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Why Men Lie


Why do men lie? How to recognize he lied and what to do when a man lies to you. There is a myriad of reasons why men lie in relationships. There are situations in which all man lie; then there are those instances where he is lying but the reasons are psychological in nature. So, why do men lie and cheat and in the process risk their stable relationships to chase after something temporary? Things the betrayed women should not do and what to do when a man cheats… – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Why Men Lie

Why Do Men Lie
February 6, 2018
Why do men lie? How to recognize the lie of a
man? What are the signs of a mans deception? It
is the inherent nature of women to doubt men. And
this is not surprising. After all, the way guys
often conquer the hearts of women is not always
in a truthful manner they exaggerate their
earnings, are silent about their shortcomings, at
the same time have an affair with a number of
women, use flattering, but deceitful compliments,
captivate and enchant the ladies with their
incantations in short, every effort is to get
their way. Girls generally do not spend 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year with their
loved one. And because you cannot be with him
24/7, how can you be 100 sure? It is therefore
normal to sometimes doubt the honesty and loyalty
of your partner. Especially if he gives you good
cause to doubt him. So, how do you know what you
are dealing with with lies or truthfulness? How
do you determine whether a man is lying? 5
Characteristics of a man who lies Visual signs to
tell when a man is lying Enlarged eyes, raised
eyebrows as if surprised and always partly open
mouth with slightly lowered lower jaw (the state
of protection and preparedness).
What to do when a man lies to you? You can ask
him why he is lying to you. Tell him, without
using any false excuses, you are well aware that
he is lying and being dishonest with you. Tell
him you can see it in his eyes. He may agree with
you that he was lying, or simply deny it. Such
tactics can work or maybe not. Of course, the
easiest way is to simply ask the man if he is
honest. It is however very rare for a liar to
confess he lied, and if he confesses it is only
to hide more deception. Usually when men honestly
admit to have lied, then it is to save the
situation from deliberate deception and they
quickly tell you what its all about, even if it
is not profitable to them. A staunch liar, even
when caught on top of a naked woman, will always
deny any guilt in his explanation. Besides, he
will be angry and blaming the woman for all his
deadly sins, including in that, that in which he
himself is guilty of, namely betrayal. If your
husband in your presence often deceive others,
cheat, or even only did it in the past, but you
feel that he continues to deceive, it is
necessary to seriously consider the necessity of
parting with him. If he only occasionally adorns
reality with lies for no apparent reason, talk to
him heart to heart, find out why he was doing
it, and only then decide what to do.
  • But do not be paranoid without reason. Read the
    following 5 characteristics which are the most
    commonly found in men that lie and which in their
    entirety are real symptoms of male deception and
    indecency where you are concerned.
  • His stories do not match. Ask the man about the
    situation you are interested in and listen
    carefully to the details. Wait a few days. Then
    go back to this situation and ask him gently to
    talk about it again. If he said in the beginning
    that he spent the evening with classmates, and
    in this version tells you with colleagues, and a
    third version with well- known businessman, be
    warned. Every time incompetent liars tell the
    same story, the details change. If a man is
    lying, you can follow him to find out the truth.
    And you can call some of his friends and
    colleagues who you know personally to clarify the
    inconsistencies. But be prepared that they may
    have been prepared by your guy about a possible
    interrogation from you beforehand and then they
    will also lie.
  • He does not look straight into your eyes or he
    does not look at you long and attentive.
    Psychologists say that if someone does not look
    at another persons face, he is hiding
    something. This can of course happen because he
    is modest, for example, this is often found in
    adolescents. If a grownup man however does not
    look into your eyes when he talks about an
    event, he is probably concocting an excuse,
    trying to deceive you. Womanizers know the
    secret of keeping eye contact to appear genuine.
    They look the woman in the eye, but their eyes
    are dilated because they have to make some
    psychological attempt to lie while looking into
    the eyes of the person watching them.
