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Blockchain Business, the next disruptor | Platinum trading Institute


Blockchain Business, the new disruptor for the 21st Century, poised as the life-line for humanity. Learn to Trade Forex and Crypto with our Trading Blogs for Beginners. Visit our site: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Blockchain Business, the next disruptor | Platinum trading Institute

  • Blockchain Business,
  • the next disruptor

Blockchain Business, the next disruptor? Be ready
for the Smart Contracts Era!
  • The power of Blockchain technology that now finds
    applications in fields as diverse as finance,
    engineering, medicine, and even in contract law.

Blockchain Business, the next disruptor for
Contract Law
  • Blockchain technology is the new disruptor for
    the 21st Century. Just imagine, if in
    mid-fifties, you were told that the internet is
    going to be the lifeline for humanity no one
    would have accepted it. Similarly,
    today Blockchain Business is becoming the
    foundation for all the above-mentioned fields
    the contract law. And, it is poised to be the
    21st-century life-line for humanity.

Smart Contracts 
  • The present applications, outstandingly in
    Finance and Supply chain, are supported by the
    first Bitcoin stage and changed Ethereum organize
    that enables the coders to coordinate both.
  • A salient offshoot of this technology is
    the Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO),
    a technology that is being embraced by the legal
    profession with zest. 
  • An immediate use for this technology is in Smart
    Contracts. According to Nick Szabo they
    represent a series of coding that introduces
    clauses in the contract so that assets are
    released if and only if predefined conditions are

Smart Contracts 
  • This autonomous verification process embedded in
    the smart contracts has several advantages. It
    offers a Blockchain Business -based verification
    process that is immutable and verifiable even
    in the most trustless environment. The process is
    also irreversible. So, once the execution of the
    Smart Contract, is initiated, it can not be
    reversed or stopped.

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