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Drug Addiction Treatment Center Arizona


Drug addiction changes brain function and affects all areas of life. The condition affects individuals and families across the United States and the world. If you or your loved one is addicted to any drug, contact the Arizona Drug Addiction Helpline to get access to the best drug addiction treatment center in Arizona. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Drug Addiction Treatment Center Arizona

Arizona Drug Addiction Helpline
For Treatment Options In Your Area Please call
our 24/7 Helpline 866-576-4147 info_at_arizonadrugad
dictionhelpline.com www.arizonadrugaddictionhelpli
About Drug Addiction
  • The condition affects individuals and families
    across the United States and the world. Drug
    addiction changes brain function and affects all
    areas of life. Relationships with family members
    and friends are damaged, friendships are affected
    and there is also danger when an addicted person
    drives, putting themselves and others in danger
    of death or injury. Drug addiction may cause loss
    of employment and absences from school with a
    subsequent drop in grades. Family members worry
    constantly about the safety and physical
    condition of their loved one and are always in
    fear of what might happen next.
  • Drug and alcohol addiction causes both physical
    and mental health changes in those who abuse the
    substances. Many drug abusers fall into
    depression or suffer from anxiety or panic
    disorders. The sooner treatment begins, the
    better the outcome can be. When you call the
    Arizona Drug Addiction Helpline you will be
    connected with a treatment program that will help
    you overcome your addiction and get your life
    back on track.
  • Call _at_ 866-576-4147

Recognizing Drug Addiction
  • People suffering from addiction no longer have
    control over their use of drugs or alcohol, once
    addiction has taken hold, the substances must be
    used daily or several times daily just so the
    person can continue to function.
  • People experiment with drugs or alcohol for many
    different reasons. Many use the substances for
    the first time due to curiosity, peer pressure,
    to have a good time or in an effort to
    mistakenly improve performance. Depression,
    anxiety and other disorders are also triggers for
    substance abuse.
  • For Treatment Options In Your Area
  • Please call our 24/7 Helpline
  • 866-576-4147
  • info_at_arizonadrugaddictionhelpline.com
  • www.arizonadrugaddictionhelpline.com

Recognizing The Symptoms Of Addiction
  • There are different signs and symptoms one should
    watch for if they suspect a loved one is addicted
    to drugs. Common signs of addiction can include
  • Drug tolerance, increasing amounts of substance
    are needed to achieve the initial high
  • Using a substance to avoid or relieve withdrawal
  • Powerlessness over using the substance
  • A persons life revolves around drug use
  • Abandonment of former pleasurable activities
  • Continued use when harmful effects are apparent
  • 866-576-4147
  • info_at_arizonadrugaddictionhelpline.com
  • www.arizonadrugaddictionhelpline.com

Drug Addiction Treatment Programs In Arizona
  • This helpline is intended to provide you with
    options for treatment and to give an overview of
    what is available to help you.
  • Drug addiction, with its accompanying compulsion
    to use, is a complex disease which persists even
    when harmful effects are apparent. Addiction is a
    brain disease affecting multiple brain circuits
    including those involved in reward and
    motivation, learning, memory and control over
  • Because addiction affects so many areas of a
    persons life, treatment typically incorporates
    many components each targeted to a specific
    symptom and its consequences. The goal of
    treatment is to help a person stop using drugs or
    alcohol, maintain a substance free lifestyle and
    become a functional person within the family
    group, at work and in society. Most people with
    addiction require long-term or repeated care to
    achieve sustained sobriety and a healthy
  • Call _at_ 866-576-4147

Therapy In Treatment
  • Therapy can be a hugely helpful part of a
    persons treatment. One of the best forms of
    therapy for those struggling with substance abuse
    in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).
  • CBT can be done one-on-one with a clinician or as
    part of a group supervised by a clinician. CBT
    teaches a patient to replace negative thoughts
    with positive ones by redirecting old recurring
    thoughts into new channels that lead to a
    healthier outcome. Patients also learn how to
    cope with drug cravings and develop strategies to
    avoid drugs and prevent relapse. Subjects for
    discussion will include a persons job, any legal
    difficulties and most importantly, relationships
    with family and friends.
  • 866-576-4147
  • info_at_arizonadrugaddictionhelpline.com
  • www.arizonadrugaddictionhelpline.com

Principles Of Effective Treatment
  • A competent treatment center will check for any
    underlying condition which may accompany
    addiction. Many people addicted to drugs or
    alcohol suffer from a mental disorder such as
    depression or anxiety and such disorders must be
    treated concurrently with addiction in order to
    achieve a successful outcome. Some patients do
    quite well utilizing outpatient treatment only,
    while others benefit from a residential program
    which allows them to focus fully on treatment
    while away from any temptation.
  • Individualized treatment
  • Treatment of multiple needs
  • Adequate treatment period
  • Counseling
  • Medication, if prescribed
  • Continual assessment of status
  • Underlying conditions treated
  • General medical examination

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