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6 Healthcare Application Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2018


Healthcare applications are creating a revolution the healthcare industry. Have a look at some top technology trends with stats of healthcare application development. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 6 Healthcare Application Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

6 Healthcare Application Development Trends
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  • Healthcare app development industry is booming
    with a great pace
  • The number of free apps downloaded in 2017 is
    projected to rise to more than 254 billion, up
    from 57.33 billion in 2012
  • The year 2018 will unveil the true potential of
    advanced technology to further enhance the
    Healthcare sector with more beneficial

Here are some Healthcare Application Development
Trends to Watch Out for in 2018
that will change the healthcare world forever...
1. Mobile and Cloud-based Healthcare support
  • The cloud-based services have fascinating
    approach to get the best use of todays
  • This enables the users to access information
    anytime anyplace instantly and the medical
    sector is also going to leverage it.
  • With the use of healthcare mobile apps, people
    are more efficient to take care of their
    health-related matters.
  • This implementation of cloud based-service to
    healthcare will allow the doctors to perform many
    operations like accessing the health information
    and looking for the resources instantly.

2. Improved Telemedicine
  • The global medicine market is expected to get
    bigger in the coming time, experts have expected
    it to be around 40 million by 2021.
  • With this boost in the medicine consumption, the
    requirement of Telemedicine is most likely to
    increase rapidly with time.
  • Doctors as well as patients believe that the
    Telemedicine offers better accessibility and
    freedom to patients than a conventional visit.

3. IoT ( Internet Of Things ) Will Bring The
  • The IoT is already proven to be a new era of
    technology that creates an interrelated system of
    different tech devices and mobile apps.
  • The device helps the people to know their health
    conditions and also suggest required training or
    medical sessions.
  • Along with wearables the tech giants like Apple
    are also working on the different IoT devices for
    the healthcare industry.
  • This development will help in the activities like
    tracking the patient's vitals, better diagnosis,
    treatment and maintaining the inventory.

4. Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence is also spreading its
    roots towards healthcare space.
  • In 2018 you will experience new healthcare
    services powered by AI including diagnosis,
    prescription, and assistance for the doctors to
    analyze the patient's health.
  • Not only the medical processes but healthcare app
    development companies are also integrating the AI
    technology to the health-related apps to make
    more reliable and smarter.

5. Augmented Reality
  • The healthcare application development industry
    could also leverage the AR technology for better
    results and efficiency.
  • The trainees or doctors could be trained using
    the AR equipped tool for operations and
    surgeries, this way they can experience real
    situation without examining the real body.
  • Along with this, the technology can be used for
    medical teaching for the students to acquire
    better knowledge with interactive methods.

6. Blockchain Technology
  • The latest addition to the advanced technology is
    the Blockchain, that holds the potential to
    transform the healthcare industry in 2018.
  • Blockchain technology can be used to secure the
    medical data by encrypting it for the exchange.
  • It can also help In building a secured drug
    supply chain by decentralizing the system which
    will safeguard it against any fraud and crime.

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