldest forts in India. Trekking your
way up to the fort is the best way to relish the
panoramic views of this monument against the
scenic hills of Bandhavgarh.
Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh
Situated in Satna village, Chitrakoot bears a
holy character which is attributed to its mention
in Ramayana which describes it as the place where
Lord Rama along with
Sita and Lakshmana spent his days in exile. Among
the various temples and mountains in Chitrakoot
India, what captures the attention of the
tourists most is Ramghat which was frequented by
Lord Rama during his exile in the forests of
Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
Gwalior enjoys a remarkable position in world
tourism map owing to a vast number of tourist
attractions which are standing examples of a rich
cultural heritage of this city. Gwalior fort is a
striking monument
which leaves everyone in awe of its magnificent
architecture which is the reason it is hailed as
one of the best tourist places in India. Other
important tourist sites you should not miss on
your Gwalior tour are Jai Vilas Palace, Madhav
National park and Sun temple.
Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
Located on the banks of Narmada River, Jabalpur
is the industrial hub of Madhya Pradeshwith
unending options for tourists. The place is best
known for its marbles and stones which makes
it a top destination for traders. Among its many
tourist spots, the most enchanting ones are
Dhuandhar Falls, Gupteswar cave temple, Bargi
dam, and Madan Mahal palace.
Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Indore is famous for its palatial palaces,
museums, and temples which draw a large number of
art and history enthusiasts. Lal Baag palace and
Rajwada mansion in Indore are popular monuments
of the Holkar dynasty.
The Central Museum in Indore is another
attraction housing sculptures from the
pre-historic times which instill a sense of
mystery to this historical site.
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