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Finding The Best Technology Partner For Startups: Five Great Options! 


Contact us and find a startup partner for your company. No obligation, write to us to find how much will your startup app will cost. For more information, please visit -  – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Finding The Best Technology Partner For Startups: Five Great Options! 

Finding The Best Technology Partner For Startups
Five Great Options!
  • Even if a non-technical team comes up with a
    sound, viable startup idea, it can be a herculean
    task to actually on-board the right kind of
    technology partner.
  • For one thing, technical professionals are highly
    paid. In order to sway a startup app development
    company, they would want to ensure that you bring
    tangible value to the table.

  • Even though they will be doing the technical
    heavy-lifting so to speak, it does help for you
    to have contacts, funding, financial and
    management skills anything to show them that
    your team is capable of actually taking this idea
    to new heights.

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With that in mind, we have listed a few top
technology co-founders that can support you in
your start-up journey to find startup
partnersCreative Chaos a company that has
experience in helping small and medium size
companies grow fast before they have secured
funding and planned out proper exit strategies.
They love facilitating growth for new
entrepreneurs who are trying to grow their start
up or creative projects.
Mobisoft creates integrated apps across mobile,
web and cloud platforms. Their clients range from
global start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. They
are a bootstrapped company themselves, so they
understand the challenges faced by startups
today. Mobisoft is constantly striving to help
their partners build innovative products that
solve real problems and challenges.
Cynere helps start-ups and entrepreneurs grow
their business by providing creative web
services. They offer unique value by offering
ideation, planning and execution of creative
business ideas, especially on the web and mobile
platforms. They have a strong team of experts and
have partnered with numerous start-ups to provide
technical assistance.
CoFoundersLab was founded in 2011 with the aim of
helping young entrepreneurs access the right
technical resources to grow a successful
start-up. They provide a strong, technically
sound backbone to any start-up team with a big
idea. They have a growing community of people
looking to build a business or participate as a
team member in someone elses start-up. Their
platform is designed to allow members to connect
to other professionals with similar interests.
Apps has a strong presence in India, USA and UK.
Apps provides mobile and web applications
development experts with special focus on Android
and iOS technologies. They are on a mission to
help entrepreneurs identify and implement the
best IT solutions and to be the best technical
support partner on the global startup market.
They provide end-to-end services from idea to
minimum viable product stage conceptualisation,
design, development, validation, testing and
maintenance, product development and management
as well as helping design your pitching process
and in-boarding investors.
Finding the right technical co-founder is so much
more than hiring someone to do your coding. It is
about finding a reliable, cutting-edge team to
execution your once-in-a-lifetime idea. Finding a
technical partner is also about chemistry you
will be spending a lot of time together either
in person or virtually. IT is about mutual trust
and respect. Onboarding a co-founder is a huge
decision that can make or break your business.
The company you choose will literally share the
onus of growth and ownership with you.
Choose wisely looking at everything from budget
to technical competency. You want someone who can
hold your hand throughout the entire process
from the moment they are on-boarded, all the way
until you make your first round of sales or
secure your first investor and beyond!
Thank You!
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