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Home Renovation - Basement, Bedroom, Small Kitchen, and Washroom


1. Basement Finishing Ideas. 2. Basement Renovation and Dealing With Mold. 3. Basement Finishing For Upscale Basements. 4. Different Uses for a Renovated Basement. 5. Learn How to Spruce Up Your Bedroom on a Budget. 6. Choosing The Finishing Touches For Your Bedroom. 7. Want To Optimize Kitchen Space? Set Up A Small Kitchen Design. 8. Renovation Ideas For Your Small But Functional Kitchen. 9. Choosing Surfaces for your Bathroom. 10. Washroom Renovation: What More Can Or Should Be Done. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Home Renovation - Basement, Bedroom, Small Kitchen, and Washroom

Home Renovation
  • Basement, Bedroom, Small Kitchen, and Washroom

  1. Basement Finishing Ideas
  2. Basement Renovation and Dealing With Mold
  3. Basement Finishing For Upscale Basements
  4. Different Uses for a Renovated Basement
  5. Learn How to Spruce Up Your Bedroom on a Budget
  6. Choosing The Finishing Touches For Your Bedroom
  7. Want To Optimize Kitchen Space? Set Up A Small
    Kitchen Design
  8. Renovation Ideas For Your Small But Functional
  9. Choosing Surfaces for your Bathroom
  10. Washroom Renovation What More Can Or Should Be

Basement Finishing Ideas
  • Basement Laundry Room
  • The basement laundry room doesnt have to be a
    cold, dark and damp place where you have to spend
    time doing your laundry. Professional basement
    finishing company can help you create a beautiful
    and dry basement laundry room. It will be well
    lit, spacious and features amazing storage
    options for everything laundry. Depending on your
    choice, you can add a comfortable chair, a coffee
    maker and a small-sized television for your
    viewing pleasure. After the completion of your
    basement renovation, it will turn out to be one
    of the most beautiful rooms in the house.
  • Generally, cedar products are proven and tested
    to be a perfect and lasting option to keep
    clothes protected from urban pests. By installing
    a storage closet in your basement laundry room,
    your cloth will enjoy maximum protection from
    insect pests and mildew. If your basement is
    indeed spacious, then a walk-in pantry can be a
    great addition.
  • Basement Home Theatre
  • Almost everyone loves going to the movies. But do
    you know you can get the same cinema feel and
    experience right in the comfort of your home?
    Yes, its possible and the best solution is to
    transform your basement into a home theatre. Now
    you dont have to deal with tall people sitting
    in front and the loud mobile phones ringing.
  • Apparently, people have different design options
    for their home theater. State what type of
    basement home theater you have in mind and leave
    the job to professional basement company. They
    can transform your basement into a space where
    every family member cant do without.

Basement Renovation and Dealing With Mold
  • In most cases, you only discover mold growth when
    you attempt to renovate a basement. Many times,
    molds grow undetected. For some homeowners, the
    basement is more like a dump site and they
    completely avoid going into the area. if youve
    already gone halfway with your basement
    renovations project and then you discover mold,
    it can render the entire renovation process
    useless. Failure to address the issue at an early
    stage will cost you a fortune to put right in the
    future. And this might come after it has eaten
    deep into items and other areas of the home as
    well as causing health deficiencies. Detecting
    mold growth in your basement at an early stage
    before the renovation will end up saving you a
    lot more money.
  • In this case, your first task is to get rid of
    mold before you start your basement renovation.
    Of course, mold can be toxic so you need to apply
    extra care and caution when dealing with it. Make
    sure you have safety gear including eye
    protectors and a respiratory mask. You cant
    handle the task yourself if there is a lot of
    molds. To this end, you need a professional to
    perform the task. A general rule is that if the
    space youre dealing with is more than 10 sq ft,
    then you should consult a professional
  • If you decide to go about eradicating mold
    without professional help then there are certain
    ways to do that. Mix water and bleach or water
    and vinegar in a bottle. Now spray the affected
    area with the solution and leave it for half an
    hour. Then rinse the mold off. Fortunately, there
    are lots of effective solutions on the market to
    choose from. So if you are confused on how to mix
    the solution, you can opt for this simple method.
    This will not only leave your basement mold free
    but also ensure that it never comes back again.
    For the solution to be effective, you have to
    eliminate any source of moisture and dampness
    from your basement. If there is any leakage that
    allows water into the basement, you will need to
    fix it.

