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Benefits of Using Joomla for your website


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Title: Benefits of Using Joomla for your website

Benefits of Using Joomla for your website
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Benefits of Joomla for Website Development
  • Joomla is one of the most powerful content
    management systems that has been around since the
    early 2000s. It is a free open source content
    management system (CMS) that developers can use
    to easily create and manage a website. You may
    already know that the features and functionality
    possessed by most CMS applications can be
    controlled by their inherent management
  • The distinct advantage with the Joomla web
    development CMS is that it is supported by a
    large, friendly community where newbies can rely
    on assistance from experienced members.

Benefits of Joomla for Website Development
  • As a website development company in India, we get
    tons of questions about Joomla and its usability
    everyday. Lots of people wonder if it is
    difficult to use Joomla extensions on their
    Wordpress site.
  • Truth be told, it is easy to install Joomla for
    any web server with PHP and MySQL , there are
    also plenty of templates that are distributed for
    free on the net along with paid templates for
    those who want something more specific. In a
    nutshell, Joomla is a website software which
    helps ensure that your web platform is
    extendable, user friendly, easily accessible,
    multilingual, search engine optimized and

Benefits of Joomla for Website Development
  • Although Joomla is written in PHP and built on a
    model-view-controller web application framework,
    it can also be used independently of the CMS.
    Today, Joomla comes with roughly eight types of
    applications ranging from components to plugins
    to templates to languages.
  • Apart from these specs, here are some other
    benefits that Joomla offers for web development

Open Source Platform
  • Joomla is an open source platform that can be
    used for free. As mentioned before, Joomla uses
    PHP language which is the king of open source
    scripting language. The combination of PHP and
    MySQL makes it easier for developers across the
    globe to create extensions for Joomla.

Flexibility and Scalability
  • Since Joomla is an open-source platform and has
    no restrictions to hamper crowd-sourced
    collaboration. There is no limit to how many
    times you can modify your website using the
    extensions described above which are divided into
    several categories that includes editing,
    communicating, marketing, site management,
    languages and social to name a few.
  • Plus, every extension is given ratings that
    indicates its usability for the users. So, not
    only is it flexible and scalable, there is also
    an element of social proof based on developer

Easy to Set-up
  • The process of setting up Joomla on the server is
    very easy. The admin panel of the website makes
    website management a simple and easy process.
    Whether you are creating, updating, hiding,
    deleting or modifying the content, everything is
    easily accessible through admin panel.

Strong User Community
  • As mentioned earlier, the Joomla community is
    widespread and includes a large number of users.
    This means that there are tons of people that can
    help you out and solve the problems you are
    facing. Since the Joomla community consists of a
    large number of developers receiving Joomla
    security updates is also a breeze.

  • Joomla has wide range of usability, it can be
    used to create simple blog websites or complex
    corporate websites. It provides plenty of
    functionality that can be useful in developing
    the necessary modules for your website.
  • With the variety of themes and templates in
    Joomla, you can easily develop a visually
    appealing website. Joomla themes are suitable for
    every business imaginable. From built-in Search
    Engine Friendly URLs that make Joomla a SEO
    friendly platform to performing simple SEO
    yourself, Joomla provides terrific support and
    SEO Plugins. All in all, the Joomla Web
    Development reduces the time and effort required
    to implement any website project due to its
    simple integration factor.


Benefits of Joomla for Website Development
Benefits of Joomla for Website Development
Benefits of Joomla for Website Development
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