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Want To Practice Yoga But Don’t Know Where To Begin?


Yoga can be extremely beneficial for our health and wellbeing - and many people wonder if they should give it a try. Oftentimes, however, the choices in styles and classes can be overwhelming, making it confusing to know where to begin. If you want to start practicing yoga but aren’t quite sure where to start, then we have some great tips and pointers for you: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Want To Practice Yoga But Don’t Know Where To Begin?

Want To Practice Yoga But Dont Know Where To
  • Yoga can be extremely beneficial for our health
    and wellbeing - and many people wonder if they
    should give it a try. Oftentimes, however, the
    choices in styles and classes can be
    overwhelming, making it confusing to know where
    to begin.
  • If you want to start practicing yoga but arent
    quite sure where to start, then we have some
    great tips and pointers for you

  • Decide which type of yoga you want to practice
  • There are many different styles of yoga and so
    its a good idea to have a general understanding
    of what youre looking for in order to understand
    what types of yoga to experiment with. If youre
    already physically fit and looking for a workout,
    youll choose a different style than if youre
    not particularly active and are just looking to
    gradually improve your flexibility and balance.
  • Maybe you want a jumpstart to your day with an
    energetic practice that gets you going or perhaps
    you lead a very stressful life and are looking to
    yoga as a calming break to help you reset at the
    end of a long day. There truly are many options
    and its just a question of finding the right
    teachers and studios whose offerings match what
    youre looking for.

  • Either way, since you are just getting started,
    be sure to ask if the class is appropriate for
    beginners. Some classes will be specifically
    designated as such and others will be open to
    multiple levels of practitioners, including
    neophytes. Some classes, however will be geared
    toward more experienced yogis skip these for now
    and get acquainted with the basics first. There
    will be plenty of time for advanced classes as
    you get more comfortable with the practice.

  • Hatha the term hatha is a general term usually
    used to refer to any type of yoga that involves
    practicing physical postures. If you see a class
    being advertised as hatha yoga, then you can
    expect a slow and gentle introduction to the
    foundational yoga postures. These classes are
    often appropriate for all levels and dont
    require a high level of fitness.

  • Ashtanga/Vinyasa Ashtange is a style of yoga
    that requires you to perform the same specific
    sequence of postures and poses, in the same
    order, and each movement is linked to a breathing
    exercise. Vinyasa is a more free-form practice
    with roots in Ashtanga, but with less structure
    and more variety. Both tend to be very vigorous
    practices. While each can be appropriate for
    beginners, its good to have a base level of
    fitness and be certain to find an introductory
    class or a teacher comfortable offering
    variations for new students.

  • Hot yoga hot yoga is often, though not always,
    based on an original series called Bikram yoga,
    though it has evolved to include a great many
    more options than Bikram yoga does. Both styles
    are performed in heated rooms, so arrive prepared
    to sweat profusely. These also tend to be
    athletic practices so it is good to have a basic
    level of fitness before jumping in.

  • Gentle or Restorative gentle yoga can be a
    great place to start for someone new to the
    practice or seeking a slower pace and a class
    with less emphasis on athleticism. The focus
    tends to be more on alignment, steady movement,
    and calm pacing. Restorative practices can be
    very healing and tend to be supported poses using
    props on the floor to create a sense of serenity
    and relaxation.

  • Find a class that teaches this type of yoga
  • A trusted recommendation is a great place to
    start if you know others with similar objectives
    who have taken yoga classes and enjoyed them.
    Getting the names of good studios and teachers in
    your area is a great place to start. Look them up
    online and see if their approach seems like what
    you are looking for. Keep in mind that a good
    studio will offer a variety of options throughout
    the day and week, so inquire about introductory
    classes and teachers who welcome beginners. Many
    studios also offer low introductory rates so that
    you can try yoga out for a week or two and
    experiment with different classes and teachers.

  • If you already belong to a gym that offers group
    classes, then they may offer yoga as well.
    General fitness facilities dont often have the
    range of classes that a dedicated yoga studio
    will have, but can have teachers who are just as
    skilled. Be sure to check that the class is
    appropriate for a beginner, however, because you
    might feel lost in a more advanced class and that
    could spoil the experience or even lead to injury.