  • He downplays the details. Experienced fraudsters
    know that the easiest way to catch them out is
    when it comes to the details, small
    inconsistencies in their story. That is why they
    deliberately talk about what happened in the most
    general terms. When a man is honest, he usually
    reports many different and specific details to
    explain an event. But when a man is lying and
    deliberately cheating, he talks in very general
    terms about an incident, mentioning 1 or 2
    specifics to give credibility to his story and to
    avoid any deeper interrogation. How to deal with
    this kind of behavior? Ask more questions that in
    one way or another will clarify the picture of
    what you understand, i.e. more specific details
    on those things he spoke in general about.
  • A man has previously lied or lies to other
    people. If the man has cheated on you with
    another girl, and has deceived her, then you will
    probably face the same fate. If the man in your
    presence is misleading other people, deliberately
    misleading partners, is unfair in his dealings
    with colleagues, plotting on the job, then expect
    a similar attitude towards yourself. These are
    indicators of general deceit and dishonesty if
    he lies in small things, he will lie in big
  • Your female intuition tells you that the man is
    lying. If your sixth sense tells you that your
    partner is lying, that he is deceiving you, then
    this is a very bad sign. It is very likely your
    intuition does not lie, not this time. And
    secondly, even if your intuition is wrong, it
    means that you do not trust this man and
    therefore you do not like him. If however you do
    not want to distance yourself from him because
    you love him, but do not trust him.what can you
    do? Talk to your man heart to heart, try to
    figure out the reasons for the distrust. Delve
    deep inside yourself when trying to identify the
    problem and make every effort to resolve it by
    considering all possible options for further

  • Beautiful women! Trust your man. Do not ever give
    him any reason to doubt your loyalty and
  • Statistics say that about 90 of men who have a
    serious relationship have cheated on their
    partner at least once. At the same time,
    statistics say 50 of women know for sure that
    their chosen ones are incapable of betrayal.
    Judging by the discrepancy in the data, women
    have too much faith in their partners, or
    deliberately continue with self-deception.
  • Despite the fact that cheating is a sort of
    betrayal, it cannot be denied that every action
    in our world has its own primary cause.
    Confronted with the act of betrayal, women often
    comfort each other by blaming it on the natural
    tendency of men who want to be in more than one
    relationship at the same time.
  • But when people are looking for adventure on the
    side, is it actually guided only by the call of
    nature, or is this action also due to
    psychological reasons?
  • There are a large number of factors that push
    people to commit adultery. As a rule in general,
    there are about 10 most common reasons why men
    cheat on good women.
  • So, why do men lie and cheat and in the process
    risk their stable relationships to chase after
    something temporary?
  • Thirst for change
  • Look at family life through the eyes of most
    people it consists of work, family obligations,
    solving everyday problems, relaxing in front of
    the TV or computer, family lunches and dinners,
    Sunday trips to parents, meetings with friends
    and very little adventure.
  • For many women, such a lifestyle seems very
    acceptable. Not because they are not interested
    in doing something away from home and hearth, but
    because it is the nature of the weaker sex to
    find their fulfilment through the family and
    motherhood, which brightens their daily routine.
  • For men, family life often looks like a cage in
    which there is not enough fresh air and for
    survival they look for new emotions. And these
    new emotions often lead to betrayal.
  • Revenge
  • They say that the revenge of women is terrible.
    The revenge of men has not really been
    characterized, but this does not mean that it
    does not exist. It may seem quite strange, but
    sometimes men only change because they want to
    take revenge on their significant other.
  • The cause of the revenge can usually be ascribed
    to feelings of jealousy. A man may think that
    you have changed him, you no longer love him or
    may leave him. This of course is painful to his
    pride and in his mind, if he changes, he restores
    his justice that had been violated.
  • He is going through a crisis

  • Men need self-awareness. Unfortunately, not all
    men are willing and able to assert themselves
    through a career, wealth, or develop their own
    talents. It is much easier to be proud of
    themselves by breaking the heart of another
    woman. Rich soil for betrayal is at that moment
    he suddenly experiences a mid-life, spiritual or
    material crisis. When a man loses one of his
    support structures, it is vital for him to feel
    strong and important.
