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Interesting enterprise application trends that will take over the ecommerce world in 2018


eCommerce is constantly being upgraded for improving the buyer-seller interaction. Stay updated with all upcoming trends of enterprise web development to stay on the top of the world of eCommerce. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Interesting enterprise application trends that will take over the ecommerce world in 2018

Interesting enterprise application trends that
will take over the ecommerce world in 2018
Recently, Google surprised us all by unveiling
the developer preview version of Android P and
with iOS 12 speculated to be released in August
2018 this year 2018 is likely to see a major
change in enterprise app development.
Enterprise application development has been the
centre of innovation for several years now and
this year may be the year in which mobile
applications are revolutionised completely.
Enterprise mobile application development
companies have predicted several promising trends
that would take on the world of app development
by a wave in the year 2018.
Just like me, all the curious mobile users
eagerly await to know what this year has in store
for mobile application development services. That
is why, after hours of research along with expert
mobile app developers, I have compiled a list of
mobile application features that you can look
forward to this year
AR and VR
Augmented reality as well as virtual reality has
set notable trends in the gaming industry. Now,
their onset over enterprise mobile applications
is not far away. With the intent of offering a
personalised experience, several businesses have
been turning to AR to sell their products.
The clothing industry and the home decor industry
are the first to turn to AR and VR technologies
to offer a physical shop-like experience. The
sole reason app developers are drawn to integrate
AR and VR technologies in their apps is to
satisfy the desire of the company to present
their products and services in a more exuberant
Instant apps
Google launched a new feature called instant apps
in the previous year. This feature enables the
users to use the app directly from the Play Store
without actually downloading it. This way, users
can try out the app and download it only if they
feel the need to.
This feature has already been adopted by a few of
the apps and many others will follow the suit.
This feature is impressive and may be introduced
in several enterprise mobile applications
for Android OS. This feature is absent
in iOS currently.
With the increasing amount of personal data users
store on their smartphones, cybersecurity has
become a basic concern. With this, the enterprise
application solutions need to be so designed that
the consumer data remains completely safe while
using the app.
There has been a rapid increase in the rate of
cybercrimes in recent years and a thorough
analysis of all the existing enterprise
applications revealed that more than 70 are
prone to cyber-attacks. That is why the primary
concern of the enterprise mobile application
development services has been redirected to
consumer data safety. The app developers are
focused on securing the app code and enhance the
encryptions and authorisations.
AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. This is
an initiative started by Google in collaboration
with Twitter to create mobile versions of web
pages that are faster to load across all mobile
devices. This, when integrated with enterprise
apps, will reduce the bounce rate of visitors.
Also, there is another technique that is gaining
popularity for the same purpose - Lazy loading.
This is a smart way of displaying the webpage
simultaneously while loading, thus avoiding to
make the user wait till the complete page
load.The key aim of AMP and lazy loading lies
in reducing the downtime taken by the web pages
to load and thus, speed up the app interface.
Summing up
There are several trends to look forward to in
the field of enterprise app development in the
year 2018. Some ongoing trends of 2017 like cloud
computing, the blockchain, etc. are expected to
gain more momentum this year. So, if you are
planning to get enterprise mobile application
development services,
you better make sure you ask the app developers
to include the above-mentioned trends while
designing the app for your enterprise.
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