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Getting Your Window Replacement Right


How to Find the Top Replacement Window Company. The Power of Low-E Glass in Windows. How to Compare the Cost of Different Replacement Windows. Will Energy Efficient Windows Lower Heating Costs? Consider Decreasing or Increasing Your Home’s Window Sizes. Why You Should Consider Adding a New French Door to Your Home. Choosing Between Sliding and Double Hung Windows. Why You Should Consider Multi-Paned Windows with a Replacement. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Getting Your Window Replacement Right

Getting Your Window Replacement Right
  • Window Replacement Tips

  • How to Find the Top Replacement Window Company
  • The Power of Low-E Glass in Windows
  • How to Compare the Cost of Different Replacement
  • Will Energy Efficient Windows Lower Heating
  • Consider Decreasing or Increasing Your Homes
    Window Sizes
  • Why You Should Consider Adding a New French Door
    to Your Home
  • Choosing Between Sliding and Double Hung Windows
  • Why You Should Consider Multi-Paned Windows with
    a Replacement

How to Find the Top Replacement Window Company
  • Window Availability
  • Talk with any company you are interested in about
    the type of windows they offer, as well as the
    different varieties that they have. They should
    have a good range of brands, as well as different
    window types and materials to choose from. Some
    will even offer custom window services to help
    you get special windows made up for your home.
    Make sure that you have all the important
    features and services available to you from a
    company that you hire, otherwise youll be left
    making compromises.
  • Window Quality
  • It doesnt matter how many different windows the
    company has available for you if they are all low
    quality. When browsing through the library of
    windows that the replacement window company has
    available, make sure that there are quality
    brands present. Dont go with poorly rated brands
    just because an affordable company offers them,
    instead look for a business that focuses on
    quality and value more than offering the lowest
    possible cost.
  • Warranties and Guarantees
  • Most of the leading window companies on the
    market today offer top level warranties and
    guarantees around their installation work. This
    is an important consideration and something that
    you should really look for when picking out a
    company to work with.

How to Find the Top Replacement Window Company
  • The best companies offer the most comprehensive
    warranties and the best guarantees. The guarantee
    should make you feel good about your business
    relationship and give you help if you run into
    problems in the future, even if its a year or
    two later.
  • Experience
  • Experience should be a deciding factor when you
    are trying to decide on the company that you hire
    to install new windows in your home. Properly
    installed windows will function smoothly and
    improve the value of your home. Improperly
    installed windows wont function right and they
    can actually hurt the value of your home and lead
    to costly repairs that you have to deal with as
    well. Always look at the background of the
    company that you are considering to see the type
    of work they have experience doing, and only hire
    companies with years of experience installing the
    type of windows that you are interested in.
  • Availability
  • Finally, you have to think about the availability
    of the window company that you are going to work
    with. If you want to have windows put on your
    home in the next month or two, its important
    that the business is available to do the work for
    you. If they are not available then you will
    either have to wait for the work to be performed,
    or you will have to hire a different company to
    do the work for you instead.

The Power of Low-E Glass in Windows
  • What is Low-E Glass?
  • Low-E glass is specialized glass that comes with
    a microscopically thin coating that effectively
    reflects infrared light. This protective coating
    is completely see-through and it doesnt stop any
    of the rest of the sunlight from making it into
    your home. This means that the glass will help
    protect your house, and help maintain internal
    temperatures, but it will also allow your home to
    remain bright all throughout the day.
  • Benefits of Low-E Glass
  • Low-E glass does a few different things at once
    to help your home remain comfortable throughout
    the day and to help lower your cooling costs
    throughout the year. The protective coating on
    the glass keeps out warming infrared light from
    making it into your home by reflecting it back
    out. This minimizes heat generation within your
    home from sunlight. It also helps reflect
    internal temperatures back into your home,
    serving as an insulating barrier to keep cold air
    in, or warm air in depending on the time of year
    that it is.
  • Choosing Hard-Coat or Soft-Coat Low-E
  • There are two different types of Low-E coatings
    available today, soft-coat and hard-coat.
    Soft-coat low-E tends to be more expensive and
    difficult to manufacture, and its installed
    within the insulating part of the window itself.
    This coating offers the very best level of
    protection, but its more fragile. Hard-coat
    Low-E layers are easier to manufacture, far more
    durable, more affordable and slightly less
    effective. When deciding between these two
    options you need to look at prices very closely
    and decide using the cost difference and
    durability difference of the two options.