  • Physical attraction
  • Fraud is intentional and thoughtless. Irrelevant
    betrayal often arises because of a strong
    physical attraction. A new colleague or friend
    can unintentionally evoke feelings in him that he
    did not feel for long time. His action is to
    give in to his raging hormones as very few of the
    stronger sex actually try to suppress the voice
    of their hormones.
  • He is influenced by others
  • This may seem trivial, but according to
    statistics, those men who are good friends or
    have family members who do not differ in opinion
    about adultery will be more likely to change.
  • The fact is that the representatives of the
    stronger sex are natural rivals. It is important
    for them to feel that their lives are no worse
    than the lives of their close associates. And if,
    in addition, a good friend or an important
    person to the person you have chosen as partner
    is proud of his numerous affairs, your partner
    too will most probably try his hand in this.
  • The wife no longer attracts him physically
  • If the intimate life of spouses runs under the
    auspices of monotony, sooner or later a man will
    want something new. However, this situation is
    not only a case of mens tendency to change, but
    also womens misunderstanding that the
    relationships must continually develop even after
    many years of marriage.
  • Lack of attention
  • Men must be cared for, and cherished. A woman who
    performs a thousand other tasks at the same
    time, cannot always give all her free time and
    energy to her companion. Gradually, a man begins
    to feel unnecessary and redundant, and he decides
    to find attention elsewhere. Of course, from the
    perspective of women this is a sorry excuse for
    infidelity and is cowardly and selfish.
  • Inferiority complex
  • The driving force behind many of our actions is
    how we perceive ourselves. A man may look
    sensible and self-sufficient, but the memory of
    what a woman once refused, still hurts his pride
    and confuses him. If your partner does not have
    enough confidence in his male strength and
    attractiveness, he will want to debunk his fears
    and doubts by getting involved in numerous
  • Betrayal as a way of life

There is a category of men for whom deception and
betrayal are not something they regard wrong or
immoral. They simply cannot understand why would
they want to dedicate their life to one woman if
they have enough love for many? Men who choose
this kind of behavior, where fierce emotions and
adventures are at the order of the day, have
mastered the ability to maintain balance between
these two fires. 10. He fell out of love Despite
the fact that love is the strongest emotion
people experience, it cannot last forever.
Sometimes the emotional threads that connect
people lose their power and if a man does not
understand how to bring the love back to life, he
starts looking for it on the side. There is of
course no guarantee that this new accidental
connection will give him the desired feelings,
but until he understands this himself, he will
look for his non-existent ideal. Most reasons
explaining male deception are associated with the
psychological characteristics of the stronger
sex. Therefore, in many cases it is not always
worth considering treason as an absolute
betrayal by a loved one. Much more sensible,
faced with such a painful phenomenon, try to put
yourself in the shoes of a man and understand
what really pushed him to this act. Once you get
to find out about the betrayal, it really does
not matter how it happened the husband himself
told his story, or you caught him. The most
important thing is you are now aware that he
betrayed you and you need to do something.
Yesterday you had a very normal family life not
overshadowed by anything. Today, all that goes
through your mind is the betrayal of your
husband. You are bursting with resentment, anger,
trying to understand why this happened and who
the culprit is. In such a situation, every
deceived woman loses the ability to think
clearly. We start reading womens magazines, and
buy new expensive clothes, change our hairstyle,
clothing style or urgently start looking for a
lover before we give up something. The only
thought that is in the mind of the deceived woman
is do not give up the man! We love him too
much, is too attached to him, even though he is a
villain, and renegade. Normal female response to
the knowledge of the betrayal is to cry a ton of
tears, and urgently demands him to suspend all
ties with the other woman. The woman lives in
despair, constantly experiencing doubt and
suspicion. All of this turns her into a pathetic
woman with a suspicious mind, constant red eyes
because of all the crying, and a hoarse voice due
to the constant shouting. The first few weeks
after the betrayal are especially difficult. It
is especially hard to bear if her husband has
certainly not decided whether he wants to stay
with her or go to his mistress. Living in such a
floating state of mind will cause imbalance in
the calm and cool woman. Things the betrayed
women should not do 1 Do not become a martyr.
