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Don’t Put Off Getting The Home And Basement Of Your Dreams!


1. Why Renovate Your Basement. 2. Top Reasons Why Basement Finishing Should Be Your Next Remodelling Project. 3. Does a Finished Basement Add Value to My Home? 4. Basement Finishing Projects with Waterproof Problems. 5. Basement Finishing – Expand Your Living Space. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Don’t Put Off Getting The Home And Basement Of Your Dreams!

Dont Put Off Getting The Home And Basement Of
Your Dreams!
  1. Why Renovate Your Basement
  2. Top Reasons Why Basement Finishing Should Be Your
    Next Remodelling Project
  3. Does a Finished Basement Add Value to My Home?
  4. Basement Finishing Projects with Waterproof
  5. Basement Finishing Expand Your Living Space

Why Renovate Your Basement
  • Leaks
  • Is your basement leaking? Instead of fixing the
    leakage you can give your basement a complete
    makeover. But first, you have to deal with the
    leakage else you will have to share the space
    with mold and mildew. Ignoring leaks in your
    basement can be devastating, resulting in costly
  • Space
  • If youre looking to create an extra space,
    renovating your basement will be less expensive
    compared to adding a new level on your property.
    Perhaps, the structure of your property was
    designed based on the small number of people in
    the family. And now that the family keeps growing
    year after year then the need for additional
    space arises.
  • Add To the Home Market Value
  • One of the best ways to improve the value of your
    property is by performing home improvement
    projects. While renovating your kitchen, bathroom
    and replacing your windows and doors as well as
    painting the interior and exterior of the home
    will most likely increase the value of your
    property, basement renovation can do a lot more.
    It can raise the value of your home even to a
    greater extent.

Top Reasons Why Basement Finishing Should Be Your
Next Remodelling Project
  • A Perfect Place to Store All the Toys Scattered
    In the Living Room
  • Transform your basement into a toy room and youd
    save yourself a lot of stress and trouble. You
    dont have to trip over your kids toy lying all
    over the place. So if youre tired of tripping
    over toys and other kids items the basement can
    come to your rescue. Give your kids something
    extra to savor. Depending on your preference and
    budget, you can build a large toy chest, a
    spacious closet or a make-believe house right
    beneath the stairs. This gives your kids more
    room to play without disturbing occupants in the
  • Make It a Hangout Spot for Your Growing Teen
  • Most homeowners find it difficult to keep an eye
    on their kids, particularly as they grow into
    adulthood. Teenagers want to experience something
    new and the first place to start is checking out
    cool hangout spots. During this stage, they want
    to spend quality time with friends and theres no
    better spot to hook up than at a comfortable

Top Reasons Why Basement Finishing Should Be Your
Next Remodelling Project
  • A Perfect Place to Catch the Most Exciting Games
  • Looking for an extra space to watch the big game?
    Look no further than your basement. Install a
    flat-screen TV and a bar. There is no better
    space to relax and unwind while watching the
    biggest games in the world. With the addition of
    a sound system, it will feel like youre right in
    the middle of the action.
  • Create a Small Office Space and Work from Home
  • Nothing can be more rewarding than working from
    home. First, it allows you to save on office
    space and secondly, you get to work at your own
    pace and convenience. With the use of sound
    insulating products, you can enjoy all the peace
    and serenity necessary for concentration and
    focus while working. And since its separated
    from the main living space, you can have that
    important conference call without disturbance.

Does a Finished Basement Add Value to My Home?
  • An In-Law Suite
  • Many homeowners would love to have a parent live
    with them but the insufficient space makes this
    impossible. Good news is that the basement can
    now be transformed into an in-law suite. This
    kind of feature will be ideal for a walk-out
    basement. This will allow aged parents have easy
    access in and out of the home. You can add all
    the features that will make for a memorable stay.
  • Home Theatre
  • Go to several modern homes today and youll see
    how beautifully designed their basements are.
    Most people have turned the space beneath their
    home into a home theatre. Now, you can catch your
    favourite movies on the big screen right in the
    comfort of your home. Moreover, you can find a
    lot of home theatre basement finishing ideas
    online to choose from
  • Sports Bar
  • What more could a man ask for than to hang out
    with friends sipping his favourite drink? To top
    it all, you dont have to leave your home to
    catch such fun. By transforming your basement
    into a sports bar, then you can have all the fun
    in the world with friends and family right in the
    comfort of your home.

Basement Finishing Projects with Waterproof
  • There is a major difference between water problem
    and moisture problem. Water problems are easily
    seen by homeowners, whenever they notice the
    presence of a water pool in their surroundings.
    The issue of unnecessary accumulation of water in
    the surrounding area, usually pose a great
    problem, and in such situations, the need for a
    waterproof system in your house can never be
    overemphasized. Water, as a result of its nature,
    will always find a way through weak points in an
    environment. this implies that even if you rarely
    have water in your basement, say every 3-5 years,
    it will always find its way back in again!
  • Therefore it is advisable, that you build an
    adequate waterproof system in your environment to
    forestall the problem of water stagnation in your
    house. Once the issue of water stagnation in your
    house is solved, basement finishing project can
    now begin. Presently, a lot of houses have footer
    drains constructed in the basement footer
    perimeter after construction. This brings about
    the need for sump pits placed in strategic
    locations in the corners of the unfinished
    basements. These pits always have a sump pit
    motor placed in them. However, a lot of house
    builders dont take cognizance of the sump pit
    motor, which now brings about a lot of issues in
    the house in future. In such situations, house
    owners, have to pay much attention to the water
    accumulation issues in their environment and look
    for ways to fix it.

Basement Finishing Expand Your Living Space
  • Create Special Rooms
  • More and more people are aware of the fact that
    the basement can be used for many different
    purposes. Basement in your home can be converted
    into in-house gyms, including a bathroom fully
    equipped with bathtubs, showers, and heaters.
    Some homeowners may fancy a nice spot for gaming
    or recreational purposes. Another great idea is
    to turn it into an ideal workspace or a guest
    room. You can also decide to make extra income
    from your finished basement by giving it out on a
    rental basis. Whatever purpose you wish to
    transform your basement into, be rest assured
    that it is possible. The major constraint is
    budget so choose basement renovation that suits
    not only your style but also your budget.
  • Why You Should Go For Seasoned and Qualified
  • A luxurious and alluring basement finishing is
    useless if it begins to develop faults soon after
    completion more reason why you should allow only
    qualified professionals take on your basement
    remodelling project. A lot of DIY basement
    finishing projects are either abandoned halfway
    through due to the stress involved or the owner
    gets preoccupied and never finds the zeal to come
    back to it again. You can be guaranteed of a
    complete project when sourced out to an expert.

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