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Latest Trends In Lighting Your Dream Home In 2018


Looking for a little lighting design inspiration?Here are the Latest Trends In Lighting Your Dream Home In 2018 . – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Latest Trends In Lighting Your Dream Home In 2018

Latest Trends In Lighting Your Dream Home In 2018 What
comes to your mind when you think about your new
home? Definitely the feel and look. Isnt it?
Styles of furniture, window panes, lighting and
the various shapes to look impressive and much
more are important while designing a home with
full of positive energy. Among all the factors,
latest trends in lighting are considered to be
the most appealing as the number, type and
fixture placements will genuinely reflect the
brightness and of course the spirit of the
room. Some key factors to be checked while
confirming the lighting choices that are best for
your living room, kitchen, bedroom or dining
room are the room color, sunlight availability
and the room size you are planning to light
up. When you think about lighting designs,
consider some latest trends with a blend of retro
and advanced trends that gives you a stylish
home. Lets go in detail with the modern home
lighting ideas for your dream space to be. 1.
Lighting design for living room As the name
suggests, the living room is the one where the
whole family watches TV, relax, read, eat or
get-together. So while designing a living room
and lighting it up must have careful ideas as
the domestic life hub. Never try to exaggerate
the lightings as whenever you need to make a
change with the furnishings, you will end up in
big trouble. Basically, living room requires
three types of lighting that include a task that
directs light to specific zones of work, ambient
that provides overall illumination and accent
that projects specific objects. Within these
three types, various options are available
either. Make use of these tips in future. When
using a hanging light, chandelier or the main
light it is quite important to note that they
dont create much shadow. Bring out the pleasant
atmosphere with batten or tube light or modern
lights. Various lamps are available in the market
today and the entire look of the living room can
be easily set with lights at the corners or
shelves or sideboards. This can create a
completely relaxed and spacious ambiance. If your
living room has posters and photos, illuminating
it with low-voltage fixed on the wall with a
beam on the picture surface will be a romantic
and impressive one. Using wall lights with
candles can make a living room the best place for
  • Dining room lighting
  • The dining room must be lighted properly
    regardless of the fixtures and light layers.
  • If you are looking forward to a traditional
    setup, chandeliers are the perfect ones.
    Installing a dimmer yet effective and simple
    chandelier enhance the dining moods too.
  • In order to highlight specific and particular
    parts of the room, track lighting will be the
    best option. A wavy track lighting that towers
    the centerpiece truly imparts the mood and feel
    of being in an impressive dining place.
  • A double beauty by art can be rendered through
    two contemporary lights with tangerine-hued
    draperies that allow natural light to be.
  • An open-concept dining room with pendant and
    recessed lightings can offer with light in
  • Room lighting design with glass pendants will
    give ambient lighting. To make a focal point,
    say a wall equipped with brilliant accent lights
    serves the same.
  • Kitchen lighting design
  • LED technology has become the one of the trending
    and modern lighting ideas due to its unlimited
  • Lighting ideas with natural materials like linen,
    rope, burlap when combined with the crystal
    gives a rustic chic look that is familiar and
  • When you opt for an arrangement with a group of
    pendant, they make a dramatic one. It creates a
    stunning visual effect when hanged at different
    heights along with boosting the light over the
    dining area.
  • Most contemporary style goes with pendants with
    beads, wood, crystals taking center stage.
  • The kitchen must be a well-lit work area to
    create the perfect ambiance. He key to success
    lighting depends on light layers, lighting
    sources and decorative light with natural light.
  • LED lights for home interior can be quite
    pleasing to the eye and even wallet. This is the
    true masterpiece with tiny power houses and big
    incentive for both the home owners and
  • The farmhouse lighting in the kitchen is an
    inexpensive and easy way for your kitchen
  • Farmhouse lighting always goes with a combination
    of new and traditional trends.
  • Outdoor lighting

  • Lets have a quick look at the latest trends.
  • Vintage chandeliers
  • A new home can simply utilize a trace of
    something from the past and a dazzling, vintage
    lighting fixture may do the best.
  • Theyre lovely and the mix of the warm metal and
    the glass makes the ideal light. Huge numbers of
    the best cases of this style are French or
    Italian. These are not cheap, but rather they
    are justified regardless of each penny.
  • Lighting with blown glass
  • While this isnt the most current trend, its as
    yet one of the most grounded trends of the
    previous couple of years. Its a cherishing way
    that blown glass globes refract light and give
    an installation an artistic look. The utilization
    of this awesome fixture in a more customary
    setting has moved toward becoming as beautiful as
    present day hanging among antique furnishings.
    Its an ever time trend that goes strong yet.
  • Lighting with LED
  • At the point when form and function meet, the
    final product can be to a great degree
    satisfying to the eye. Furthermore, with regards
    to LED lighting, it can be extremely satisfying
    to the wallet also.
  • Producers have truly focused on giving better
    shading temperature (how cool or warm a light
    shows up) and lumen yield (how much light is
    really radiated by the LEDs). LEDs give lighting
    fashioners an entire host of chances as they are
    little, can be arranged in ways brilliant or
    fluorescent apparatuses never could and emit no
    warmth. The long existence of the LED and the
    cost savings related with the diminished use of
    energy are huge impetuses for both home owners
    and businessmen.
  • Read more on how improve the energy efficiency
    using LED lighting.
  • Lighting with metals
  • In spite of the fact that you may think metal
    home accents had their prime back three decades
    ago, they are on the way now. Refreshed and now
    more exquisite, refined and modern, metals in
    the house are a stunning pattern that adds a
    touch of allure to your interior lighting.
  • Metals, especially copper and brass are hot and
    youll see them in pendants, light fixtures,
    sconces and lights. Light reflecting off these
    surfaces gives the room a brilliant shine.

  • Pendant Lighting
  • The interesting part of plan and style is making
    something that is extraordinary just for you and
    your home. Taking a conventional component and
    giving it a curve will guarantee you have
    something unique that cant be found in another
  • Pendants and mixes of pendants are a
  • major trend. It will be good to use a few
    pendants hung at different statures to make a
    unique crystal fixture. They come in each shape
    and size and when we blend and match to our
    style, the outcome will be awesome.
  • Lighting with natural materials
  • Fusing components of nature into your homes
    style will dependably give your rooms a lived-in
    and all around adored feeling. At the point when
    combined with modern elements, it will likewise
    add a beautiful difference to your rooms.
  • The elements like stone, metal, wood, leather and
    glass are extremely stylish in lighting.
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