Women like to wear the mask of a humiliated
victim. Of course, this mask is not very
appealing, but gives the wife some sort of
comfort. Imagine the situation however for the
man who lied and cheated on you when he comes
home. He cannot decide if his mistress is worthy
of a broken marriage and the subsequent rejection
of an established family life. And then he meets
an angry woman in the victims mask. The poor man
lost weight since he was thrown out the door,
and none of his explanations seem to get past the
mask of female emotions.
However, the male guilt will not last forever.
For a while, it will be to count the cost, but
when he gets bored he will go back to his
mistress where he is not accused of deadly sins
every day. Of course you are a victim. The
victim of infidelity, polygamy, and a victim of
society accustomed to men who lie in
relationships. It is okay to feel sorry for
yourself initially, but it will be far better
for yourself to not keep on remembering it. 2
Do not expose your husband This is the standard,
but one of the worse mistakes of every betrayed
woman. As soon as we find out about the
betrayal, we try to catch him out again. We do
not even think about what we do, and why should
we, have we not been cheated on? At night we
sneak to check our husbands phones for
compromising texts and outgoing calls. We do the
same by checking his whole wardrobe, his wallet,
his briefcase and anything else that may give us
at least a clue. But think, why are you doing
this? To make sure your husband has changed? And
to attack him with accusations? There is no
logic in this as your husband who has been loyal
for some time by now, will soon respond
aggressively to your permanent suspicion. So do
not look for new evidence of a connection between
your husband and another woman. Should this
happen, there will be enough evidence for you.
Resentment and bitterness of betrayal is
completely futile especially when youre working
to regain confidence in him again.
In addition, resentment and bitterness can lead
to health problems. 3 Do not try to contact his
mistress Of course, the other women also, is
looking for happiness, but the solidarity of
women will not help you. You are the warring
parties fighting for the trophy. Even if she
wants to talk to you, it is still not worthwhile
to negotiate. It is pointless to think that the
opponent will have a guilty conscience and
present herself in your place. On the contrary,
the exact opposite will happen. She will pretend
to be the innocent victim, and present you to
your husband as a hysterical and cruel bitch. You
do understand that he will then have to calm her
down? It is therefore better to never make
contact with the other woman and do not try to
influence the relationship between them in any
way. Collecting a plethora of information about
her to analyze how she caught your man, is
completely unnecessary. 4 No ultimatums Try to
not confront him with an ultimatum Its either
me, or her as much as possible. There is a very
good chance that should you do this immediately
after the betrayal, while your emotions are
still very raw, he may very well say Well, I
choose her and leave. So as long as you are
still trying to understand what you are going to
do, do not rush with any ultimatums. 5 No
jealousy Should you try to make your husband
jealous, while he is still completely blinded by
new feelings for his mistress, he may see your
behavior as consent to a divorce and as your
willingness to end this relationship and start a
new phase in your life without him. 6 Do not
ignore your own shortcomings It is logical to
assume that changes in your husband are to some
extent to be blamed on you. Something made him
look for comfort on the side. Maybe he does not
get enough attention, you may have to pay too
much attention to domestic problems and have
completely forgotten the romance. In any case,
it is not necessary to throw all the blame on the
cheating husband, better analyze your own
behavior and try to correct your mistakes. Men
and women lie In the whole world there is hardly
anyone who has not been deceived. Think of
yourself or friends who, after being late for
school, came up with a thousand reasons or
excuses. Or your parents, to whom you said you
were walking with friends, when in fact it was a
guy. Yes, we have all lied at some stage in our
life. But how do you treat a loved one who has
deceived you?
  • Fact is, it totally depends on the situation.
    There are situations where it is very difficult
    to judge a person for lying. Lets say he went
    to the store to get you a gift, and you call. As
    a result, in order not to ruin the surprise for
    you, he was forced to lie. A pregnant woman may
    ask her husband if she is beautiful. And a
    loving husband, despite all the factors
    associated with being pregnant that spoil the
    figure of his beloved, says she is just beautiful
    as before. This is actually deception. For some
    reason, in this situation however, we see nothing
    wrong with lying. Why is this?
