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Four Levels of Clean, Low Cost, Under-utilized Water Technology for Industrial / Commercial / Agricultural Applications(PART 8 OF 11)


Part 8 of 11 series: Entire part 1 to 11 can be viewed at or Environmentally Friendly, Economical, Less Well Known Water Cleantech for The Future: Across industries and science fields, previously not accepted technologies, some of which has been widely used for commercialized applications, are gradually being re-confirmed by mainstream Western academics. The next phase is how Western mainstream media of various levels(from news, science reports, to Wikipedia) are going to express these confirmations. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Four Levels of Clean, Low Cost, Under-utilized Water Technology for Industrial / Commercial / Agricultural Applications(PART 8 OF 11)

Four Levels of Clean, Low Cost, Less Known Water
Technology for Industrial / Commercial /
Agricultural Applications
PART 8 OF 11
  • Environmentally Friendly, Economical, Effective
    Water Cleantech for The Future

Ben Rusuisiak New nature paradigm TECH analysis
vancouver, BC, CANADA, updated Feb10, 2017

  • ABSTRACT This presentation
    covers some of low cost, water related
    commercialized cleantech that is under-utilized
    or not commonly known to exist at all, in areas
    of 1-Environmental cleaning, 2-HVAC improvement,
    3- Energy extraction, 4-Industrial
    processes, 5-Drinking water generation,
    6-Geoengineering, 7-Desalination wastewater
    treating, 8-Selective bio-enhancing, rust
    prevention etc. Some of them are convertible for
    a use in field of energy, medical, biology,
    weather modification, material science with
    similar advantages. ?
  • One of such effects not fully explainable by
    chemistry, yet officially utilized by some
    non-Western ally nations, is prolonged "water
    structure", or/ "activated" electrical charge
    holding capacity of ions in water. There are
    multiple treatment methods that can cause
    sustained unique capability in plain water for at
    least 4-5 days and used without added chemical or
    solutes. e.g. a-As detergent for commercial
    kitchen, butcher or heavy oil removal, b-Non
    fouling industrial cutting or washing fluid,
    c-Hospital operation room, or food industry
    equipment disinfectant, d-Medical
    oxygen/hydrophobic drug delivery, skin
    disease/infection/organ, upto conventionally
    untreatable chronic disease. e-Plant/animal
    growth increase, brackish water feeding,
    Removing animal residence odor, f-Increase
    strength of concrete, ice, paper, g-Enhance
    flavor of pasta, coffee, bakery, h-Low
    emission fuel making from subgrade incombustible
    hydrocarbon, i-Display chemical or mineral effect
    without chemistry present in water. Some
    exceptionally electrical-active water seems to
    even function as "phase catalyst" and used as
    "plain water concentrate" for similar or more
    robust effects by dilution.?

  • Such Scientific Status gap in water tech by
    nations is fairly common and it affects research
    funding market share of effective processes.
    e.g water treatment by Time variant magnetic
    field Rotating/Concentric Electrode, Far
    InfraRed waves, Hydrodynamic Cavitation,
    Sub/SuperCritical water, Non Anthraquinone H2O2,
    Emulsion fuel, Cold fusion, Resonance H2O
    decomposing, Acoustic Pulsed Fire Dewatering,
    Electro-Scavenging effect for rain generation
    Cosmic Ray based climate change idea. One reason
    for discrediting is they might co-display
    scientifically economically disruptive seeming
    thermodynamic over-unity non-local phenomena.
    But low cost effective way to displace chemical
    based system also have been supported in West
    Electrooxidation/coagulation or multiple ways of
    AOP including Ozone was backed by European groups
    they are now supporting Plasma Activated Water,
    Thermal Hydrolysis, Membrane Distillation,
    various Nano Filtration etc. Others are accepted
    but only for certain use ElectroOsmosis/Poration,
    Metal ion, 3chamber electrolysis, Vacuum
    superheated steam, Steam eductor etc. Overall,
    previously science contested low cost clean water
    tech is increasingly rapidly adopted even by
    multinationals, often accompanied by firm back up
    of mainstream media, science, tech awards. And
    unless spread of this new paradigm stalls soon,
    limitation based "closed system" belief of
    society will fundamentally shift to no-limit
    "open system" before 2030. - Ben
Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada
  • p10 Crystallization Template
    sssddAssisted, Fluidized Bed etc
    p21 Ozone UV etc p41
    SuperCritical Water etc
  • p45 Ultrasonic, Cavitation effect, . . .
    Pulsed Combustion Drying