Basement Finishing For Upscale Basements
  • Of course, you have ideas on how you want your
    basement to look but you lack the skills and
    expertise to complete this task. a professional
    basement finishing company can help bring your
    dream to reality. They have a wide range of
    options for your personal needs. They can install
    molding, flooring and proper lighting that match
    your personality.
  • Additionally, basement finishing companies will
    give you custom options to create on shelves to
    store your games and movies. So long as its a
    movie theatre then it will be pointless
    installing a window. If you choose to install a
    window then the motive has been dashed. Movie
    theatres are usually dark with beautiful views of
    large display screens so save the window for
    something else. A professional contractor will
    also advise against window installation in a home
    movie theater.
  • Besides the movie theatres, there are other far
    greater upgrades. Well if youre looking for a
    relaxing place to drink your favorite wine, you
    can transform your basement into a private bar or
    even wine cellar. Of course, basement finishing
    contractors can handle any of this option. With
    your basement transformed into a wine cellar, you
    have good reasons to come back home or invite a
    group of friends over for the weekend.
  • Remember to list out all you want in your new
    wine cellar and these professionals will be more
    than happy to help. They will give your wine
    cellar a professional look. Youll get all the
    options you want in a wine cellar including
    built-in wine racks and spectacular glass doors
    for easy access into your new wine cellar.

Different Uses for a Renovated Basement
  • You have plenty of transformation options to
    choose from ranging from study room for kids,
    home theatre, game room and many more. Of course,
    buying a new house in Canada can be expensive so
    renovating a home basement is a great way to add
    to your existing living space without spending a
  • Renovating a home basement can increase the
    market value of your home. Potential buyers will
    most likely pay more for a house with a finished
  • A beautifully renovated basement can provide a
    lot of space for storing books, clothes, old
    files and several household items. Install
    well-crafted furniture with compartments for
    proper organization.
  • Nobody wants a flooded basement so it makes sense
    to waterproof your basement. This will keep it
    dry and prevent mold growth.

Learn How to Spruce Up Your Bedroom on a Budget
  • The key to every project's success relies heavily
    on planning. With proper and comprehensive
    planning you are bound to achieve success with
    your bedroom upgrade. Your planning process
    should start by taking a good look at your
    bedroom and identifying those areas that need
    modification. Establish at this stage the theme
    you would love your bedroom to adopt. You also
    have to decide at this stage whether to stick to
    your original theme and modify a couple of
    features in it or adopt an entirely new theme
    that will give your room an entirely new aura and
  • Since the upgrade of your bedroom means giving it
    a beautiful ambiance, therefore, you might
    consider checking out your bed to see if it still
    deserves a place in your new look bedroom, if you
    consider the bed too bad to be part of the new
    room, you will have to replace it. But if your
    budget for the bedroom upgrade is low you may
    consider fixing the defects in your bed instead
    of buying a new one.
  • Your bedroom accessories are another aspect of
    the bedroom that deserves attention in the
    upgrade. You may also consider changing the
    lights in your room, your curtains, window blinds
    and you can also repaint your wardrobe to make it
    neat and newer. If you have appliances in the
    room that you feel requires changing you can
    effect the change too. Also ensure that your
    belongings are re-organized to give the bedroom
    more space, comfort and beauty. Shop for
    ornaments from your local home depot or you can
    check online for websites that have an ongoing
    sale of their merchandise.
  • Finally, give your bedroom a fresh look by
    repainting its walls with a lighter shade of the
    prints. Allow a professional painter to handle
    the painting job so as to give your room that
    perfect touch of excellence that it deserves.

