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How to select a right Offshore Software Development Partner


IT departments from various software companies around the world now invest in offshore outsourcing. There are many offshore business models that fail because they are too dependent on the cost-saving factor in their selection process of software development vendors. So, there are other important, key factors that need to be taken into account when choosing your offshore IT solutions and technology provider. Here, Kunsh Technologies deeply discussed about those important topics and show how to overcome from risk of failures. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to select a right Offshore Software Development Partner

How to select a right Offshore Software
Development Partner
What is offshore Software Development?
An Offshore development centre, as opposed to one
in your own country, is kind of development
centre which you open up overseas but another
country is hosting and managing that for you. It
is a perfect solution for customers who need long
term steady software development, consistent cost
saving, high quality, and productivity
improvement, rather than one time savings. The
key to success in offshore development centre is
it has strong technical team which enhances
unsure teams lacking technical skills.
Proficient software developers work extensively
to design, develop, create and maintain good web
portals and do the required changes. They put
their all knowledge and skills towards building
an efficient web solution to your company so that
you can have significant returns for years.
However, finding a right solution provider or
partner is not an easy stuff. Market comprises
millions of tech-eaters these days and in the
name of Offshore Software Development partners,
they keep on filling their pockets instead of
serving their clients best. Hence, you should be
a bit choosy here. You are highly advised to go
with proper research and select the best
development service provider. This will help you
in maximizing returns with limited capital
Tips on How to choose right Offshore Software
Development Partners
  • Checkout the type of website you actually needed
  • Spy on Competitors
  • Research Software Development Partner according
    your Budget
  • Check Testimonials for your selected list of
  • Professional Services Areas
Checkout the type of website you actually needed
Check out the type of website you want i.e. a
normal view based or extremely high-quality
website. Just consult an expert what would be
best for your business. For example, if you want
to run an online store, then a funky e-commerce
website would be best for you to have.
Spy on Competitors
No matter what type of business you have, there
is always going to be competition. Even if youre
a leader in your domain or youre just a
start-up, you should always keep a close eye on
the competitors.
Research Software Development Partner according
your Budget
Cost is always as important as the companys
expertise. Determine whether the cost of the
project falls in your budget. Unless confident on
the guaranteed ROIs, you dont want to go
bankrupt buying an over expensive software that
automates parts of your business. That said, you
dont have to compromise on the quality of the
software for low costs either. Certain companies
price their solutions for the sheer fact of
overcharging to seem like a bigger and better
company. Do not forget to look for hidden or
additional costs in the contract, like additional
fees for documents management, annual setup/
maintenance in addition to monthly support
charges, in-person training, etc.
Check Testimonials for your selected list of
In promotion and of advertising, a testimonial or
show consists of a person's written or spoken
statement extolling the virtue of a product. The
term "testimonial" most commonly applies to the
sales-pitches attributed to ordinary citizens,
whereas the word "endorsement" usually applies to
pitches by celebrities. Check for the
testimonials from the clients available on
different websites for the services they have
offers and recognition received. Good reviews and
good testimonials can be the key to be chosen for
a reputed enterprise.
Professional Services Areas
A professional service is an intangible product
that a contractor or product vendor sells to help
a customer manage a specific part of their
business. Because professional service providers
have specialized knowledge about niche areas of
interest, here such as software design, web and
mobile app development and offshore software
development etc, they allow the customer to focus
on core business concerns. Unlike a consultant,
who may only be responsible for providing advice,
a professional service provider may also be
responsibility for the end result.
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