    p61 Nano/UltraFine Bubble etc p67
    PhotoCatalytic water etc
  • p91 Electrolyzed acid water etc p118 Plasma
    Activated Water
    Electrolytic Venturi etc p141 .Magnetic Water
  • p157 Phase Catalyst Water

    p181 Torsion field/Scalar Wave p190
    Far InfraRed, Bioceramic, .. Minerals treated
  • p221 Pumpable Ice Slurry p228 ElectroSpray
    etc p235 ElectroHydraulic
  • p245 Solar Desalination etc p268 SuperHeated
    Steam etc
  • PART 8 p288
    Magnetic Resonance
    . Freezing Thawing
    p291 Ion projection
    p298 Ferrous/Ferrate Ion water
    p310 Vacuum Saturation/DDW, . Steam Jet
  • p338 Plant Polymer Micelle p343 Rain Related
    Weather .. Modification
    p358 Water Technology List - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada - Ben
Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

  • This presentation might not always reflect the
    views of mainstream group, particularly of
    western media, large NGOs, wikipedia hence
    attendants/readers are recommended to re-assess
    the data from independent perspective Listed
    commercialized claims include that are
    contradicting mainstream science law or
    effectiveness acceptance level, while empirically
    deemed to produce effects repeatedly. "Cleantech"
    here includes "clean chemicals" that are non
    residual Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, Peracetic
    Acid, Plasma/ElectroChemical reaction etc
  • Compared to other industries, water technology
    tends to have wider varied mechanics to achieve
    intended physical effects Labs, schools, even
    conservative mainstream, or mundane looking
    companies often use their own effective unique
    processes not widely known. Many of what is
    covered here are selected technologies known as
    effective in some sectors or by small of
    consumers but not by other sectors.?

    Currently more detailed
    reference list is being produced will be
    published separately The research is updated
    based on reviewing academic papers journals,
    books, speeches, presentations, patents,
    lab/commercialized product testimonies/complaints,
    publications public records of
    NGOs/media/research institutes/think
    tanks/military/space gov't agencies/industry
    associations. Due to space constraints,
    referenced individual names are given with max 3
    letters of first name with entire last
    name(except some non-Western names), company
    names are listed in a way that is findable by
    internet search.
  • 12 page long Water Technology Effect Comparison
    Grid List is located at the end of presentation.

    THIS FILE IS PART 8 of 11
    FILE AT SCRIBDclick here, ISSUUclick
    here, YUMPU click here, or CALAMEO click
    here - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
How to Read Tech Detail Explanation Texts

  • Technology claims are explained in details in
    each of 66 dedicated section in coming pages.
    Example of Hydrodynamic cavitation below
  • Tech effects Code used in tech lists(located at
    end of this presentation) are headed by Boldface
    purple letters as on the right. Code might
    refer to either or both of a-effect of static
    water product, b-process effect itself on water
    rather than water's effect on matter.
  • Commercialized tech claims are listed in(Blue
    Letter ), and within bracket means other
    unnamed companies also claim same effect.
    at example D4 indicates
    particularly effective application.
  • 11Hydrodynamic cavitation WM Accepted effect
    J(BOD reduction, Advanced Oxidizing Process,
    toxin/oil field waste water/sludge
    decomposing)(, For ballast
    water(Globallast ua), Enhanced oil recovery-
    additional hydrocarbon quality improvement(Arisdyn
  • Sometimes WM Disputed effect, A(Descaling), HVAC
    application(HyCator, VRTX Technologies), Pipe
    cleaning(Group Konstanta ???????), Dairy
    product flow pipe descaling is WM
    rejected(TEKMASH) B(anticorrosion of water
    pipes), C(Algae removal)(CT Systems ua),

