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Professional Photographer in thane


In the world of Photography it is quite often heard that “I’m a Professional Photographer” or “I’m into Professional Photography”. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Professional Photographer in thane

Professional Photography
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In the world of Photography it is quite often
heard that Im a Professional Photographer or
Im into Professional Photography. This
statement is pretty much relevant to those 80 out
of 100 people with a DSLR who refer themselves as
Professional Photographers, this stat is a
generic thought expressed as today, genuinely
most of the people possess DSLRs, it can be due
to the price factor or passion towards
photography, Someone with serious photography
skills or hobby, anything that pushes an
individual to buy a DSLR. But mind you, Not every
individual is a photographer neither is it a
compulsion that every photographer is into
Professional Photography.
Today a smart phone has given every individual an
authority to click good pictures, every smart
phone possessing individual or let say most of
them are fascinated to click pictures, selfies
for most of them. You wont believe I have heard
people say Why to pay such hefty price to
photographers when you can get good pictures from
a phone itself. Phew!!! Arghhhhhh Well 1000
minds 1000 perspectives, reactions, my point here
is that not every individual who clicks pictures
is entitled to the tag of professional
photographer. It takes a lot of passion /
creativity / skill set patience and a lot more
to become a successful or a professional
The serious question is what makes a Photographer
a Professional? The great Celeb Photographer
Daboo Ratnani is one! In fact an individual
pursuing photography as a hobby even if being
paid at times for his or her service is not
considered being a professional
photographer. Perhaps a more important question
is what is so great about being a professional
photographer? To be very honest, what a true
professional photographer produces is rather a
phenomenon in itself
  • About being a professional photographer?
  • A photographer who adopts photography as his
    profession generally makes all his earning
    through his work. There are a few factors that
    help him enhance him function smoothly.
  • Website
  • It is highly recommended for a photographer to
    have a website with organized portfolio,
    showcasing his/her style and specialty of work.
    To highlight ones forte its important that your
    clients should be able to view your work, at
    least 20 unique pictures. This is important in
    the case of all style of photography, like
    weddings, fashion, product, lifestyle, travel and
    so on. This works as your resume as it helps your
    client to select you for different projects.

  • Contract
  • Its equally important to have made a business
    liability contracts with your client. This is
    basically a mutual agreement between the client
    and the photographer regarding the services and
    payment. A contract helps avoid any kind of
    menace on either side and leads to smooth
  • Technical savvy
  • Professional photographer must keep updated with
    the advancements in technology as photography
    today is more challenging than ever. With the
    advent of smart phones with high megapixels
    cameras everyone is a so called photographer
    today. However, only a professional knows the
    technical game of the art. And to prove it its
    important to keep up to date knowledge of the
    latest equipments and various editing software.
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