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IVF Gynecologists in Vijayawada


IVF Gynecologists in Vijayawada – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: IVF Gynecologists in Vijayawada

IVF, Surrogacy,IUI,ICSI in Gynecologists in
Dr. Lakshmi Prasuna E in Old Bus Stand,
Visakhapatnam Dr. Lakshmi Prasuna in
Visakhapatnam. General Physician Doctors with
Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View Dr.
Lakshmi Prasuna , Visakhapatnam on Ela. Area and
Dr. Lakshmi Prasuna gynecologist in
Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada has made a fairly
outstanding name in the city. As indicated by
numerous, the specialist groups as one of the
'go-to' general doctors in the region. The
fortification this specialist has in the
restorative field has not just attracted
patients from in and around the region yet from
over the city too. The facility is situated in
Old Bus Stand and can be discovered effortlessly
as it is correct Kgh Down. Movement is
effortlessly accessible and the place is all
around associated. The area is loaded with a
significant number of business spaces and private
ones. The specialist's assurance originates from
sheer enthusiasm to offer patients more
advantageous living alternatives. Realizing that
with the consistently expanding and evolving way
of life, there is a requirement for general
doctors in the city and windows to better one's
wellbeing. This
doctor has an amazing measure of learning and
always keeps refreshed with headways made in the
field. Administrations Offered by
Throughout the years Dr. Lakshmi Prasuna at
Manipal Super Specialty Hospital IUI IVF Clinic
has offered endless patients brilliant treatment
for different medical problems. Being a general
doctor, this specialist handles various
examinations under this section. A portion of
the offices that go under the doctors fringe are
neurology, dermatology, gastroenterology,
diabetology, homeopathy, endocrinology, and so
on. One can likewise visit the center for a
counsel for medical problems for grown-ups and
also newborn children. Different diseases, for
example, male pattern baldness, asthma and other
intense and endless ailments. This specialist is
known to take watch over the patients with a
tremendous measure of affectability not only for
their worries but rather that of the family as
well. One can likewise get help with regards to
financing. One can straightforwardly interface
with the facility at 91-7899912611 Dr. V.
Padmaja Dr. V. Padmaja has been established by
Dr. V. Padmaja, MD(AIIMS) and Dr G.Gangadhar MD
Anaesthesiology(Manipal) in the year 2000. since
its origin the maxim has been making more
advantageous lives for ladies.
We trust that there is dependably a way , we
simply need to discover it , tail it to
accomplish our objective Dr. Padmaja has a 20 yr
involvement in customized restorative care. We
keep on delivering prominent administrations in
the field of richness administration
Dr. Namratha Many couples who are coming to
ordinary general specialists getting no
appropriate treatment due to absence of
legitimate guiding consideration absence of
hardware and master personale and unfit to keep
up legitimate sanitization measures .Most experts
are excessively occupied and can't manage,
making it impossible to invest more energy with
fruitless couples and both ,specialist and
additionally couple are getting baffled and
focused on at whatever point they can't get
extreme outcome After perception of every one of
these circumstances Dr. Namratha began going to
all ripeness focuses in India and abroad and
began watching how couples are getting treated
and the gigantic sum they are spending. At long
last she arrived at a conclusion this is the
treatment which is constrained and can be
reasonable by rich and gushing individuals just
.Finally she chose to set up one of a kind
fruitfulness focus inside the scope of and to
enable poor and middleclass to individuals and
to give best guiding, and also best treatment at
a moderate cost and giving them best bring home
child rate. An All fruitless couples are having
want for having their own particular infant
however they are getting varity of questions ,
whether the medications are destructive to their
body or they are probably going to put on weigh
and whether it will be an effective pregnancy or
not t,.. The appropriate response is YES.
.Certainly many couples get result when they
experience 5 to 6 sequential IUI cycles ,which
offers up to 70 total outcomes. consecutive
new cycles of IVF or ICSI gives great pregnancy
rate (combined 90).There won't be any evil
impacts on different organs of body and patient's
wellbeing . Normally numerous PCOS cases put on
weight because of hormonal lopsidedness and not
because of treatment. There will be just
increment of 1or 2 kgs of weight pick up due to
some bed rest given to persistent or because of
additional care given by attenders .
? M.B.B.S from Andhra Medical College,
Visakhapatnam in the year 1988-1995. ? MD from
JJM Medical College, Davangiri in the year
1995-1998. ? M.B.B.S from Andhra Medical College,
Visakhapatnam in the year 1988-1995. Experience
Filled in as an Infertility Specialist in rumored
foundations at Puna, Bangalore, Bombay,
Singapore, United kingdom. Gone to different
national and universal meetings, displayed a few
research papers, gave addresses. Led a few CME
for the advantage of Gyn and obstetricians and
GPs. She went by a few barrenness focuses in
India and Abroad and subsequent to watching how
the couples are getting treated and the colossal
sum spent, she reached a conclusion this is the
treatment which is limited to rich and profluent
individuals. She chose to set up a special
fruitfulness focus and to bring mindfulness and
inside the compass of poor and working class.
She needs to give best councilling and
additionally the best plausible treatment for
instructed and un taught couples as they have to
comprehend betterly. Every single barren couple
have a want for having their own infant yet with
assortment of considerations about progress yet
she makes inspirational disposition and
appropriate councilling and her witticism is
convey home infant where she is exceedingly
Dr. Sailaja Vuppu
Dr. Sailaja Vuppu is a Consultant at Rainbow
Superspeciality Hospital for Women and Children,
Vijayawada 10 years in 7 distinct doctor's
facilities in the UK
Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • MBBS from Guntur restorative school in 2000
  • MRCOG and CCT from UK
  • Giver Programs

