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Top Mobile App Development Company | Best Web App Development Firm


Pentoz is a Leading business innovation firm for new business ideas focusing on Web, Mobile and Gaming App Development company. Based in Texas, London, Coimbatore. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top Mobile App Development Company | Best Web App Development Firm

P?nt?z ?? a l??d?ng ?m?ll ?nd m?d-??z?d bu??n???
t??hn?l?g? ??n?ult?ng ?nd Digital ??rv???
?r?v?d?r, d???gn? ?nd bu?ld? ??w?rful,
m??n?ngful D?g?t?l t??hn?l?g? (Inf?rm?t??n
T??hn?l?g?) f?r ?m?ll ?nd m?d-??z?d bu??n?????.

Premayogan Mahesh Founder/Owner /creator of Pentoz
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n?n?r?f?t h?? r???h?d a ?l?t??u? You kn?w ??ur?
gr??t ?t wh?t ??u d? but ?? ??ur
d?g?t?l l?f??t?l? l?tt?ng ??u d?wn? Y?u n??d
T??hn?l?g? S?lut??n? th?t g?v? th?t w?ll ??u a
??m??t?t?v? ?dv?nt?g? ?nd h?l? ??u gr?w ??ur
?rg?n?z?t??n. If ??ur? l??k?ng f?r th?
b??t D?g?t?l S?rv??? Su???rt ??m??n? ?r?und, l??k
n? furth?r. W?v? g?t ??ur D?g?t?l ??n?ult?ng
??rv??? n??d? ??v?r?d h??d t? t??. W? ??n m?n?g?
??ur D?g?t?l ??rv??? IT,
?u???rt ??ur ?m?l?????, ?r?t??t ??ur d?t? ?ll
?t h?lf th? ???t ?f a full-t?m? D?g?t?l ??rv???
??n?ult?nt. If ??uv? been fru?tr?t?d ?t th?
l?v?l ?f ??rv??? ?r ??rf?rm?n??, ??ur?
r????v?ng fr?m ??ur ?urr?nt IT ?u???rt, ?r ?f ??u
??n?t?ntl? w?rr? ?b?ut wh?th?r ??ur? d??ng
?v?r?th?ng ??u ??n t? ???ur? ??ur d?t? ?nd
?r?t??t ??ur n?tw?rk w? ??n ?h?ng?
th?t. W? w?nt t? m?k? ?t ?? th?t ??u ?nl? h?v?
?n? numb?r f?r ??ur full? m?n?g?d D?g?t?l IT
?u???rt ??rv????.
We Are Pentoz
We are changing the future
P?nt?z ?? a l??d?ng ?m?ll ?nd m?d-??z?d bu??n???
t??hn?l?g? ??n?ult?ng ?nd Digital ??rv???
?r?v?d?r, d???gn? ?nd bu?ld? ??w?rful,
m??n?ngful D?g?t?l t??hn?l?g? (Inf?rm?t??n
T??hn?l?g?) f?r ?m?ll ?nd m?d-??z?d
bu??n?????. Our ?l??nt? r?ng? fr?m ?m?ll- t?
m?d-??z?d bu??n????? ?n th? ??untr?, ?ff???? ?n
?th?r m?j?r m?tr???l?t?n ?r??? t? ?nt?rn?t??n?l
??m??n???, ???nn?ng verticals ?u?h as
m?nuf??tur?ng, ?dv?rt???ng, ??l?r ?n?rg?, r?t??l,
????r?l, l?g?l, m?d???l, ??n?tru?t??n,
?nt?rt??nm?nt ?nd m?n?, m?n? ?th?r?. P?nt?z
h?ld? ?l??nt satisfaction t? th? h?gh??t
?t?nd?rd. E??h ?l??nt? ?nf?rm?t??n ??
??nf?d?nt??l ?nd ?? n?v?r ??m?r?m???d. Tru?t ?nd
r?????t ?r? th? f?und?t??n? ?f ?tr?ng
r?l?t??n?h???, ?nd P?nt?z t?k?? ?v?r? ????rtun?t?
t? r??nf?r?? th??? ?r?n???l?? wh?l? ?r?v?d?ng
?ut??ur??d d?g?t?l ??rv????. Pentoz h?? m?d?
gr??t ?tr?d?? ?n b???m?ng a gr??n IT ??m??n? b?
r?du??ng ?t? ??rb?n f??t?r?nt ?nd b???m?ng a
?m?rt?r, m?r? ?ff????nt ??m??n?. Thr?ugh
?m?l???? ?n??nt?v? ?r?gr?m?, t??hn?l?g?
?nfr??tru?tur? ?m?r?v?m?nt? ?nd ??t?m?z?d
???r?t?ng ?r???dur??, P?nt?z h?? b???m? ??rb?n
n?utr?l. Pentoz? t??m ?? ??m?r???d ?f
?x??r??n??d, fr??ndl? d?g?t?l ??rv???? IT
??n?ult?nt? who ?r? always ?v??l?bl? t? m??t th?
?l??nt? n??d?. Alw??? ?v??l?bl? t? r????nd t?
?n? D?g?t?l ?nd IT n??d.
Our Services
Everything On-Demand In 2017, I expect this to
see this develop even further. We have thousands
of apps available to us to get rides, food
deliveries, and even a place to stay for the
night, but soon well see this evolve into even
stranger territory. Humanized Big Data
AR and VR VR and AR The Business Reality.
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are going
to be useful for far more than just gaming.
Automation Automation is combined with machine
learning, everything can improve even faster, so
2017 has the potential to be a truly landmark
IoT and Smart Home Tech Build a smart home with
IoT technologies from Intel, including context
awareness, sensory and movement recognition,
data analytics, and more.
In 2017, I expect well see advancements to
humanize big data, seeking more
Machine Learning Machine learning is a type of
artificial intelligence (AI) that provides
computers with the ability to learn without
being explicitly programmed.
empathetic and qualitative bits of data and
projecting it in a more visualized, accessible
Our Projects Add your text here. Add your text
Projects Completed
04 PDI Racing
The Team
Raghu Chakravarthi Technical Advisor and Mentor
Premayogan Mahesh CEO
Premayogan is a serial entrepreneur who started
his career in 2006, has managed and developed
mobile games, applications, websites for
designing companies and advertising agencies
across the USA, Canada, Mauritius, and India.
Raghu Chakravarthi is a seasoned computer
software executive with over 20 years of
experience in the Enterprise, Internet, Big Data
Analytics and eCommerce product domains.
Raghu has worked in the USA for about 15 years
in some of the top Silicon Valley based
companies like Yahoo, Interwoven, Informatica
and is currently based out of Bangalore, India.
Presently, Premayogan own a software and
advertising company which provides services
Our Clients
Each completed project makes us even more hungry,
hungry for more designs, more code and at least
some more Twinkies. As a result we deliver a
better web experience.
Our Clients
What Our Clients Says

I am really satisfied with the custom apps
development services rendered by Pentoz and I
think Im going to work with them again. Because
you know when you find someone, you can trust.
It can be stated as a pleasurable working
experience with them. Because it allows
time-saving as well as cost- efficiency
I must say Pentoz is one of the best software
development companies I have ever worked with.
We are really pleased with their flexible
approach towards developing our application,
their thorough involvement into the project and
regular valuable insights made sure that the
delivered product had more than what we asked
EXCELLENT WORK. Friendly, professional, and took
care of everything I needed and more. Pentoz is
fantastic to work with. They work hard to help
you get
exactly what you need in a website and mobile
app. Their service is quick and on point. I will
continue to do work with Pentoz team
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