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Prevent Costly repairs with these HVAC maintenance tips


HVAC repair and replacement is a common ordeal for many home and business owners. In order for heating and cooling systems to function efficiently, any faulty parts must be addressed and corrected by a professional technician to make sure your living or working environment maintains a comfortable temperature. Unfortunately, many people do not consider heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units as equipment requiring consistent maintenance. Confusion about how to care for your HVAC system will significantly increase your likelihood of repairs, or even an expensive HVAC replacement well before you are actually due for one. Have a look at the Presentation to know more about how to take care of your HVAC System and avoid expensive replacement. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Prevent Costly repairs with these HVAC maintenance tips

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  • The price of heating and air conditioning repair
    and replacement can be expensive and more often
  • than not, the need arises in the most
  • unexpected times.
  • The good news is that there are now ways to
    prolong the life cycle of your HVAC system.
  • All you need to do is follow
  • several regular heating and
  • AC maintenance tips.
  • Maintenance measures can
  • save you from expensive AC and
  • heater repair services.

Protect the Outdoor Equipment
  • It is a must to ensure that the outdoor equipment
    is properly protected.
  • This includes the air conditioning units and heat
    pumps. There must be a minimum of two feet below
    the outdoor unit.

Keep the twigs, weeds, leaves and other yard
debris at a safe distance from the unit. It lets
the unit circulate the air better for it to run
efficiently. You might also want to cover the AC
unit during winter season to keep snow and ice
Check the Filters
  • Debris and dust uncaught by the filter will
    settle on the coil and impede its capacity to
    absorb heat. A dirty filter will also reduce the
    efficiency of the system which will make your
    system work much harder. This will put extra
    strain on all parts of the unit. The filter must
    be checked on a monthly basis and changed every
    month or two, depending on the level of

  • You should not just select a high quality filter
    for you but also have to ensure that the filter
    is checked and replaced as required.
  • Debris and dust uncaught by the filter will
    settle on the coil and impede its capacity to
    absorb heat.

Regular Inspection
  • You have to inspect all the basic components of
    the HVAC system on your own to see any obvious
    signs for any needed repair.
  • You have to inspect for damages on refrigerant
    lines. It is also important for your AC unit to
    be on level ground and watch for movement in the
    pad where your unit sits on.
  • You also have to watch for the clogged drains
    that can damage the system and lead to water
    damage in your house.

Contact a Professional HVAC Service
  • Aside from these maintenance tips, it is a must
    to hire heating and air handler services in your
  • Expert professionals can conduct a comprehensive
    inspection as well as duct cleaning to tune up
    the system to determine and repair refrigerant
  • They are also going to measure the airflow in the
    coil and identify if there are other issues that
    can decrease the efficiency of the system that
    can lead to premature replacement costs when the
    problems go unaddressed and unnoticed.

  • From last 15 years, we have been providing high
    quality repair, maintenance and installation
    services for heating and air conditioning systems
    in regions of Maryland Washington DC.
  • We offer you truly affordable heating and air
    conditioning services with unmatched client
    satisfaction and we are proud of it.

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