56NanoFiltration Effect mix of Accepted,
Disputed, Generally Rejected, Fully rejected by
Western Mainstream(WM)
  • 56NanoFiltration(also see 22Nano Material
    Used Filter), In many ways it is completely
    mainstream tech but some other ways it is clearly
    underused. Generally referred as single digit
    nanometer filtration(1-9nm), Similar effect as
    55Nano Material treating. Typically passes
    monovalent ions i.e. by ionic size, also charge
    etc. But can to some extent customizeable -
    selectively pass certain solutes or set
    directionality of flow by size and charge(RO
    rejects all one fixed way only by outside
    force) ie can function like biological ionic
    channels or super low cost desalination if
    designed(nanopore size needs to be property
    arranged with specific material, also at Carbon
    Nanotube case, water permeability is up to 4-5
    orders of magnitude faster than allowed by
    conventional science law sometimes media
    debunked) if designed. And importantly all of
    this disruptive base idea is approved by WM and
    active research continues wold wide. Some of
    advanced use currently are more often for labs
    and pharmaceutical(MetalMembranes)
  • Wide range of claims from mainstream academics to
    sidelined engineers/scientists, particularly
    non-west related(China). Often key for
    anomalous effect is by Use of
    ?1 Various types of
    metal/silicon nanowire, ?2 Janus particle(nano
    sized, have duel hydrophilic and hydrophobic
    side) used membrane, also to some extent Charged
    Nanofilter Membrane types, ?3 Nanocarbon/Carbon
    Nanotube/Inorganic Nanotube or electro-conductive
    polymer, ?3 Mixing/doping/coating certain nano
    or fine metal element such as Silver/Copper/Zinc
    etc, ?4 Metal membrane(some advanced tech can
    make pores down to nano or smaller size, with
    through straight even hole with super high flux
    rates, can be made to suit extreme conditions).
    --gtgtcontinued - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
56NanoFiltration continued 2
  • Also due to this high electroconductivity, it
    might kill all virus if designed optimally for
    it(electroporation). These electric or charge
    based Nanocarbon mechanics link to
    pseudoscientized bioenhancing effect of water
    activation methods(magnetic, FIR wave, Electric
    pulse, catalyzed water etc) - as they also have
    similar effect light diffraction quality etc.
    This superior quality can be more fully utilized
    in near future in mainstream by hierarchical
    membrane with nanoporous on top layer supported
    by structurally more robust microporous types at
    the base(manufactured by phase inversion). while
    in some cases this seems to be already quietly
    commercialized, including under vacuum filtration
    mechanics - particularly by Chinese companies.
  • WM Accepted effect N2(demineralizing effect),
    mainstream use e.g. demineralization/concentratio
    n of whey/lactose at Dairy, filtering dye at
    Textile, or sugar at Beverage industry is
    preferable to EDI, Ion exchange, or RO. Mega
    membrane players involved are also expanding to
    underutilized use(Koch Membrane, GE water, Toray
    Membrane, Dow Chemical), some are specialized
    focus in specific major use industry but also
    aiming for underused area(Reda Spa,
    Lakta-service, Milktech ru, ???????? "KINGS
    FOOD") often enables straight reuse of
    wastewater, e.g. laundry water reuse etc. Many
    offer portable containerized/on skid portable
    units(Lifestream Watersystems, Degrémont
    Technologies, Newterra, Kriva Rochem), Entering
    nanosize as ceramic membrane(Cerahilix)
    --gtgtcont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
56NanoFiltration continued 3
  • --gtgtWM Accepted effect cont

