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Activities To Encourage Your Dog’s Mind


Is your dog bored? Here's Easy brain games & more fun and enjoyable activities to give your dog more mental stimulation throughout the day. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Activities To Encourage Your Dog’s Mind

Activities To Encourage Your Dogs Mind
Dogs brain is quite sharp and with proper
guidance you can improve his mental strength.
Mental fitness of a dog is as important as his
physical health. Making a dogs mind work is a
challenging task and you need to have a lot of
patience for that. If you are willing to
stimulate your dogs mental health then there are
various tasks you can perform.
Activities To Stimulate Your Dogs Mind
1. Using Treats As A Way Of Teaching Your Doggie
  • All dogs love treats. It symbolizes that they
    have done a good work and their parents are happy
    with them. This can be a very useful way of
    training your pooch.
  • You can hide their treats in front of them and
    let them find it. If they succeed, they may have
    the treats. A game of fetch is loved by dogs, so
    use it as a teaching tool.
  • Throw the treats outside in the yard or somewhere
    where your dog can run and catch it. You can also
    hide treat in one hand and let them work out in
    which hand it is, so they get the treat. Do it a
    few times till they get a hang of it.

2. Toys And Puzzles Are Always Advantageous
  • Dogs are not just pets- they are children to
    many owners. As a child likes to play with toys,
    learn names and colors, solve puzzles same
    applies for dogs.
  • Though they are unable to speak, they assess all
    the situations in their mind. There are many toys
    and puzzles available to mentally stimulate your
    dogs mind.

List of some games and puzzles that stimulates a
dogs brain.
Shell Game Its a game in which you take 2-3
identical cups and hide a treat under one of them
and let your dog guess the right cup. If he does,
then let him have the treat. Treat Ball Treat
ball is a brain game in which there are hidden
kibbles in the opening of the ball and your dog
has to identify the correct opening. He also
learns to roll the ball and play with it.
Kong Kong treats are favorite brain games of
dogs. Its a classic and as you know Old is Gold,
it is loved by dogs. It is a chewable rubber toy
which dispenses sweet treats for your dog. It is
great for puppies when they are teething.
Hide N Seek A healthy, mind instigating exercise
for dogs. Hide N Seek may seem simple but, can be
hard for your dog to learn it. Be patient, give
your dog demo. Hide stuff like a treat or a ball
or anything and then command your dog to fetch
it. Make them understand they have to find hidden
stuff and theyll get treat for it. Do it a few
times till your dog gets it and treat him.
Treasure Hunt for Dogs
  • Its a great game for your pooch because in this
    he can use his sniffing abilities to find out the
    hidden treasure which can be treats for them.
  • All these toys can be made at home also in case
    if you cant afford them.
  • Try to be as creative with your dog as
    possible. You can always practice name playing
    games with your pooch.
  • Teaching names of the toys to your dog helps him
    become mentally aware. It takes a lot of patience
    o teach such things to your dogs but once they
    get it, its fun.
  • You can say fetch me this toy and check whether
    he gets the right one or not. Similarly, you can
    also teach him various other names but that
    entirely depends on the pace at which your dog

Let Him Sniff And Explore On Walks
Apart from treats what dogs love the most is
heading out for a lovely walk and using their
noses. Yes, they love sniffing around a lot.
Although some owners dont like it, they pull
their leashes when they do so. Nose is the
strongest of the senses of dogs and making use of
it is the best thing. Also, they love walking on
new tracks rather than the same old path. Take a
different route every once in a while. This
expands the boundaries for your pooch to smell
new things on their way.
4. Play Dates
Change is a necessity for all. Mundane routines
make your mind slow. To keep your pets mind
healthy, make him meet with new people and other
pets. The best way to make this happen is by
arranging play dates for your furry pal. New
faces, new surroundings, different sounds always
instigate their brain.
  • 5. Running Errands
  • Locking up your dog alone in an empty house is
    not a good option even if you have to go run some
  • Running errands can turn out to be an
    experience for you both. New encounters boosts
    mental stimulation of your dogs mind. Its fun
    to take your pooch out for surprise run every now
    and then.
  • Its fun playing with your doggie. Physical
    exercises stimulate the dogs body growth.
    Parallel, you can also help your doggy to gain
    fitness with authentic dog supplies from reliable
    pet store.
  • It is very much require to be physically fit to
    perform well. Being mentally fit helps dog face
    many challenges too if they come across any
    situation which requires thinking and assessing
    the situation.

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