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Health Benefits Of Wine | Spinneys


You pop open the stopper following a stellar day at the workplace, and the delicious #wine streams in smooth drops into your gleaming glass. At that point this voice whispers in your ear. "Should I #drink wine?" You attempt to settle on #healthy sustenance decisions and go to the rec center and yoga a couple of times each week. It is safe to say that you are nullifying your endeavors with a couple of tastes? You realize that over-reveling is a health no-no, yet shouldn't something be said about a glass of wine a couple of times each week? Except if you've been living under a stone, you've without a doubt knew about the heart-healthy benefits of #RedWine. Yet, this isn't your enormous concern; you as of now practice and eat entirely well. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Health Benefits Of Wine | Spinneys

Health Benefits Of Wine
  • Will Inspire You to Pour a Hearty Glass Tonight

About Spinneys
  • Spinneys started their journey since 1924 by
    Arthur Rawdon Spinneys who is a British Army
    Officer at Alexandria at Egypt. And gradually it
    expanded.Spinneys involved in the distribution
    of consumer goods and Liquor products,
    supermarket retailing, food services and the
    export of consumer goods.

Go Way Beyond Heart Healthiness
  • Benefits Of Wine

Improves Bone Strength
  • ??Red wine can improve spinal bone density in men
    suffering from metabolic syndrome
  • ??It stimulates bone-forming cells in the body
  • ??Moderate alcohol intake post menopause was
    found to maintain bone strength in the later years

Reduces Stress
  • ??Resveratrol in red wine stimulates a particular
    protein that activates certain genes that
  • repair DNA
  • suppresses the tumor genes
  • promotes longevity genes
  • ??Red Wine can bring you a calming effect on you
    without disturbing your sleep cycle

How Does Red Wine Benefit The Skin Hair
  • ?? Slows Down Aging
  • ?? Makes Skin Glow
  • ?? Fights Acne
  • ?? Treats Sunburn
  • ?? Promotes Thick Hair
  • ensuring adequate blood circulation to the scalp
  • reduce hair loss
  • reduce inflammation and the formation of dead
    cells on your scalp
  • promotes hair growth

Cheers to Good Health!
  • Will a Glass of Wine a Day, Actually Keep The
    Doctor Away?

Wine Healthy Facts
  • Live Longer
  • Fight Cholesterol
  • Healthy Heart
  • If youre a red wine drinker, its time to reap
    the benefits. This habit of yours could actually
    promote a longer life. In fact, red wine drinkers
    have a 34 lower mortality rate than vodka or
    beer drinks.
  • Red wine also raises high-density lipoprotein
    (HDL) cholesterol, which is the good
    cholesterol. The ideal amount you should drink is
    150 ml, containing 127 calories.
  • In terms of alcohol, red wine is the least in
    calories and has a good amount of antioxidants.
    Its heart healthy and counteracts the effect of
    free radicals in our system

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