    P2(Waterfilter) can
    displace existing system with low cost, likely
    lead by Europe with China Often water passing
    filter with electro-conductive material is
    treated by self generated electricity/microplasma
    for automatic disinfection by hydroxyl etc, as
    home use(Vontron), counter top device(Origin
    Water ?????????????), When combined with regular
    microfilter, system recycles water to save 90 of
    shower water with sufficient disinfection even at
    residential level(Orbital Systems AB). Use for
    Reverse Osmosis for longer lasting effects(LT
    Technologies, EcoChem International, SnowPure,
    GEA filtration) generally preferred minerals
    remain unlike RO. Chlorine exposure proof
    polymer based filter(Anfiro), State backed
    production to decrease import(Rusnano),
    Fibreglass bonded with electropositive
    nanoparticle/fibre for faster waterflow
    trapping(Argonide NanoCeram)
  • Effective enough to make oil exploration water
    drinkable directly after filtering(Vibe inc
    Sandbox Resource), Commercial water cleaning
    e.g. Agricultural or general industrial
    wastewater(Microdyn-Nadir, Inopor, Synder
    Filtration, ?????????? ??????? ??????????,
    Enviropark ru), Pulp paper(Aslan
    technologies), Also various academic researches
    on customizable filter by spraying different
    mineral nano powder onto base membrane intending
    for different purposes(Mor Endo),Nanomanget
    sprayed nanofilter to replace pool's chlorine use
    if regulation permits(, airborne
    moisture germ trapping killing(Toshiba
    CAF-D4), Pretreatment of RO desalination(Filtroxr
    us) --gtgtcont - Ben
Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada
56NanoFiltration continued 4
  • --gtgt cont WM Accepted effect P2(Watefilter)

    combined with existing filter system, it further
    augments performance(eg acoustically filtrated
    carbon nanotube filter, permeation is not driven
    by conventional pressure or even gravity). Well
    adopted by space agency or military, also seems
    coagulation component to be capable of recovering
    at filter(eg extra oil recovered while filtered
    water is instantly drinkable).
  • Nanofilteration used Forward Osmosis(FO)
    effect(FO is not at all exclusive to Nanofilters,
    neither is below commercialized example) is
    lowest cost in some limited specific situations
    Use of osmotic power, by clean water side of
    membrane having higher solutes content than dirty
    water side of membrane. Hence little to no power
    required while causing far less membrane fouling.

  • Cost competitive set up is made by use of draw
    solutions that are easily recoverable/separable/re
    useable by temperature change etc for cost
    reduction, so even by combining with RO, it
    might still reduce costs, nutrition is kept
    during concentrating process(eg juice) without
    heating(Oasys water, HTI water, Modern Water,
    Forward Water Technologies), use of Carbon
    Nanotube filter for additional significant
    saving(Porifera). Mechanics example of FO NH3
    CO2 bubbling in water produces salts with very
    high osmotic pressure(NH4HCO3 etc) but easily
    separated/recovered when applied low grade heat.
    Also in certain natural situation it might be
    suitable(eg dirty water cleaning to discharge
    into ocean, located next to desalination reject
    water channel, or making heavy sugary beverage
    etc). - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
56NanoFiltration continued 5
  • --gtgt cont WM Accepted effect

  • L3(run CDI more efficiently, removing CO2),
    W2(remove oil, salt, deoxidizing cooking,
    elements, preserve nutrients) combo use of
    hydrophobic/oleophobic element use to filter
    various elements (NacoTech), use of nano carbon
    activation process (NanoCarb), hydrophilic type
    for dye removal water softening(MemTech),
    effective due to ion recovery(AMS Membranes),
    Previously stated Hierarchical Nanoengineered
    Membrane can be particularly effective with its
    physical durability backed up by microporous
    membrane combined, to fully deploy its
    hydrophillic/hydrophobic ability in customized
  • Sometimes WM Disputed effect M2(Desalination
    effect) academically it is mainstream but
    probably too abrupt disruptive(much higher
    permeability, far less fouling, far lower energy
    use for filtration etc compared to RO membrane,
    by advanced salt ion management by adding certain
    material in filter) for industry structure to
    bring out in highlighted way for
    commercialization(eg Perforene - Lockheed), So
    less known companies commercialize
  • Good potential for combined low pressure high
    flow low cost desalination with additionally
    electricity generated by removing ions from
    seawater with specialty Molybdenum Disulfide
    (MoS2) nanofilter(Nar Aluru), Even more
    efficient if osmotic pressure is used(Moh
    Heiranian), Various disruptive Nanofiltration
    application topic is widely discussed its
    practicality by WM academia. --gtgt continue - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
56NanoFiltration continued 6
  • --gtgt cont Sometimes WM Disputed effect
    M2(Desalination effect)
    Aquaporin based filter claims to
    use 1/2 of energy cost of RO(Mangrove Membranes
    Inc - Applied Biomimetic, Aquaporin dk)
    actually it should be much less than 1/2 due to
    little to no energy required, maybe due to its
    filter's fragile nature? Facilitated
    diffusion/ion-charge gradient difference based,
    Also other ion channeling biomimicry filters
    under research. Again various nanofilters can do
    this type at lab levels Use of electrical
    Double Layer charging nanopores of filter to
    electromigrate/separate salt ions.
  • Unlisted effect(Descaling pipes corrosion
    prevention)(AquaClear LLC, WEHRLE Umwelt, Shivam
    Water Treaters )

