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Make The Place Ideal with Basement Renovations


List of things to check for your Finished Basement List of things to do before and after designing your basement Top 3 Reasons For Basement Renovations How To Plan A Finished Basement In Your Budget – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Make The Place Ideal with Basement Renovations

Basement Renovations
  • Make The Place Ideal

  • List of things to check for your Finished
  • List of things to do before and after designing
    your basement
  • Top 3 Reasons For Basement Renovations
  • How To Plan A Finished Basement In Your Budget

List of things to check for your Finished Basement
  • First, decide who is the basement for
  • We live in the times were parents cant wait for
    their children to move out and live on their own.
    Children cant wait to send their parents to care
    homes. However, there are a few families that
    prefer to live together and care for each other.
    So, if you have a basement, you can always have
    an extended space for your children or the
    elderly. You can even rent the space to a college
    or a university student for a decent price.
  • Second, pick a style
  • From music to food to the basement could use a
    unique style. Using style also means you show off
    your personality. You could choose from the
    contemporary, Transitional, Traditional, Simple
    and Rustic or blend any two styles. Its your
    personality, hence, your style. If you are
    designing this space for someone else, you may
    have to keep their choices in your mind. For
    instance, if it is for an elderly person, they
    might love the traditional or a simple look. And,
    dont forget to install a proper storage space.

List of things to check for your Finished Basement
  • Third, check for any issues
  • Since its a basement, it is likely that there
    might be problems with the water or electricity.
    Even if it could be a minor leak, you must
    promptly get it checked and fixed before you
    start the construction or remodelling. Its not a
    problem if you would like to do it yourself,
    however, Id recommend you to contact your local
    plumber to do a thorough checking. You dont want
    the leak, trust me!
  • Fourth, work on the walls
  • Now, the basement is usually cold and damp from
    the rest of the house as it lacks the direct
    sunlight. The best solution to avoid the dampness
    and to keep the warmth within the walls is to
    insulate them. You can choose the best options
    depending on the climate type of your city or
    town. Then paint it! Go for a solid colour or go
    crazy and turn it into an art studio. I would
    choose the latter.
  • Fifth, light up the ceilings
  • Who wouldnt love a decorated lamps or a
    chandelier on the ceiling? Having lights fixed on
    the ceiling is a good way to make the entire
    space look bright. We dont want to step into the
    basement that reminds us of every horror films.
    Where you always find a nasty ghost in the dark.
    So, get creative! Design the ceiling and let
    there be light!

List of things to do before and after designing
your basement
  • Three Ds to do before you start remodelling
    your basement
  • Do proper research.
  • Well, if you are going to spend a lot of amount
    on doing something as important as transforming
    or constructing your basement, an important part
    of your house, you have to dedicate your time to
    talk to the engineers or contractors first. Make
    sure you have acquired the building permission.
  • Double check your plumbing.
  • Most of the basements are always wet and damp. As
    there is no sufficient light or an outlet. Above
    that, the water pipes could cause a lot of
    issues. They might break or leak. If you are
    considering to have a bathroom in the basement,
    you might want to consult an engineer to reroute
    the pipes to avoid the overflow or backflow of
    the drainage water. Use as less piping as you
  • Decide the best time to begin the remodelling.
  • Most of the time you may think Anytime is right
    and you can remodel or construct the basement in
    any season. However, not all the months are in
    our favour. So make sure the weather is in your
    favour and not wet. If you are hiring a
    contractor, they might not able to work during a
    bad weather. My choice to work on remodelling the
    basement or the house is the spring season or the

List of things to do before and after designing
your basement
  • Three Ps to do after you remodelling your
  • Pay attention to the lighting.
  • Everything looks better with light even at night.
    Since the basement doesnt have direct sunlight,
    you can install lights on the ceiling. Id choose
    LED lights as they are brighter than the normal
    lights. If you can build a wall with a window
    cut-outs, you can install a glass to let the
    natural light in. You would alsoneed night lamp
    and study lamp if you are choosing this place
    exclusively for studies.
  • Pay attention to the flooring.
  • Its a known fact that the basement easily
    absorbs moisture. And depending on your area
    type, you may also have to worry about flooding.
    So, instead of going for usual wooden flooring
    you can pick a rubber or a ceramic flooring.
    Also, opt for a good heating system to keep your
    basement warm and comfortable.
  • Pay attention to the paints.
  • While I prefer dark painted walls, this idea is
    not so good for the basement. More importantly,
    you dont want to have your newly renovated space
    look dark and gloomy. Hence, pick a light colour
    and ensure it reflects the light well. You can
    add designs to the wall and use a lot of creative
    ideas. Remember light colours along with lights,
    changes the entire appearance of the basement and
    makes it fine-looking.

Top 3 Reasons For Basement Renovations
  • Basement as a guest room
  • Where would they stay, if they dont have enough
    room? This when the basement calls you. Whenever
    you have a family or a friend they can always
    sleep in your renovated basement or you can
    simply rent them for extra money.
  • Basement as a study or an office room
  • If your basement is empty with nothing but creepy
    cobwebs, its time to clear that space, chase
    away the spider. Then pick up your phone and call
    the contractor or a basement finisher or just do
    it yourself. Dont forget to light it up, or else
    you wont enjoy reading or having a work space in
    an obscure room.
  • Basement as a home theatre
  • If you are someone who loves to throw slumber
    parties or a sleepover and host a movie night,
    this idea is perfect for you. You dont have to
    be a teenager to do so. You can also enjoy a
    family movie night together. If you are a game
    savvy and love playing games on s big screen.
    This could be an optimum choice for you too.

How To Plan A Finished Basement In Your Budget
  • Basement Finishing System
  • If you go for a Basement finishing system, the
    cost would be in thousands but it could be worth
    it. You will be working with a company similar
    to the interior designers and leave everything in
    their hands. They mostly use high-quality
    materials and they dont need your guidance. They
    ensure the insulation is used for the walls.
    However, you have to be careful when you are
    adding extra features to the basement. There
    might be extra charges added to every feature you
    add. Hence, do your research, yes more research,
    on the company, look for the people who used
    their service and then go for it!
  • Contractors
  • If you choose to give it as a contract, you are
    the designer but the budget may not be under your
    control. The contractor will mostly follow your
    guidelines, and get the materials and then gives
    you the furnished space. Hence, it is almost like
    giving it to a Basement finishing system. The
    advantage here is, all the purchases made will be
    transparent and you can raise or lower the budget
    and change the design as much as you wish. Keep
    in mind, the changes we are talking about is,
    before beginning the work. You will still have to
    be prepared to spend a five-figure sum for it.
  • Do ItYourself
  • We have come to my favourite part. You would
    probably want to hire a handyman for helping.
    Doing it yourself involves a lot of work and time
    but it is indeed budget friendly and 50 lesser
    than the above options. However, you still have
    to use the insulating material for the wall and
    the right type of flooring and lighting. You are
    in charge of all the purchases, which is good.
    So, you have to be patient until you have done a
    great amount of research before starting the

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