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Best Natural Memory Booster Supplements to Sharpen Mind at Home


This powerpoint presentation describes about best natural memory booster supplements to sharpen mind at home. You can find more detail about BrainOBrain Capsule at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Natural Memory Booster Supplements to Sharpen Mind at Home

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Natural Memory Booster Supplements
Ayurveda offers some of the best natural memory
booster supplements to improve concentration and
sharpen the mind. The article below suggests how
to sharpen mind at home. Best Mind Sharpening
Supplements The following is a list of brain
foods that are the best natural memory booster
Citicolini Curcumin
Citicoline This supplement promotes healthy brain
cells and allows healthy flow of blood to the
brain. Curcumin This is a bioactive compound
which is responsible for the golden colour of
turmeric. It increases dopamine and serotonin in
the brain, preventing depression. It improves
memory and concentration.
Acetyl-l-Cartnitine Bacopa
Acetyl-I-Cartnitine This is an amino acid which
increases brain energy. It protects the brain
from free radicals with the help of its
anti-oxidant properties. Bacopa This is a herb
which improves concentration and sharpens the
memory. It improves blood flow to the brain,
hence providing more oxygen.
American Ginseng Alpha-GPC
American Ginseng This herb increases brain
energy, reduces effects of anxiety and stress and
improves memory and mental clarity. Alpha-GPC Its
a synthetic form of choline which is necessary
for healthy development of the brain and brain
cells and also the neurotransmitter formation.
Lions Mane
Lion's Mane This is an edible mushroom which is
also a brain supplement. It improves memory,
intelligence, attention, concentration and
motivation. It also helps cure anxiety and
depression, amd diseases like Alzheimers and
Magnesium Threonate Trytophan
Magnesium Threonate Lack of magnesium is
responsible for lack of focus, caffeine
addiction, brain fog, insomnia, fatigue and
inability to manage stress. This dietary mineral
can cure mental illnesses like depression,
bipolar disorder, anxiety, ADHD and
schizophrenia. Tryptophan This amino acid is
essential for producing serotonin, which prevents
depression and anxiety.
Vinpocetine Huperzine A
Vinpocetine This drug contains vincamine which is
chemical found in periwinkle. This has been used
in ancient times to cure vertigo, headaches and
memory loss. This increase brain power sharpens
the memory and protects the brain from effects of
aging. Huperzine A This is a compound found in
the Chinese club moss which is a powerful memory
Ginkgo DHA
Ginkgo This is a natural remedy for poor memory
and has been used in traditional Chinese
medicine. DHA This is an omega-3 fatty acid which
increases brain function.
Phosphatidylserine L-Theanine
Phosphatidylserine This is a supplement which is
a popular memory booster and improves
concentration and learning. L-Theanine An amino
acid found in black and green teas which sharpen
focus and reduce stress. It has a calming effect
on the brain.
The best supplements to boost memory are
BrainOBrain capsule. Powerful herbs like Brahmi,
Swarnabhasma, Vidhaara, Salabmisri, Shatavari,
Shankh Pushpi make it the best natural memory
booster supplement. These herbs are known for
treating sleep disorders, which is one of the
prime reasons for poor functioning of the brain.
BrainOBrain Capsules
BrainOBrain capsules help eliminate ill effects
of factors that cause poor concentration and
memory loss, such as, alcohol, depression, head
injury, sleep deprivation, dementia, stress,
stroke, nutritional deficiencies and toxic
exposures. These natural pills, in combination
with regular exercise and a healthy diet, can
improve brain functions effectively and
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