  • Occasionally claimed Generally media type
    Rejected effect I2(Solubility increase of
    treated water), O2(Hydroxyl radical production),
    Currently clumsy set up as this is basically WM
    approved effect
  • WM Fully rejected Same effect claims should be
    made between Nanofilter 55Nano Material
    treated water, but probably due to small number
    of claimant samples(less than 50), claims shown
    on the list are not identical. As for
    effectiveness approval level by WM, finished
    product filter has more severe debunking than
    nanocarbon. (Also See these in reference to
    22Nano Material Used Filter), Q2(food stock
    preservation water), S2(Bioenhancing water),
    T2(metal rust reduction/prevention), V2(Low redox
    potential) it can be other way around(hydroxyl
    production) depends on set up, A3(Deuterium
    Depleted Water production),
  • Weak effects J2(emulsion) - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
57Electric Magnetic Resonance
Freezing/Thawing Effect mix of Accepted
Generally Rejected by (WM)
  • 57Electric Magnetic Resonance
    Accepted effect as obvious for freezing
    application Q2(food preservation).
  • Effect of this technology is in hanging state in
    mainstream. Western ally Japan widely installed
    this while rest of West(including Wikipedia in
    all languages also in Japanese) is still often
    pseudoscientizing it, hence creating a market
    void in other Western nations, yet even some
    mainstream group in rest of west is quietly
    installing. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
57Electric Magnetic Resonance
Freezing/Thawing continued 2
  • gtgt cont WM Accepted effect

    Magnetic/electric field oscillation(often
    multiples of frequencies are emitted) to prevent
    freezing at below 0C temperature, This
    supercooling state is followed by quick even
    freezing over critical temperature range that
    can otherwise break cell walls of food by water
    expansion, this seems to be due to small
    clustered ice crystals formed from water
    molecules, also some effect in electroporation of
    breaking germ/bacteria cells(thinner-much weaker
    than food cell walls).
  • WM Rejected effect P2(disinfection, suppress low
    temp active bacteria) (Marche-machinery,
    Proton-Group net), some combine visible light
    photocatalysis to kill ethylene(C2H4) (Hitachi
    Shinku Chilled ), R2(Able to freeze defrost
    raw fish, meat, or even some salad keep intact
    cell structure) food appear fresh as if freezing
    never took place, U2(consistently show much lower
    energy cost from user feedback) -20C range
    fridge works on par with -60C types (Nice01-
    Akiyama-Denshi), U2(often food lowers redox
    potential)(Daiwa Reiki Kogyo), X2(lower
    freezing point) - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
57Electric Magnetic Resonance
Freezing/Thawing continued 3
  • --gtgtcont WM Rejected

