Interior Design Ideas to Make Your Home Energy Efficient - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interior Design Ideas to Make Your Home Energy Efficient


Ideally speaking, energy efficient interior design can have the greatest impact during the planning stage. In keeping with that, here we look at eight easy ways and ideas to make your home more energy efficient – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Interior Design Ideas to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

8 Interior Design Ideas
  • Energy efficiency is no longer just a fancy word
    that is peddled by marketing honchos to
    unsuspecting consumers. In fact, the latter is a
    contradiction as consumers these days are
    remarkably aware and vocal about the need for
    better energy efficiency. And this demand
    permeates every aspect of their lives, right from
    the appliances they buy to the homes they live
  • It is the second part that we are going to look
    at here. The advantages of more energy efficient
    homes are wide-ranging. With an energy efficient
    home design, you benefit from lower energy bills
    and the feel-good factor of living in a home that
    is environment-friendly and sustainable.

Interior Design Tips
1. Try different colours
Back in school, weve learnt how lighter colours
reflect sunlight and darker colours attract it.
It remains one of the best energy efficient home
design ideas and can be used to make a room or
space feel cooler or warmer naturally.
2. Your flooring choice matters
Flooring options like carpets and rugs are
excellent heat trappers and among the
cheapest energy efficient home ideas. That is why
they are used extensively in the winter season or
places where winters are harsh.
 3. Cover your windows properly
The window is one of our focal points when
designing or redesigning any space in a building.
Large windows are one of the better energy
efficient house features to have as they let in
more light and air into your room
4. Fans are good fans with inbuilt lighting are
The answer to the question of how to make a home
more energy efficient lies with the little
things. Take the ceiling fan, for instance. Their
simple design notwithstanding, fans are perfect
for use in summer as well as winter months.
5. Ensure adequate insulation
Investing in insulation is considered among the
most effective energy saving tips for homes.
Adequate insulation works both ways it mitigates
the amount of heat that enters or escapes your
6. Buy energy efficient fixtures
Energy efficient fixtures can make a huge
difference to your energy bills, especially in
continuously-lit spaces like offices and factory
floors. We recommend our clients to opt
for energy saving devices for homes wherever
possible and lighting and fixtures are one such
7. Install a cool roof
Although it may come across as gimmicky, a cool
roof is an essential part of energy efficient
house design that helps prevent the roof from
heating up because of direct exposure to
8. Opt for value engineering
Value engineering is the most energy efficient
home design idea comes into the picture when a
property is in the early stages of being designed
or built.
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