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All You Need To Know About Blockchain Technology


Blockchains can minimize fraud and maximize efficiency, security & transparency in different industries. You just need to skip the hype and learn more about this technology. You have no idea what opportunities it can create unless you explore it. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: All You Need To Know About Blockchain Technology

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All You Need To Know About Blockchain Technology
There is a lot of hype around blockchain
technology. Never before any back-end technology
have got so much popularity. Well, before you
start working with it, here is 8 things you must
know. These days we are hearing a lot about
blockchain and bitcoins, but not all have a clear
idea of what it is. Though the technology is not
for common people, however on a large it has
already started changing the transaction process
of various industries. Different researchers have
found that the impact of blockchain technology
will be huge. What is Blockchain? It is a new
form of decentralized database. It is a real-time
digital ledger of any information that can be
recorded for example spreadsheet, monetary
transaction, agreements, physical assets,
logistic information etc. It is an open process
and everyone in the chain can see the records
which are known as a block. Each block is
encrypted and only the owner can edit it. When
any change happens it gets sync in real-time and
everyone can see the alteration in their
distributed blockchain.
  • There is hype all around about blockchain, we are
    going to break it down and here it is what you
    need to know.
  • The person behind all this is known by the
    pseudonym name Satoshi Nakamoto and he kept his
    real identity in secret.
  • Bitcoin, the money exchange system in blockchain
    technology today it has more than 8 million
    accounts and is growing.
  • Blockchain can be used for public or private
  • A public blockchain is open to anyone who wants
    to be a part of the chain for example bitcoin. A
    private blockchain is created by one entity and
    he can decide who is allowed to participate.
  • The global blockchain market is anticipated to be
    worth 20 billion by 2024.
  • The digital ledger consisting information is
    constantly updated and every participant get the
    real-time copies.
  • Already 90 of major North American and Europeans
    banks are using blockchain solutions.
  • Blockchain technology breaks the database into a
    million tiny pieces, making it nearly impossible
    to hack.

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