How to Compare the Cost of Different Replacement
  • Think about All the Costs
  • Many homeowners make the mistake of looking at
    the face value of replacement windows when
    figuring out how much they are going to cost, but
    thats not the real cost of a replacement window.
    Its important to factor in every single element
    of a window replacement, including additional
    material costs, labor costs and time involved to
    complete the work. Some windows that seem
    affordable are actually more expensive than the
    mid-priced windows that seem expensive at first
  • Consider Brand Reputation
  • Brands have reputations for a reason. Some
    windows are well-known for being high quality and
    offering a good value for the money, and others
    arent. Its best to go with reputable windows
    whenever possible, but its important to think
    about reputation when looking at prices. Windows
    that are well known for being high quality and
    holding up over time, are worth spending a bit
    more money on. Low cost windows might not be such
    a great deal if they dont

How to Compare the Cost of Different Replacement
  • Consider Maintenance Requirements
  • Wooden windows are often more affordable than
    materials like aluminum or fiberglass, but they
    require more maintenance to keep in proper
    working order over time. Think about the
    maintenance requirements of windows when
    purchasing them and factor those costs into the
    costs of your windows as well. You might not want
    to perform maintenance regularly on your windows,
    which means that youll have to spend the extra
    cash for low-maintenance windows instead.
  • Think About the Warranty
  • Warranty is another important consideration when
    buying windows and considering the cost of them.
    A comprehensive warranty is worth added money on
    top of the price of a standard window. A good
    solid warranty guarantees that youll enjoy
    long-lasting performance from your new windows
    after they are installed. Without a long-term
    warranty theres a better chance that the windows
    will fail prematurely and that youll be left
    paying the cost of repairs in the future.

Will Energy Efficient Windows Lower Heating Costs?
  • They Wont Save You a Fortune
  • Low-E windows will keep hot rays from intense
    summer suns out of your home and minimize how
    much your home heats up during the day. Sure,
    excellent multi-pane windows infused with
    insulating gases will minimize how much heat is
    lost during cold months when youre trying to
    heat your space, but in most homes windows only
    take up so much space. The rest of the space is
    occupied by walls, doors and other surfaces. Each
    of these surfaces come in contact with the
    outside air more than windows do, so excellent
    windows wont save you much if you have poor wall
    insulation. They also wont help keep out the
    heat thats soaking through that flimsy front or
    rear door.
  • They Will Improve Interior Comfort
  • Low-E windows help keep hot sunlight from warming
    up the surfaces around your home and creating hot
    spots that make you feel uncomfortable. This
    helps create a more even feel throughout an air
    conditioned home. The same goes true for heavily
    insulated windows. They minimize drafts in cold
    or hot weather, so that you have a more even
    feeling interior that you can sit in comfortably.
  • They Will Save Your Furniture and Flooring
  • Another major benefit of high quality Low-E
    windows that you dont hear much about from
    window specialists is their ability to keep
    harmful UV radiation out of your home. Your
    flooring wont fade and wear as fast. Your
    furniture wont fade and lose its color and your
    home will stay youthful for longer in general.

Consider Decreasing or Increasing Your Homes
Window Sizes
  • If youre looking for a change in one of the
    rooms of your home, theres no better way to
    transform your space than by resizing one or more
    of your windows. If you want to create a darker
    space, or make more wall space for cabinets,
    shelves or other accessories, shrinking windows
    down can be a valid approach. Decreasing the size
    of your windows can also lower the cost of your
    replacements, making them much more affordable.
  • If youre looking to open up a space and bring
    more sunlight into your home, increasing the size
    of your windows is a worthwhile approach to
    consider. Though its more costly, the reward of
    larger windows is a feeling of openness that many
    homeowners fall in love with.

