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Should My Business Accept Bitcoin Trade | Platinum Trading Institute


Accepting Bitcoin Trade for your business improves market penetration by increasing brand awareness. Visit our site: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Should My Business Accept Bitcoin Trade | Platinum Trading Institute

  • Should My Business Accept Bitcoin Trade?

Should My Business Accept Bitcoin Trade?
  • Cryptocurrencies still have this mythical aura
    surrounding them. For some irrational reasons,
    people are afraid of accepting them in lieu of a
    fiat currency. The reservation stems from
  • Bitcoin or Ripple or other cryptocurrencies not
    having a physical attribute,
  • Fear of the unknown, coin hacking and lack of
    understanding of the crypto market, and most
    importantly, the implied and perceived volatility
    in the crypto market.

The experts at Platinum Trading Institute (PTI)
have a total of 30-plus years of combined
experience in investing and trading in
Cryptocurrencies. Based on that, we can cite at
least ten important reasons that your business
should accept Bitcoin Trade.
  • 1. Expand your business with support from the
    Bitcoin Trade community.
  • This may surprise you, though there are pockets
    of vibrant and thriving Bitcoin users
  • In fact, by one measure, there are more than
    90,000 entities that are Bitcoin-friendly.
  • These companies not only accept cryptocurrencies
    but foster their acceptance through special
    promotional programs, discounts, and marketing.
  • Being part of such a Bitcoin Trade community
    cohort could help expand your business.

  • 2. Acquire a competitive edge
  • Frankly, Bitcoin Trade still have that mystical
    pull! People fear them, though they are also
    intrigued by their use.
  • Why not satisfy your customer by offering him
    another option for making a payment in your
    establishment? You can accept Bitcoins even for a
    very small fraction of its value. This will allow
    the customer to gain confidence in its usage, and
  • Enhancing your customers shopping experience can
    only mean more business for you.

  • 3. Lower transaction fees
  • A recent study has shown that nearly 50 of the
    merchants shun American Express due to its
    exorbitantly high fees.
  • Even the credit card companies, such as Master
    card, Visa, and Western Union charge as much as
    6 as transactional fees.
  • The lower transaction fee is a salient advantage
    of accepting Bitcoin Trade for your business.
  • 4. Raise brand awareness
  • If you are a small and a young retailer,
    accepting Bitcoin trade would set you apart from
    the pack.
  • Customers might associate your brand with
    progressiveness and inventiveness.
  • In addition, there are Bitcoin enthusiasts who
    have formed groups of the businesses that accept
    Bitcoin Trade.
  • Accepting Bitcoin Trade for your business
    improves market penetration by increasing brand

  • 5. Become an industry leader
  • You are an entrepreneur and a trailblazer who
    likes to run in front of the pack. Then why would
    you settle to be a straggler at accepting the
    cryptocurrency revolution? Undoubtedly, in a few
    years, transactions based on Bitcoins will be a
    routine task. Bitcoins may not offer as many
    opportunities then as they offer now.
  • Wouldnt you be rather a frontrunner in
    accepting, contributing, and fostering the
    Bitcoin trade revolution for your business?
  • 6. Add to the existing value of the business
  • Accepting Bitcoins and educating customers about
    the underlying innovative technology are
    value-added propositions. Take the example of
    Apple. It periodically introduces innovative
    technologies into its I-phones, tablets, and
    computers. It also has a chain of retail
    mall-based Education Centers, where anyone can
    walk in and get FREE training on any of the Apple
    products. These centers have added incredible
    value to the Apple brand name in goodwill, brand
    recognition, and customer satisfaction.
  • Your business can not only accept Bitcoin trade
    but can also provide value-added training in
    Cryptocurrency fundamentals.

  • 7. No exposure to the price volatility
  • Even though the Bitcoin price fluctuates wildly,
    its parity with US dollars, or Euro, or Japanese
    Yen remains relatively stable. Furthermore,
    Crypto exchanges like Coinbase and Bit pay
    provide crypto to USD and USD to Crypto
    conversion on a real-time basis. As a result,
    dealing in cryptocurrencies offer not only
    protection against price volatility, but it also
    mitigates any Currency Exchange Risks.
  • Working with Bitcoin Trade shield retailers and
    shoppers alike from wild market fluctuations.
  • 8. Bitcoin Trade offer more credibility in the
    non-profit sector
  • A non-profit sector could benefit immensely from
    the use of cryptocurrencies in its crowdfunding
    endeavors. Transferring funds into the
    non-profits account is relatively easy and
    transferring fee is minimal. The cryptocurrency
    transfers are transparent and immutable. These
    offer additional advantages that may be viewed
    favorably by donors and Government agencies
  • Bitcoin Trade offers transparency and
    immutability which could be viewed favorably by

  • 9. Crypto market is vastly untapped.
  • The use of Bitcoins and attendant Altcoins, such
    as Ripple is akin to a raindrop in the ocean.
    Currently, the ultra-rich segment of the
    population uses them for speculation. Similarly,
    a few techies use them and develop underlying
    technology for scientific curiosity.  And, only a
    few millions use them for transactions. In that
    vein, one can compare the crypto market with the
    old-fashioned gold rush. In that case, only a few
    thousand fearless trailblazers had brazenly
    conquered the West to reap immeasurable riches.
  • Unquestionably, the crypto market is young and
    vastly untapped. It is waiting for the brazen
    trailblazers you the merchant to be
  • 10. You dont have to be a Bitcoin Trade expert
  • People are always sceptical and fearful of the
    new technology. At PTI, we understand and
    appreciate your apprehension at accepting
    Bitcoins for business, investment, or merely
    trading. We are also aware of the human
    psychology that drives one person to invest
    aggressively, while the other to be more
    cautious. Over the years, in our mentoring
    practice, we have also seen investors emotions
    controlling them and forcing them to take wrong

  • If you want to stay on the top of the crypto
    technologies, innovative trading strategies, or
    simply like to be financially successful, please
    sign up for a two-day course on cryptocurrency
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