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Blockchain - A Revolution?


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Title: Blockchain - A Revolution?

Blockchain - A Revolution?
  • Platinum Trading Institute

Blockchain - A Revolution?
  • The entire world was swept off its feet with the
    evolution of Blockchain Technology.
  • The profundity of the technological shift would
    certainly bring a dramatic change in the way the
    world does business.
  • The technology stayed instrumental in empowering
    digital currency-Bitcoin.

Whats new in this technology?
  • The new technology keeps the users information
    confidential as the Blockchain does the vetting
    and keeps the permanent public record of all the
  • Giving complete security to its users, the world
    looked for an alternative that could faultlessly
    performed peer-to-peer transactions sans any
    intermediary like a bank or governing body. 

Now trust lies in the system itself
  • As it implies the personal information of the
    user is classified and secure. But it comes with
    great advantage of all the transactions in
    transparent and incorruptible forms.
  • Moreover those are reconciled by mass
    collaboration and get stored in digital ledger.
  • The users need not trust each other in general
    sense, rather the trust gets built up in the
    system itself.

Opportunities-Aha aplenty!
  • Many opportunities for the blockchain exist that
    need a digital currency.
  • The blockchain could hold any legal document,
    beginning from legal deeds to personal
    certificates. For this technology often gets the
    synonym of a worldwide ledger. 
  • Blockchain is really an open, dispersed, and
    global platform that basically changes what the
    users could perform online besides elaborating
    about methods and types of participants.

A revolutionary trend in investment perspective
  • What has seized the attention of technologists
    and investors all over the world is the evolution
    of initial coin offering (ICO).
  • With global access to markets and investors, it
    could enable the latter to raise huge capital
    from the market. Most surprising fact is, it
    could even help in raising several hundred
    million dollars in a time span of few hours. 

Blockchain would transform everything
  • Blockchain Cryptocurrency has changed
    everything-money, business, and the entire world.
  • With the evolution of blockchain, the users have
    now a new medium, where anyone could almost get
    access anything of value, such as stocks, digital
    property, money, title, as well as deals. 
  • More surprisingly, things like votes and identity
    could get moved, stored, and get managed strongly
    and in confidence.

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