  • Lets see, what the word lie means.
  • Lying is a statement that does not correspond to
    the truth and is consciously done (we know when
    we lie). That is, when a person cheats and does
    not feel any guilt, to him, he is not lying.
  • So, why do men lie more than women? Yes, all men
    lie more women. And it is not good to lie. But
    here men take refuge in their macho nature. In
    Buddhism there are 3 holy lies that can be
    used according to their religion
  • Save the family
  • Keep someones friendship
  • To keep the peace
  • In principle it is difficult to disagree with
    this. It is however better not to lie. When a man
    resorts to a lifestyle where he lies all the
    time, the truth becomes so foggy that after doing
    it for so long, he himself does not know where
    truth stops and lies start.
  • The reason why men lie is always the fear of
    being caught out and then held responsible for
    his act by being punished. Most likely there are
    some negative qualities in him you may not like,
    but since he cannot overcome these by himself, he
    tries to keep silent about them. This leads to
    insincerity. So if you cannot stand a lie, then
    you have to fight it.

  • Here is some advice for women about what to do
    when a man cheats
  • Analyze some lies
  • For example, when someone smokes and tells you
    that he is not smoking. He probably cannot
    overcome his dependency and tries not to upset
    you. Another example, you are waiting at home
    for a man and he says he is working late. But in
    fact he is with a friend. That lie is caused by
    the fact that the man is afraid to admit it,
    because you will scold him. And here the reason
    is that he has too little freedom to spend some
    time with a friend.
  • Make decisions for yourself
  • You must decide what result would be acceptable
    to you. But remember that in the relationship
    the most important skill is to compromise. That
    is, a good compromise where the solution is
    acceptable to both people in the relationship.
    For example, he spent time with a friend, but
    not with you. It is then worthwhile to suggest to
    your beloved partner that the three of you
    should all meet and spend interesting times
    together. Or change your relationship and give
    him more free time. This way you also get free
    time which you can spend on stuff that interest
    you, for example your hobby.
  • A frank conversation.
  • Because you have made your own decisions, you can
    start the conversation yourself. In this
    conversation, tell your partner that you have
    realized a lie on his part. Explain exactly what
    the lie is. During the process, try to confirm
    your words with the facts so that the man does
    not have the ability to manipulate the situation
    and get away with not giving you an answer. And
    so calmly and confidently you prove the
    existence of lies on his part.
  • False feelings spoil the relationship.
  • Now explain to your partner that lying does not
    lead to anything good. After a little deception,
    there is more deception. And eventually you will
    stop understanding each other and have a
    dishonest relationship. Since you do not want
    this to happen, and he still hasnt done so, ask
    him to first explain his actions. And then let
    him propose a solution to the problem.
  • Compromise and a worthy decision.
  • Most likely, the man will begin to promise that
    it will never happen again. Then offer him your
    solution which accommodates both of you. A
    solution which in his eyes will increase your
    self- esteem and will cause him to hardly ever
    want to lie in the future. After all, it is
    better to make amicable decisions between you.
    In rare cases, he will offer a solution that does
    not satisfy you. Then you must remember his lies
    and tell him that he does not have the right to
    demand so much. Then offer your own compromise.

  • Doing this will help you increase your authority
    in the eyes of a man. You are a beautiful and
    confident woman and this is your way of doing
    whatever you can to prevent a similar situation
    in the future. The most important thing is to try
    and never worry about it.
  • When men slightly distort information about
    themselves, they consider it a trivial matter.
    Assess how he dramatizes a little and exaggerates
    the extent of a real event. Men also like to
    embellish the happenings in their own life,
    making their performance even more meaningful. In
    some ways, both phenomena even have to do with
    each other. He wants to react by crying when
    real world events are violent, by in order to
    avoid tears, he starts to lie. This does not,
    however, detract from the pain experienced by a
    woman when she catches a loved one in a lie. Why
    do men lie? Lets try understanding men.