Why You Should Consider Adding a New French Door
to Your Home
  • Enhance Home Security
  • Upgrading to a high-quality French door made with
    a solid core can enhance your homes security.
    The right door will be much more difficult to
    break down, and when installed with the proper
    hardware will hold up to invaders better than
    your old door could ever dream of doing. If you
    choose one of the high security French doors when
    upgrading you can rest-assured that your home
    will be safer and that you can count on the door
    to hold up when you want it to most.
  • Get a Custom Look
  • While there is a wide variety of different colors
    and styles of French doors, its also possible to
    go with a completely custom door for your home or
    business. If youre going for a very specific
    style, you can accent your space nicely with just
    the right look to suit your tastes. Custom doors
    are made to order and they can be matched to most
    color schemes, even if they are very different
    compared to the stock options sold in most
  • Increase Property Value
  • French doors are highly stylistic and attractive
    and add lovely curb appeal to your home. Thats
    one of the most important reasons to consider
    adding one to your property. By choosing as
    stylish French door that matches the design of
    your home, you can make it look better, help your
    property stand out and increase your overall
    property values as well. If you ever decide to
    resell your home that improved front door could
    help you sell the house faster, and could
    increase the perceived value of your space as
    well, which is an excellent bonus.

Choosing Between Sliding and Double Hung Windows
  • When to Use Sliding
  • Since sliding windows tend to be wider than they
    are tall, they are best for wide walls. If you
    have a very wide space that you want to open up
    with a window, or you want to add a window up
    above a door, a kitchen sink, or another compact
    space at the top or bottom of a room, a sliding
    window is the best option of the two. It can be
    operated comfortably even at height, and is
    adjustable enough to offer excellent ventilation.
  • When to Use Double Hung
  • Since double hung windows are set up in a
    vertical orientation, they are best used on
    narrow walls where you have more vertical space
    to cover than horizontal. They can be accessed
    comfortably, cleaned with ease and offer
    excellent ventilation, even when they are the
    only window in the room. Consider adding double
    hung windows to bedroom walls, bathrooms and any
    other space where you have a narrow wall that you
    want to open up with a window.

Why You Should Consider Multi-Paned Windows with
a Replacement
  • Why Additional Panes are Beneficial
  • Window panes themselves offer minimal protection,
    which is why a single pane window is known for
    being drafty and not really helping the comfort
    of your space all that much. Even doubling the
    thickness of your traditional window pane
    wouldnt do much to help improve your homes
    comfort, its the space between window panes that
    is so important. If you opt for dual pane
    windows, youll get windows that have two panes
    of glass with a sizable space in between them.
    This space creates an added layer of insulation,
    and its actually the air inside thats doing
    most of the work. Adding on additional panes of
    glass creates more pockets of air, and offers
    even more insulation.
  • Insulating Gas Pockets are Particularly Helpful
  • While standard multi-pane windows are good for
    keeping cool or hot air out of your home because
    of the pockets of air, there are special windows
    that have insulating gases like argon in between
    the glass panes of the windows. These gases are
    even more effective for insulation purposes than
    standard air is, and you can improve your homes
    insulation by investing in them.

Why You Should Consider Multi-Paned Windows with
a Replacement
  • Double Your Protection
  • Dual pane windows are good for improving a homes
    insulation if you are used to single pane, but
    they arent the best solution that you can get
    today. Going with three or four panes can
    potentially double the overall insulation that
    you have available. Three panes will give you two
    air pockets instead of one, and four panes will
    give you three air pockets instead of two. Either
    way, youre going to make your windows more
    effective, and reduce drafts significantly. Not
    only that, but youll minimize your utility costs
    with such an investment, and thats one of the
    biggest benefits of all.
  • Examine the Options
  • If you are planning on getting replacement
    windows, talk with a specialist about the
    different options that you have available. Look
    at the advanced energy-efficient models that are
    available today, and talk about the different
    values that the windows have to help you figure
    out which are worth the added cost and which are
    not. You dont need triple or quad pane windows
    to save on energy costs, but they are a pretty
    darned good investment that can really improve
    the quality of your home as well.

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