Your ADHD Child Needs You To Stop Pushing Them To Be Normal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Your ADHD Child Needs You To Stop Pushing Them To Be Normal


Parents should shun from pushing their children with ADHD to be normal – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Your ADHD Child Needs You To Stop Pushing Them To Be Normal

Your ADHD Child Needs You To Stop Pushing Them
To Be Normal
ADHD children are different thats a cold, hard
fact. They are different from their same-aged
peers in a lot of ways they differ from what
society calls normal they commonly fall short
in their teachers criteria of a successful
student. However, despite all the differences and
criticism, parents of these ADHD children still
want their kids to be normal and fit in with the
rest. Because of that, they tend to set standards
that their child needs to reach. While these
parents are looking at what they think is the
best for their children, they are only making
things worse.
Why A Child With ADHD is Pressured?
Children with ADHD are different, so as parents
of, our common instinct is to push them to a
standard that they dont even fit in the first
place. This also goes for the majority of
teachers, and for the rest of society in general.
Almost every single person in the life of a child
with ADHD attempts to push these kids to be
For these children who are constantly being
shoved towards being someone they are not, it can
be extremely problematic and troublesome. The
main intention of these adults is to help get
these kids on the right track, be accepted by
their peers, succeed in life, and ultimately meet
expectations set by the society. These are all
honest and pure intentions that are both
inspiring and motivational. However, oftentimes
good intentions can go wrong, especially when
they are not in line with whats real.
What Parents Want vs Reality
The reality is that your child has ADHD
attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. It is
a psychological dissimilarity in the brain that
leads to a delay in mental development. In most
cases, because of your childs ADHD symptoms,
they are likely behind their peers by at the very
least one to three years in a lot of aspects of
mental development. This includes maturity,
self-esteem, life skills, and self-regulation.
Pause for a minute and think about that deeply.
If your child is 12 years old, youre actually
raising a 9-year-old. For teachers, if youre
currently teaching an eighth-grader with ADHD,
this student is actually on par with sixth or
fifth graders. Because of these mental
differences, parents and teachers should adjust
to the childs capabilities. But instead, what
they are doing is neglecting the condition
altogether and spending most of their time trying
to make the child fit into the standard of
normality a standard they cannot achieve
without proper care and understanding.
When your good intentions do not go in line with
the childs realistic capabilities, the outcome
is going to be the exact opposite of what was
intended. If youve reached this point in the
article and still havent really understood how
serious of an issue this is, feel free to re-read
everything that was said above. Let this fact
sink in. Understanding these concepts is crucial
to your effectiveness as a parent or teacher, as
well as to your childs happiness and success.
Stop Pushing Them Into Something Theyre Not
Pushing your child too much will only result in
them realizing more that they are completely
misunderstood, which would instead cause
overwhelming emotions to trigger. Once they
surrounded by doubt in their heads, their
cognitive functioning will hinder, thus, causing
them to decline even more. Because they are
constantly pressured with their differences,
their ability to focus will be affected, and most
of the time they will not be able to complete
their work. All of these are the exact opposite
outcome from what was intended.
Instead of constantly pressuring these children
to be normal, be mindful of their realities and
understand their current capabilities. ADHD
symptoms are incurable, but they can be contained
with proper ADHD treatment. Awareness and
understanding are two potent ingredients that
eliminate frustration for parents, teachers, and
the child as well. Child ADHD treatment starts
with the parents to stop setting standards for
normalization and focus more on understanding
their childs condition and learning how to
accept it.
I am challenging every parent out there with ADHD
children to stop pushing your child to be normal.
Establish your expectations under the limitation
of your childs current capabilities. Theres
really no need to shove your kids into the normal
standard. They dont fit there, and you know it.
Instead, understand their capabilities and work
towards making small achievements to their
improvement. If you are looking for the best ADHD
treatment here in London, UK, the ADHD Centre has
capable ADHD doctors that can help your child
manage their ADHD symptoms and live a normal life.
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