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Colon Cancer Treatment in India


Digestive System consists of organs that help human beings to use the food to fuel their bodies with various required components. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Colon Cancer Treatment in India

Colon Cancer Treatment in India
What is Colon?
  • It is also known as the large intestine or large
  • It is part of digestive track (Digestive System).
  • Digestive System consists of organs that helps
    human beings to use the food to fuel their bodies
    with various required components.

Functions of Colon
  • Large Intestine helps the body to get rid of
    leftover food after the nutrients are absorbed
    from it. For example bacteria or the other waste.
  • Liquid and salt are the first ones to be removed.
  • Afterwards, the remaining waste makes its way to
    the sigmoid, the place where it is stored.
  • The waste is then dumped into the rectum (once
    or twice in a day ), when the human body is ready
    for bowel movement.

What is Colon Cancer?
  • It is also known as colorectal cancer.
  • It is the among the top causes of cancer death
    (both in men and women).
  • The risk of colon cancer increases with the
    increase with age.
  • The growth of colon that buds from a polyp.
  • Polyp looks like a vegetable called cauliflower.
  • Sometimes the polyps are flat in shape.
  • Spreading of polyps may have life-threatening

Risk Factors of Colon Cancer
  • Genetic Factors.
  • Two genetic syndrome (familial adenomatous
    polyposis Lynch syndrome).
  • Diet and Health ( a rich fat and red meat diet
    may increase disease risk).
  • Heavy consumption of alcohol and cigarette.
  • Some inflammatory disease.

Symptoms of Colon Cancer
  • A change in your bowel habits, including
    diarrhoea or constipation or a change in the
    consistency of your stool, that lasts longer than
    four weeks
  • Rectal bleeding or blood in your stool
  • Persistent abdominal discomfort, such as cramps,
    gas or pain
  • A feeling that your bowel doesn't empty
  • Weakness or fatigue
  • Unexplained weight loss

When to see a doctor?
  • It is important to consult healthcare providers
    whenever one come across any mentioned symptoms.
  • If one notices symptoms like blood in stool or an
    ongoing change in bowel habits, do not hesitate
    to make an appointment with your doctor.

Risk Factors
  • Older Age
  • African- American race
  • A family history of colorectal cancer(inherited
    syndrome that increases risk of colon cancer)
  • Inflammatory intestinal condition
  • Family history of intestinal cancer

Risk Factors
  • Low fibre and high fat diet
  • A sedentary lifestyle
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Alcohol
  • Radiation Therapy for cancer

Stages of Colon Cancer
  • Stage 0
  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
  • Stage 4

Stage 0
  • Very early stage of the cancer.
  • It is also known as carcinoma in situ
  • It has not grown in any other tissue than inner
    layer of the colon.

Stage 1
  • When the cancer grows into the next layer of the
  • But the reach of cancer is limited to lymph nodes
    or other organs.

Stage 2
  • The point when cancer has reached the outer layer
    of the colon.
  • And it has not spread beyond the colon.

Stage 3
  •  When the cancer has spread through outer layer
    of the colon.
  • When the cancer has reached to one or even to
    three lymph nodes.
  • But has not spread to distant sites.

Stage 4
  • The cancer has reached other tissues beyond the
    wall of the colon.
  • As stage 4 progresses, the cancer reaches distant
    parts of the body.

Treatment Options
  • Treatment will depend on the type and stage of
    the cancer, and the age, health status, and other
    characteristics of the patient.
  • There is no single treatment for any cancer, but
    the most common options for colon cancer are
    surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.
  • Treatments seek to remove the cancer and relieve
    any painful symptoms.

Diagnosis Tools
  • Colonoscopy which is also known as coloscopy is
    an endoscopic examination.
  • Examination of the large bowel and other part of
    the small bowel which are situated away.
  • It is performed with a CCD camera, fibre optic
    camera on a tube that passes through the anus.

Double-Contrast Barium Enema
  • It is a double-contrast barium enema that is also
    a form of contrast radiography.
  • The x-rays of the colon and rectum are taken
    using two forms of contrast to make the procedure
    of analysis of the structures easier.
  • A liquid containing barium is put into the rectum

Treatment of Colon Cancer
  • A surgical procedure to remove part or all of the
    colon is called a colectomy.
  • The surgeon removes the part of the colon
    containing the cancer and the surrounding area.
  • Nearby lymph nodes are also usually removed.
  • The healthy portion of the colon will either be
    reattached to the rectum or attached to a stoma
    depending on the extent of the colectomy.

  • It is generally used to treat cancer that has
    spread as the medications travel through the
    whole body
  • So the treatment occurs in cycles, so that the
    body has decent time to heal between doses.

Side Effects of Chemotherapy
  • Hair loss
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting

  • Radiation treatment damages and kills cancer
    cells by focusing high-energy gamma-rays on them.
  • Radioactive gamma-rays are emitted from metals
    such as radium, or from high-energy x-rays.
  • Radiotherapy can be used as a standalone
    treatment to shrink a tumor or destroy cancer
    cells, or alongside other cancer treatments.

Side Effects of Radiation
  • mild skin changes resembling sunburn or suntan
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • fatigue
  • appetite and weight loss

Hospitals in India for Colon Cancer Treatment
  • MAX Super Speciality Hospital
  • Medanta Medicity

Hospitals in India for Colon Cancer Treatment
  • 3. FORTIS Memorial Research Institute
  • 4. Gleneagles Global Hospital
  • 5. Artemis Hospital
  • 6. VPS Rockland Hospital

Surgeons in India for Colon Cancer Treatment
  1. Dr Adarsh Chaudhary- Medanta Hospital
  2. Dr Vinod Raina- Fortis Healthcare
  3. Dr Amit Agarwal- BLK Hospital
  4. Dr Ashok Kumar Vaid- Medanta Hospital
  5. Dr S Hukku- Medanta
  6. Dr Deep Goyal- BLK Hospital

Advancement in medical science for Colon Cancer
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Targeted Therapy
  • Immunotherapy

Facts on Colon Cancer
  • Colon cancer affects the large intestine and it
    usually starts with polyps in the wall of the
  • Symptoms may not appear until a later stage, but
    if they do, gastrointestinal problems are common
  • Treatment involves a combination
    of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery,
    possibly resulting in a colostomy.
  • A healthy lifestyle with a high-fiber, low-fat
    diet can help prevent colon cancer, and screening
    can detect it in the early stages.

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