Choosing The Finishing Touches For Your Bedroom
  • Upholstered bedhead
  • A well furnished upholstered bedhead will further
    enhance the beauty of the bed and offer the
    perfect place to lay your head. When shopping for
    a bedhead, consider the one with a button detail
    in a classy fabric like silk or velvet. This will
    give your bedroom a unique and fascinating look.
    To give your bedroom a fashionable style,
    consider going for an upholstered bedhead made in
    leather or linen. Give it a more dynamic look by
    going for a design that is squared edged and
    simple. To make the bedhead a standout, you can
    go for a feature color, and then use this as your
    starting point for the other items in your scheme
  • Bedside lamp
  • Love to read books? Whether a bookworm or not, a
    beautiful bedside lamp can add a unique touch and
    feel to your bedroom. Now you can read your
    favorite books any time of day including at night
    before going to bed. This will bring calmness
    into your bedroom. This is something that typical
    overhead ceiling lights cant achieve. Get table
    lamps and place them on both sides of the bed.
    This will bring great balance to the room. In
    addition, installing bedside lamps in your
    bedroom can be a fun way to beautify your room.
    Make sure you go for contemporary lamps that
    reflect your personal style.
  • Furniture piece
  • Is your bedroom spacious? Do you still have
    enough space to accommodate a piece of furniture?
    If you answer yes, then find yourself a
    well-crafted furniture piece. Bedroom furniture
    serves great purpose particularly for getting
    dressed or putting on a nice pair of shoes.
    Create a look that suits you.

Want To Optimize Kitchen Space? Set Up A Small
Kitchen Design
  • All your plans should revolve around the budget
    you have earmarked for the project. From the
    total home value, the kitchen amounts to up to
    10 and this number shouldn't be exceeded during
    the renovation. If your aim is to resell your
    home, the kitchen upgrade should bring in about
    90 of the initial cost price as return on
    investment. Ensure that you compare the items on
    your wish list to determine the ones that are
    outside the budget boundary. As usual, about 10
    should be allocated for miscellaneous activities
    that are not within the budget. You may also
    consider labor-intensive features in your design
    which include fitting ceramic tiles in the
  • Furthermore, a flexible budget attracts
    professionals. Because you should never
    compromise quality for quantity. If not, you will
    end up spending way more than the initial budget.
    Here is where research comes in. Ask within your
    network of family and friends for good referrals
    to professional contractors and kitchen
    specialists. This contractor should provide you
    with a well-written quote from which you can
    draft a proposal that revolves around your budget
    and requirements. During the project, make sure
    your communication with the contractors is
    effective enough to give you desired results.
  • Renovation work is associated with certain
    inconveniences that your neighbor may find
    uncomfortable. Make sure that you keep them
    informed about the process to prevent any
    altercations. Before the professional kitchen
    renovator starts work, your kitchen has to be
    cleared. A mini-kitchen can be set up elsewhere
    till the completion of the project. If you'd
    rather box them up till the project is completed,
    fix appropriate labels on the boxes to ease your
    un-boxing when your kitchen is ready. Always be
    in touch with your contracts during the
    renovation process because you know your house
    better than them.

Renovation Ideas For Your Small But Functional
  • The appearance of the kitchen comes from both
    combinations of walls and floors. A more
    pronounced size in the kitchen can have a huge
    effect on the total outlook of your kitchen.
    Replacement of flooring may be costly. In this
    case, vinyl or laminate flooring will cost you
    less. Fortunately, they are available in a
    melange of designs and colors. If you must paint
    the wall, use paint coatings that create an
    illusion of space rather than light.
  • Depending on the size of your family, you may opt
    for smaller kitchen appliances with conjugate
    capacity. This is applicable to renovations as
    well because you must be grown with the trend of
    sleeker and compact appliances. Good examples are
    smaller dishwashers, medium-sized refrigerator,
    and minute stove.
  • A lot of homeowners complain about the lack of
    space in the hike which plunges them to renovate
    the home. During the renovation practice, check
    out for possible additions. It is common practice
    for people to keep things in places where they
    are not needed. For example, the masticating
    juicer may be kept in the cupboard until when
    needed rather than on the tabletop where food
    preparations are made. Find some space in the low
    cabinet and throw them in to create more space on
    the counter. Other appliances may be the coffee
    maker, toaster, and more. In fact, the top of the
    refrigerator is a good area where sugar and salt
    containers can be kept in a neat rack. Also,
    there is more cabinet space when you build
    another cabinet on top of the first.