    Unlisted effects
    i-High grade food conservation duration is
    extended up to 3times compared to conventional
    freezing tech(Abi-net Cell Alive System, Depak
    jp), Same mechanics can be used to create
    ii-Supercooled water fridge for beverages(Boscom
    jp, Mars Company jp),
  • As noted prior its iii-Magnetic resonance
    frequency itself can be adjusted to cause
    bioenhancement effect on plants animals via
    electrically activated water exposed to the
    relevant frequency, or enhanced directly by
    projected nearby EM field,(Iyashiro ??)
    iv-Flavor improves as frozen stored some
    duration (Maruko Denshi), v-Not publicized but
    organ transplant type application used?
  • Generally all of this sections effects are
    equally claimed by most manufacturers listed
    here. For consumer refrigerator market, key
    players in Japan are selling same above
    supercooling effect device with different
    mechanics - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
58Ionizing projection in air-mist Effect mix of
Accepted, Disputed, Generally Rejected by (WM)
  • 58Ionizing projection in air mist or Mist
    ion/electrostatic/electron projection(This is not
    fully water technology Many devices have only
    minor use of airborne water for ion projection in
    air or moisture as target of ion). ?

  • Weak power micro electron projection types have
    basically same effect as 25Electro Static
    treatment of air-mist, in clean tech segment it
    competes with UV air treatment,14Photocatalytic
    treatment(or combination of both),
    17Electrolyzed Acid water spray,
    41'ElectroSpray. But mid high power
    accelerated High Current Electron
    Beam(HCEB)(Electron impact ionization)(also
    available on X-ray range) has rapid matter/water
    altering or decomposing effect, mainstream use in
    pharma and polymer/metal dry process but under
    deployed for food or water. Its ionizing
    radiation level is high enough to be bio
    beneficial far below hazardous range. Note HCEB
    effect description is bracketed by marks. For
    radiation benefit explanation go to another
    report Tesla, Other Controversial Energy Tech
    Claims... look up "radioactive material".

  • WM Accepted effect I2(solubility increase),
    Q2(food stock preservation), HCEB is used for
    food pasteurization(Tecleor, Comet AG ebeam,
    ????????? ????? ??????????-??????? ?????????,
    ?????), Due to very high initial cost of setting
    up the system, custom processing services are
    offered (Iotron Impela,, SureBeam Middle
    East, Sadex), while some rather recommend their
    high penetration high radiation gamma ray from
    cobalt or x-ray service option(Steris), Some
    offer portable service(Budker Institute of
    Nuclear Physics),), H3(effective paint
    spraying, ion deposition) Painting preparation
    by static adjustment (EXAIR Ion Air Jet).

  • ?Weaker effect J2(emulsion), ? - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
58Ionizing projection in air-mist continued 2
  • Sometimes WM Disputed effect E3(air cleaner, fog
    reducing, wet electrostatic precipitator) some
    effective industrial wet scrubbers charge only
    water mist etc(Cloud Chamber Scrubber -
    Tri-mer), Contact Electrification applied air
    cleaning from use of new TriboElectric
    Nanogenerators(Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy
    Nanosystems), also deodoring effect, Extremely
    effective construction site etc dust/smoke
    capturing "open air electrostatic wet scrubber
    system"(Kajima Kensetsu ????EC???)

    This completely std mainstream industrial
    process effect which is also called
    Electrostatic Air Filter has interesting
    treatment by certain mainstream groups
  • -They might selectively interpret effect and
    actually dispute effectiveness eg the process
    is proven to cause harmful effect with regular
    use, or simply calling ineffective" by quoting
    only rare failed test of less effective type
    device used yrs ago etc.
  • -Sign of specific mainstream group sponsored
    debunking appeals, often targeting consumer
    market. This type of media led campaign tends to
    create scientific contradiction. Tech is usually
    much lower in electricity cost than alternative
    method and filter is often washable for reuse. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
58Ionizing projection in air-mist continued 3
  • gtgt cont Sometimes WM media Disputed effect std
    mainstream industrial process E3(air cleaning-

