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Accounting Training in Chandigarh


Accounting Training in Chandigarh is provided by CBitss Technologies at sector 34A . We provide this course for those who want to make their career in Accounting field . For more information contact-us : 9914641983 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Accounting Training in Chandigarh

Accounting Training in Chandigarh
What is the difference between accounting and
  • The accounting process involves recording,
    interpreting, classifying, analyzing, reporting
    and summarizing financial data. Bookkeeping is
    the process of recording financial transactions.
    Recording financial transactions is the first
    part of and the foundation of the accounting

What are the five principles of accounting?
  • These five basic principles form the foundation
    of modern accounting practices.
  • The Revenue Principle. Image via Flickr by
    LendingMemo. ...
  • The Expense Principle. ...
  • The Matching Principle. ...
  • The Cost Principle. ...
  • The Objectivity Principle.

What is the main objective of accounting
  • The following are the main objectives of
  • To maintain full and systematic records of
    business transactions ADVERTISEMENTS ...
  • To ascertain profit or loss of the business
    Business is run to earn profits. ...
  • To depict financial position of the business ...
  • To provide accounting information to the
    interested parties

How is accounting performed?
  • The primary task of accountants, which extends to
    all the others, is to prepare and examine
    financial records. They make sure that records
    are accurate and that taxes are paid properly and
    on time. Accountants and auditors perform
    overviews of the financial operations of a
    business in order to help it run efficiently.

Do you have to be good at math to be an
  • A certain amount of math is required to be an
    accountant, but only the very basics. If you are
    aware of the principles involved in addition,
    subtraction, multiplication and division, you
    already have enough math knowledge to be an
    accountant. There is limited algebra involved,
    but nothing more.

Accounting Training in Chandigarh
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