Choosing Surfaces for your Bathroom
  • Ceramic tiles have ways been the ultimate choice
    but it is allowed to play around as well. Truly,
    the importance of creativity cannot be
    overemphasized here.
  • Furthermore, ceramic tiles are easy to work with
    maintaining and available in a melange of designs
    and colors. The flooring can be finished off with
    a non-skid coating that lacks porosity. Tiles
    that are large in size make the floor appear
    bigger while the small types have higher
  • The only way you can get away with a large
    appearance of tile is to select the vitrified
    types which are generally stronger and durable.
    The variety of colors also makes it fun to play
    around while the designs are catchy to the eye as
    well. When combined with other materials such as
    stone, they create an accent of color and style.
    You may also consider porcelain tiles which are
    fanciful and colorful.

Choosing Surfaces for your Bathroom
  • With stone, you will discover that they are not
    easy to maintain. Not only is it expensive, it
    saps money due to its high maintenance culture.
    Examples of stone are slabs and tiles. But there
    are many homeowners who prefer stones to other
    types of flooring because of the association of
    grandeur. Other examples of stones are limestone,
    sandstone, kotah, granite, and marble. All of
    these materials are available in different colors
    and designs. You will find some of them in
    various textures such as sandblasted, cleft, and
  • Engineered stone types are stone agglomerates
    which are crushed, and bound with adhesives. They
    can also be called pre-cut tiles. Because of the
    reinforcements, the durability and strength
    affect the enhancement. This makes them suitable
    for floors and walls. However, this will require
    a fine blend of expertise and maintenance
  • The solid surface is derived from a composite of
    an acrylic polymer. You will obtain a durable
    surface when the polymer is combined with bauxite
    ore. The complexities in the processing
    necessitate that the fabricators are just perfect
    for installation.
  • For cabinets, the materials that are frequently
    used are marine plywood. They can be beautified
    by paints and laminates. The waterproof quality
    can be increased by coating in some special
    finishes. Wood is fast gaining recognition in
    this space because it is used to add class to
    bath décor.

Washroom Renovation What More Can Or Should Be
  • Floors
  • As the earth covering, professionals in the art
    of bathroom renovation would advise that the
    refurbishment starts with the floor. Fortunately,
    the size of the bathroom is relatively small and
    manageable. Therefore, replacing floor covering
    with quality tiles should be highly affordable.
    But do not be afraid to extend the budget if you
    have the cash to spare.
  • Walls
  • Waterproof paints are the best choice for the
    wall covering. The higher the quality of tile,
    the more expensive the painting will be. The
    benefit of high-quality tiles is durability which
    prevents the need for a replacement for another
    ten years. Opting for painting will protect the
    surface of the wall but replacing with tiles is
    the ultimate choice that provides cushioning.
  • Bathtub replacement
  • There are several choices to make when
    considering bathtubs. Whirlpool bathtubs are the
    most unique and contemporary sets of the tub you
    can ever fit in your bathroom. Victorian style
    tubs give your bathroom a certain grandeur that
    comes with class.

Washroom Renovation What More Can Or Should Be
  • Toilet options
  • This is not a necessity except the need arises -
    especially aged toilet or chipped toilet
    coverings. A good choice will be dual flushing
    types which help to conserve water and lower
  • Refurbishing cabinets
  • This is almost the last part of the renovation
    process. If the bathroom has limited space, it is
    best to select cabinets which are economic in
    space. You can choose cabinets with large space
    for storage or with a mirror for a good view
    after the scrub.

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