  • Online searches will help you locate classes that
    are nearby and convenient for your schedule. In
    the end, if you are hoping to make yoga a regular
    part of your life, then you want to narrow your
    search to appropriate locations close to home
    or work, for instance. If you become a dedicated
    practitioner, then you may well travel longer
    distances for your favorite teachers, but start
    by making it easier on yourself and youre
    likelier to stick with it.

  • What to wear and bring to class
  • Youll want to wear comfortable clothes that
    dont restrict your movement in any way, and
    which are made of light, breathable materials.
    Either loose and flowing or tight and stretchy
    can both work, depending upon what youre most
    comfortable wearing.
  • Most yoga studios have mats that can either be
    borrowed for free or rented for a small fee.
    Eventually, youll want your own mat, but you
    likely wont need one to get started.

  • A water bottle is essential to remain hydrated
    and a towel might be appropriate, especially if
    youre practicing hot yoga or another form where
    youre prone to sweat.
  • For the most part, yoga requires little equipment
    aside from a mat, though several styles do make
    use of additional props. If any props are
    necessary blocks, blankets, straps, etc. they
    will be provided by the studio.

  • Read up on what to expect from a yoga class
  • Mats are generally placed in loosely formed rows
    in the classroom or studio, and remember to leave
    enough space between your mat and that of your
    neighbour, as some of the poses and postures may
    require a little space.
  • Some yoga teachers begin their classes with some
    chanting or the invocation of an intention, and
    some like to start with short breathing exercises
    before beginning the class.

  • There will then be a series of warm up poses
    followed by more vigorous poses (except in
    restorative classes), and sessions will almost
    always end with a final relaxation pose. Some
    classes may also conclude with a closing chant or
    perhaps a brief meditation.
  • Expect to be a bit sore the next day in certain
    spots as you are likely to have used muscles that
    hadnt seen regular exercise recently. The
    soreness will pass quickly, though if you keep
    practicing and moving deeper into the poses, you
    might notice that soreness shifts to elsewhere in
    your body as you progress and get stronger and
    more flexible.

  • If there are no yoga classes near you, you still
    have options
  • There really is no substitute for attending a
    yoga class taught by a good teacher, but if there
    arent any in your area, then you still have
    several options. The best is to find a commercial
    service that offers yoga classes online. You can
    often sample a variety of different teachers to
    see what style you like and there are usually
    options for a variety of different class lengths
    so theres additional flexibility.

  • Beyond online offerings, there is also a plethora
    of books and DVDs that can be very helpful.
    Books, in particular, can be an excellent
    component to studio classes to really help you
    learn more about the poses as well as the
    philosophy and history, if those are of interest.
  • If possible, try to start by attending at least a
    few classes with a skilled teacher to learn the
    basics and periodically return to studio
    classes to make sure you dont get entrenched in
    bad habits that could lead to injury. Online
    classes, DVDs, and books can be a great
    complement to live classes, especially since they
    can help you to squeeze in a 20-30 minute
    practice on days when you otherwise wouldnt have
    time to make it to the studio.

  • A few more things to remember
  • As with any new activity or exercise program,
    be sure to consult your physician first to make
    sure that you are healthy enough to start
    practicing yoga.
  • Best not to practice shortly after a meal. Give
    yourself some time to digest.
  • Dont forget to stay hydrated, before and after
    a class
  • Inform your yoga teacher that youre new to
    yoga and be sure to mention any injuries or
    physical limitations

  • If you need help at any point during the class,
    dont be afraid to ask
  • Go in with an open mind and a willingness to
  • If something feels wrong for your body, honor
    that. There will be plenty of opportunity to
    practice advanced poses later. In the beginning,
    take it slowly.
  • We hope these tips give you a good introduction
    and encourage you to explore all that yoga has to
    offer. Its a practice that can truly help you to
    lead a happier, healthier and more fulfilled
    life. Enjoy!

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