Cryptocurrency Wallet- Currency Changing Our Economy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cryptocurrency Wallet- Currency Changing Our Economy


Here we will be discussing about what is Crytocurrency, Bitcoin which is one of it's application , why bitcoin and another important thing that is the future of bitcoin and why you would choose us as your business partner – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Cryptocurrency Wallet- Currency Changing Our Economy

Cryptocurrency Wallet- A Cashless Mean Of
  • Currency Changing our Economy



Introducing Cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency Wallet
What is Bitcoin
Why Bitcoin
What We do ?
Why Us

Introducing Cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency is a Digital currency in which
    encryption techniques are used to regulate the
    generation of units of currency and verify the
    transfer of funds that operates independently of
    any central banks
  • It uses cryptography techniques to secure and
    verify transactions as well as to control the
    creation of new units of a particular

Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • Cryptocurrency wallet as the name implies consist
    of two words cryptocurrency and a virtual wallet.
    Its a digital asset that works a medium of
    exchange by using strong cryptography techniques
    to secure the transaction and verify transfer of
  • It works on a very simple way, it uses two keys
    Private and Public to secure the transaction.
    Its key benefits include minimal transaction
    charges, easier international trade, individual
    ownership, easier adaptability and strong security

What is Bitcoin ?
Bitcoins a business where the customers can
trade digital currencies for other assets such as
conventional fiat money or different digital
currencies. The bitcoins can also be sent
directly from one user to another on the
peer-to-peer network directly, without the need
for any intermediaries. The transactions that are
made are further verified by network nodes
through cryptography and recorded in a public
distributed ledger known as blockchain.
Why Bitcoin
  • It is no surprise that Bitcoin being a secure,
    global, and digital currency has attracted the
    interest of many investors. It's open to everyone
    and provides an exciting opportunity to delve
    into an entirely new asset class.
  • It also provides sound and predictable monetary
    policy that can be verified by anyone and can be
    sent from anywhere in the world to anywhere else
    in the world. No one can block your payment or
    close your account. It is censorship resistant

What We do ?
  • Mobiloitte is a Premier, Full Service Mobile and
    Web Application Development Group with special
    focus on Security, Scale and Performance across
    APPS, Digital and IoT landscape.
  • The abilities of cryptocurrency have made it a
    major financial trend bringing a shift away from
    the central authorities and getting towards a
    decentralized peer-to-peer network exchange
  • We with a vision of strong market performance are
    developing custom cryptocurrency development
    exchange software solutions for your businesses.
    We help businesses to flourish and deliver high
    end solution for growth and success and help our
    clients to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Working from over a decade in Software
    development industry our dedicated and
    professional developers specialises on
    cryptocurrency wallet and bitcoin development
    with 8 years of technical experience.
  • We also understand how crucial is collaborative
    development, therefore, we work alongside to
    bring cost-effective and best solution for your
    business. We ensure your app requirements and
    objectives to an ROI.

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