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Financial Planning


Family Financial Planning: Insignificant? Think again! Money Management. Corporate Retirement Plan: Win-Win Game. 401(k) Plan Management. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Financial Planning

Financial Planning
  • Your Financial Journey Made Easy

  • Family Financial Planning Insignificant? Think
  • Money Management
  • Private Wealth Management Why You Need It?
  • Corporate Retirement Plans
  • Corporate Retirement Plan Win-Win Game
  • 401(k) Plan Management

Family Financial Planning Insignificant? Think
  • The first step is to discuss the financial
    situation with your house members, including
    kids. Its helpful to teach them the value of
    money in their early years, to set them up to be
    good planners as they grow.
  • For distant future expenses like owning a
    house/farm or college fee for your children, get
    SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) or mutual fund
    plans. Also, do not forget to avail a
    retirement/pension plan, which will also provide
    you tax rebate under 401(k).
  • Create an excel sheet and list all the assets,
    liability and account number on one page.

Money Management
  • The first step to managing your money well is to
    make a budget. When you are planning your budget
    dont forget to plan for the seasonal items e.g.
    birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays
  • Set up an emergency fund by saving 10 of your
    paycheck until you have six to eight months worth
    of expenses saved in case of an emergency.
  • Another good way to manage your money wisely is
    having a solid plan to pay back debt. Make a
    list of everything you owe, and start from
    smallest to largest in re-paying the debt.
  • Ensure that whatever you purchase, or whatever
    service you are paying for makes sense for your
    financial needs.

Private Wealth Management Why You Need It?
  • When a financial expert becomes your private
    wealth manager, they can guide you to the correct
    path of high yield models. Since their studies
    are based on vast data or a systematic research,
    the amount of risk you can expect is next to
    zero. Private wealth managers help you achieve
    your financial goals within a short-term,
    medium-term or a long-term timeframe, whichever
    one suits your needs best. The business advice
    they offer can help you decide the best current
    investment plan, that is in accordance with your
    budget and preferences. Basically, they design a
    portfolio and advise you to invest a specific
    percentage or your money for a certain time
    period. You can trust the strategies that they
    implement because the advice is coming from an
    industry expert, who happens to come from a big
    investment banking house or wealth management

Corporate Retirement Plans
  • A defined benefit plan uses a formula to
    calculate the employees retirement benefit
    according to how long they were employed and what
    their salary was, making it the employers sole
    responsibility to fund this type of retirement
  • Then there is the employee contribution plan,
    in which the employee elects to have a set amount
    of their earnings deposited into their retirement
    accountwhich is in the employees name however,
    annual contributions are limited by the federal
    governments regulations.
  • Another type of employee contribution pension
    plan is the 401(k).

Corporate Retirement Plan Win-Win Game
  • Corporate Retirement Plans are similar to
    personal retirement plans. The only difference is
    that its a formal agreement between employees
    and the company or with the employee union with
    the company. The company takes care of its
    employees retirement benefits by taking a share
    from your earning and adding a percentage of
    their own to create a corporate pension scheme.
    These plans are typically formulated by taking
    into consideration the employee's designation,
    length of employment and the amount that they
    contributed to the company.

401(k) Plan Management
  • This type of retirement plan is employer
    sponsored, and permits the employee to contribute
    their pre-taxed dollars into an investment plan
    that is set up for their retirement. For those
    without knowledge of investing, they may want to
    seek the advice of a professional financial
    investment advisor about how to best invest their
    401(k) dollars.
  • It can get rather costly to hire someone to
    manage your 401(k) at anywhere from 0.15 to 0.7
    annually. That may not seem like a lot of money
    at first, but you also need to consider the cost
    of expense ratios for an active fund accounts and
    now suddenly it is a lot more money. This extra
    cost could prove worth it, if there was the
    promise of boosted returns however, with
    financial investments there are no real

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