  • There are 3 main reasons why men lie in
    relationships psychology of the stronger sex
  • To make an impression
  • While in the process of attracting the attention
    of the female, the man wants to score as many
    points as possible in the eyes of the lady he
    likes. His logic is simple pull her in by any
    means necessary, fall in love, and then wait and
    see what happens. And at the beginning, this
    tactic often works. He laughs enthusiastically
    about his age, his status, his education and even
    his financial situation. What he however fails
    to understand is that his companion will most
    likely feel humiliated by the fact that he lied,
    instead of him relating the real state of his
  • Men want to avoid consequences
  • Example A man dreams of going fishing, but knows
    that his wife will be against it. He
    subsequently reasons it is better to lie after
    you have gone fishing under the guise of
    business negotiations. And the more a woman
    resists the desires of her partner, the less he
    will be inclined to be honest with her about his
    plans. He may under the guise of a reduction in
    wages, start saving money to respray his car. Who
    is to blame? The woman. A woman who sets too
    tight controls can cut her beloveds throat.
    Saying it like it is, it is after all very
    unlikely that you will receive anything but
    dissatisfaction and oppression.
  • Save his freedom
  • It also happens that a man lies about the
    details, even when he does not do anything you
    will object to. He says, for example, that he
    goes to work but then he goes to his parents. Or
    swears he drank a glass of milk for supper while
    he ate a pot of soup.
  • How to understand men when they lie Most likely
    he tries to rebel against the excessive control
    of a woman in this childish way, fighting for
    every breath of freedom. How to recognize he is
    lying? As soon as he jumps off a subject, tries
    to explain something very complicated, or he
    starts to behave secretly, you caught him in the
    act! When a man really lies, his reaction will
    tell you everything about it. He may react with
    some aggression, starting to respond to ordinary
    questions with hostility or he may display
    behavior totally opposite to what is
    characteristic of him, like exaggerated
    attention. This is his way to try to compensate
    for a great sense of guilt.

What to do when a man cheats? Our best advice is
to sort things out. Do not keep a grudge. You may
explode at the most inconvenient time and cause
a scandal, making a fool of yourself. Once you
have unpacked the basics, you start a frank
conversation. Sometimes a man lies to save
himself. Not because he is a villain, but because
he wants to protect his beloved woman from
unnecessary worries, so that she does not get
angry because of his mistakes. The mans reason
in this case is noble, though not justified. If
you encounter such lies, it is better to talk
honestly with a partner, in order to reach a
consensus. It happens that the lies of a man are
nothing more than the consequence of poor
education. Often the childhood of such men was
not very rosy. They were often punished, and
limited in deciding what they wanted to do, they
learned how to get out, and then hide the truth.
When such a man then chooses a motherly female
as companion, who has everything to look after
him and harass him, he can return to his
behavioral pattern as a child. If a man suffers
from any of the different types of addictions, a
lie in this case becomes a means of survival to
him. Lets face it, it is much easier to lie to a
partner than to admit to a love for gambling or
smoking of marijuana? The first step in this
instance is the struggle with his addictions,
rather than with his lies. And of course, the man
himself must first want to get free from his
addiction. There is also a pathological need to
deceive, of which the causes are deeply seated in
the depths of his subconscious and are
associated with a variety of child complexes.
These kind of lies can exclusively be dealt with
by specialists in this field, and even then it is
not always successful. Finally, the most common
and painful cause of why men lie to women is the
fact that the man is trying to hide his
betrayal. In this case a really gigantic effort
is required to restore the previous level of
trust between partners. It is still possible if
both are in agreement and the man is willing to
change. The only time it may be better to end the
relationship is when there is a repeated
repetition of betrayal. Every instance of
deception is unique and therefore requires
clarification of all causes and circumstances.
To change the attitude of a man who lies and
cheats is very possible, especially when both
partners are inclined to constructive dialogue.
In conclusion I know how painful it is to have
your heart broken and feel like you cant trust
men, which is why Im sending you this
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bitterness and pain and experience joy and love
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