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Top 6 Tools to Create Better Android Development Environment on Your Smartphone


How to keep pace with the competition in Android app development space? Check out the cool tools suggested by Android app development Agency in India. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 6 Tools to Create Better Android Development Environment on Your Smartphone

Top 6 Tools to Create Better Android Development
Environment on Your Smartphone
  • The Android platform always boasts of the largest
    slice in the pie of market share. So, to keep up
    with the pace of competition in the marketplace,
    Android app developers often have to write and
    test code while they are on the go. Yes, in their
  • We have been delivering Android app development
    services for more than a decade and also adapting
    to the changes that are occurring in the market
    place. So we would like to let you know about six
    Android web development apps that would help you
    code on the move

Leverage power of lighter and stronger anWriter
free HTML editor
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  • This is one of the best Android web development
    apps at your disposal which not only helps you to
    write codes but also offers auto-completion for
    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, LaTex, etc. It also
    supports modern technologies like HTML 5, CSS 3,
    Bootstrap, Angular and jQuery.
  • This Android text editor also offers features of
    a robust integrated development environment
    (IDE). This Android text editors is not only
    lighter but also more powerful than most of the
    IDEs available around. It also enables you to
    increase the speed of coding significantly.

Salient features
  • Uploading files to the FTP server, downloading
    files from the FTP server and browsing
    directories on the FTP server.
  • Syntax highlighting for C/C, Java, Python, XML,
    PHP, LaTex, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript languages.
  • Preview web pages in the internal viewer.
  • Search and replace can be performed using regular
  • Bottom toolbar showcases most used characters and
    cursor controls.
  • JavaScript error console is present in the
    internal viewer.

Become an expert Android Developer with AIDE Web
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  • You can develop websites with HTML/CSS/JavaScript
    directly on your Android device with the help
    of AIDE Web which is basically a web editor and
  • It features interactive coding lessons along with
    step-by-step instructions to help you learn
    JavaScript and web development skills.

  • These feature rich editor facilitates seamless
    approach to writing code with refactoring and
    smart code navigation, real-time error checking
    as well as running your website with a single
  • You can sharpen your coding skills with this app
    by converting your phone into a small Android
    development environment which enables you to
    browse and touch your code on the move.

Salient features
  • The editor allows you to code faster even with
    large files.
  • Enables you to create a sample website with just
  • Allows you to build pure JavaScript console
  • Provides you with real-time error analysis
    throughout the Android app development project.
  • Facilitates automatic fixes for many errors.
  • The UI of the app is optimized for smaller
    screens to show as much as code or content as

Easily deploy your applications to Simple HTTP
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Salient features
  • You do not need root access for using this server
  • It is highly secure with support for digest
  • The only support port that comes with this app is
  • It provides Range Header support to seek videos.

Serve files over HTTP faster with KWS Android Web
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Salient features
  • Server Side Includes (SSI) enables the web page
    on the server to include one or more files.
  • Directory Index allows you to specify a default
    page which will be displayed while a directory is
  • It allows you to download directories in tar and
    zip formats.
  • Equipped with basic as well as digest
    authentication to ensure secure access.
  • Dynamic Domain Name System (DNS) updates are
    built-in in this app.
  • You get comprehensive HTTP logs which can be
    retrieved later.

Remotely view source code of web pages and files
with VT View Source
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  • You can view HTML, CSS, Javascript or XML sources
    of webpages and remotely located files but not of
    local files.
  • You can get various syntax highlighting themes,
    line numbers, text-wrapping, mobile and desktop
    browser modes, adjustable colours and much more.
  • When you want to open the source code, you would
    need to type the URL address or use the Share
    page functionality of the browser present in
    your device (Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mobile,
    native Android browser and so on)
  • The best thing about VT View Source is that it is
    free and with no advertisements.

Salient features
  • Allows you to view HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML
  • The unformatted source code can be shared to
  • There are more than 35 predefined themes for
    syntax highlighter.
  • It doesnt allow you to read password protected
  • For non-English content only UTF-8 encoding is
    supported currently.
  • The source code appears different from the device
    browser while sharing pages with any content
    based on cookie or session state.

Manage your files efficiently with ES File
Explorer (File Manager) App
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  • This app enables you to manage your Android phone
    and files easily, efficiently and effectively and
    share files without any data cost. It empowers
    you with desktop-grade features and enables
    transfer of apps, music, movies, document, and
    images without using cables or mobile data.
  • The note editor of ES File Explorer (File
    Manager) app supports syntax highlights for more
    than 30 languages (Javascript, Java, XML, PHP,
    Perl, Python, Ruby, etc).
  • This app includes a widget that remains pinned to
    your home screen and lets you know about your
    current RAM situation. It can automatically kill
    tasks and thus increase memory and enhance your
    device speed.

Salient features
  • It allows transfer of files between Bluetooth
    devices. What else! It even allows you to copy
    and paste files between two devices which are
    Bluetooth ready.
  • It lets you kill task with a single click and
    speed up your device.
  • It allows you to access your home PC via your
    smartphone using wi-fi with SMB.
  • You can also edit your mobile files using your PC
    via FTP.
  • It provides you with various types of built-in
    viewers and players for different types of files.
  • It allows remote access of your files by
    providing cloud storage (OneDrive, Google Drive,
    Amazon S3, etc.) facilities.

  • Hope you enjoyed reading about these amazing
    tools! They can help you get an edge over others
    by enabling you to save your commute time for
    coding. As Android has the largest market
    share building apps for Android platform can be
    profitable for your business.
  • Are you amused with the idea of writing and
    testing code while you are on the go? Which
    Android web development tools are your personal
    favourite? We would love to hear from you please
    leave your comments below.

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