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Economics of Cryptocurrency Transactions | Platinum Trading Institute


Economics of Cryptocurrency Transactions: The micro-structure transaction process underlying cryptocurrency transactions, mainly the Bitcoin. Blockchain Technology (BCT) Made Simpler for Cryptocurrency Traders. Visit our site: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Economics of Cryptocurrency Transactions | Platinum Trading Institute

  • Economics of Cryptocurrency Transactions
  • BCT Made Simpler for Cryptocurrency Traders

  • Since its groundbreaking introduction by Satoshi
    Nakamoto in a paper entitled Bitcoin A
    Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, on October
    31, 2008, the term Bitcoin has nearly become a
    household name. In the ensuing nine years,
    this Cryptocurrency Transactions has maintained
    nearly an upward trajectory culminating in its
    price reaching 19,783.21 a week before
    Christmas 2017. 

  • Evidently, an idea, resulting in such
    spectacular monetized returns merits a closer
    look from the cryptocurrency traders in order to
    gain its better understanding of profits. Thus,
    at Platinum Trading Institute (PTI), in addition
    to providing Crypto and FX trading education, we
    have also embarked on a journey to provide
    Blockchain education and training.
  • Thus, a prime objective of this five-part white
    paper is to dissect the Bitcoin myth, though more
    importantly, it is to simplify the understanding
    of the underlying BCT.
  • In addition, an attendant objective is to draw
    the traders attention to several other
    investment opportunities in BCT technology, and
    ALTCOINS that yield equally spectacular returns.

  • This series is organized so a newcomer to
    Cryptocurrency Trading (CCT) can gain an enhanced
    understanding of the Bitcoin myth what drives
    its price, and acquire an appreciation for the
    underlying disruptive BCT technology.
  • The discussion will be carried out in five parts
  • Bitcoin Myth and BCT, (Article Dated
  • Inner Workings of Blockchain Technology (BCT),
  • Economics of Cryptocurrency Transactions (Topic
    of the Current Article)
  • Current Applications of BCT, and What Lies Ahead,
  • How Can a Cryptocurrency Trader Leverage
    Knowledge of BCT,

Economics of Cryptocurrency Transactions
  • This section will cover the impacts of the
    following factors on Cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Energy Costs, and fees,
  • Local and/or Global economies, and
  • Socio-economic factors.

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