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Green building materials in Chennai.


Stratongroup is providing the Green building materials in Chennai. These are having a greater strength and durability to buildings than conventional materials. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Green building materials in Chennai.


About Exterior Wall Cladding
  • Basically Wall cladding is commonly used in the
    construction of buildings in order to give an
    extra level of resistance against the weathering

  • Wall cladding is an essential part of any
    property or every construction its needed.

  • We are having different types of Exterior wall
    cladding materials they come in many different
  • Most of the performance characteristics of
    Exterior wall cladding materials are very
    different substantially and are outlined in the
    broad, individual materials groupings in Cladding

  • We have some specification for exterior wall
    cladding they are following below
  • Specifications of Exterior wall Cladding
  • Appearance
  • The range of textures, colors, styles, and
    finishes available by the designer's imagination.
  • Color
  • Apart from creative considerations, the color of
    external cladding influences its capacity to
    absorb or reflect heat. Its having long lasting

  • In most of the climates, it is preferable to use
    lighter colors or proprietary reflective
    finishes, especially for roofing to get passive
    cooling in the house.
  • Environmental impacts
  • Cladding selection presents an opportunity to
    reduce the overall environmental impact of a home
    by choosing environmentally preferred materials
    and systems. Its also helps to keeps the
    environment safe.

  • Green building construction materials can bring
    benefits not just to the society, but also to the
    individuals who rely on environmental friendly
  • Offering many benefits, including cutting down
    on the amount of water used for construction,
    this marvel has evolved over nine decades to
    superior levels of quality.
  • Take a peek into the incredibly environmental
    friendly materials preferred by contractors

  • Lesser consumption of water
  • One of the most precious resources, water is used
    in copious quantities in construction. Green
    building material such as AAC blocks help in
    cutting down on the consumption of water. 
  • Reduction in labor costs
  • The use of green building material like
    lightweight AAC blocks translates into lesser
    labor costs. This is because of the ease with
    which the lighter blocks are transported and used
    in construction. With lesser requirement of
    material for plaster and quicker curing time, the
    costs of labor are drastically reduced.

  • A reduction in construction costs means that
    contractors can focus more on improving the
    safety and aesthetics of building and also pass
    on the benefits of reduced costs to the occupants
    of the buildings.
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