Egg Donor Program in Vijayawada
  • There are couple of ladies who can't deliver
    their own eggs these ladies can benefit of our
    egg gift program. In this, a reasonable
    contributor is chosen, screened for various
    medicinal/hereditary tests. The whole procedure
    is lawful, unknown and secret. The egg
    benefactor is offered prescription to develop
    various eggs which are gathered and prepared
    with the spouse's sperm in the research center.
    The fetus delivered thereof are then moved into
    her (beneficiaries) uterus.
  • The woman would then be able to have the delight
    of conveying a pregnancy and experience the
    delight of parenthood. The pregnancy rate in this
    program is as high as 50-60
  • A portion of the signs for benefactor egg program
  • Menopausal ladies
  • Untimely Ovarian Failure
  • Poor ovarian reaction in past IVF cycles
  • Unhealthy/surgically evacuated ovaries
  • Developing life Donation Program
  • Developing life Donation program is encouraged to
    a couple where the spouse has issue with the
    ovaries and her better half's semen has no
    sperm/low quality sprem. In such a case, eggs
    are taken from an unknown giver and prepared with
    the sperm of a mysterious sperm benefactor. The
    developing lives consequently framed are
    exchanged inside the uterus

(womb) of the patient. The secrecy and
namelessness of contributors and additionally the
beneficiary couple is entirely kept up.
Sperm Donor program
This program is encouraged to a couple where
spouse's semen has no sperm. For the couples
settling on contributor sperms, we acquire semen
test from affirmed sperm banks. Giver IUI or
IVF/ICSI is offered according to sign. The
privacy and obscurity of the sperm giver and
also beneficiary couple is entirely kept up.
  • Surrogacy program is prompted in situations where
    the lady can't convey the pregnancy. The eggs
    are recovered from the natural mother and treated
    with the sperm of organic father. The developing
    lives subsequently shaped are exchanged inside
    the uterus of the surrogate who conveys the
    pregnancy for the authorizing couple till the
    introduction of the tyke. A legitimate contract
    is marked between the surrogate mother and
    natural guardians to encourage this program
  • This program is encouraged to a couple where
  • Spouse has missing or contorted uterus
  • Uterus have been expelled surgically
  • Spouse can't convey the pregnancy because of
    inclined therapeutic conditions like coronary
    illness/extreme kidney ailment
  • Rehashed implantation disappointments or
    unnatural birth cycles regardless of good
    quality incipient organisms

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