  • a-Some devices focus to projecting ion only one
    way to kill germs(by hydroxyl) for precision
    required industrial room or residential purpose,
    some less refined type of this model collect
    dusts instead of repelling each other and dust
    occurs on floor. Frequent target for exaggerated
    ozone harm appeal by some WM media, Hybrid type
    with Photocatalysis(Andes Biomicron),
  • b-Focus projecting ion to charge air particles
    then such it in to attach-collect by charge
    polarity (Plasma Cluster - Sharp), or
  • c-General commercial /industrial types particles
    pass thru ionizer and electrostatically treated
    to carry a charge, then drawn to their opposite
    charge filter-electrode and cleaned up
    Electrostatic Air Cleaner(Five Seasons Electro
    Air, Trion air, Rydair), effective for cigarette
    smoke sucking system by combining activated
    carbon filter vortex(Tornex jp), Dielectric
    Barrier Discharge triggered(30-40knz range)
    micro/cold plasma use prolonged stronger air
    cleaning effects at human breathing environment
    (Novaerus - Plasma Air International - Aerisa,
    Riedel Filtertechnik GmbH ) some of them
    unofficially claim for bioenhancing effects of
    human plants. Food item disinfection with no
    heat applied(Aerox BV) - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
58Ionizing projection in air-mist continued 4
  • gtgt cont Sometimes WM media Disputed effect std
    mainstream industrial process E3(air cleaning-

    d-Heavier cleaning can be
    done(particularly for less than 1µm size
    particulates) by Wet Electrostatic Precipitator
    types(power use less than wet scrubber but more
    expensive to install), often segment specific
    (EnviBat, AH Lundberg, Napco Separation ), Dry
    Electrostatic Precipitator also uses some water
    elements, much larger market than wet types
    (Alstom, GEA),
  • Yet some electrospray/ionizing projection water
    type wet scrubber claims lowest overall cost for
    combined installation and operation including sub
    1µm PM 2.5 performance (CleanMarine no,
    Tri-Mer), They are much more widely used than
    usually segment targeted wet types. Experimental
    vortex used increased effect claims(Vorsana) ?

  • e-Use breathing process regenerative(no specific
    process needed) ion adsorption media to
    selectively retain moisture and heat indoor while
    ventilate dirty or toxic air(TED ?????),

  • f-High Current Electron Beam(HCEB) projection
    has strong flu gas decomposition alteration
    effect eg making fertilizer(Budker Institute of
    Nuclear Physics, ??????? ??????????????? ????????
    ????????????/???????????? ????? ???????
    ??????????????, ???????????? Chinaep net ) - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
58Ionizing projection in air-mist continued 5
  • gtgt cont Sometimes WM media Disputed effect std
    mainstream industrial process
  • O2(disinfect-decompose toxin/germs in flowing or
    bulk water or wet sludge, AOP) as High Current
    Electron Beam(HCEB) is exceptional case and WM
    Accepted effect(Iwasaki Denki, ScanTech Holdings,, ?? ??????, EB TECH Co Ltd,
    CGN Dasheng Electron Accelerator), Note China
    seems to have a significant of "pilot
    installations" facilitated by state and academics
    that are fully functioning as accelerated
    electron beam water treatment system ?

    But the
    same effect is WM Rejected when micro power
    electron ionizing projection is used
  • O2(disinfect germs primarily by hydroxyl of
    moisture or water spray)(Sharp PlasmaCluster,
    Panasonic NanoE, Microniser), this effect is
    also WM science std accepted idea usually
    unapproved by WM media and industry lobby
    publications. Incidentally, this type of lobbying
    to create scientific reality itself sometimes
    appears to be also standard practise for
    interlocked mainstream "allied" groups.
  • S2(bioenhancing) by electron/ion/spark/microplasm
    a/microlightning projection (only marginally
    water mist related), Human preferred
    fermentation quickens(but undesired mold tends to
    decrease), water soaking permeability increase,
    food in area lasts 30 longer, Growth increase
    for Plant(20)-fermentation(2-3times), relation
    to "Orgone" effect(Yusing TBA-HT4, Plasma ?????
    ???????, Greentechno ????), (also see
    65'Precipitation related Weather Modification)

  • T2(metal rust prevention), U2(increase energy
    effectiveness) electric equipment efficiency
    maintenance, V2(low redox potential), I3(metal
    cleaning) Negative ion blow dryer
    (????) --gtgtcont - Ben
Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada
58Ionizing projection in air-mist continued 6
  • --gtgt cont WM Rejected
  • ? Weaker effects R2(freezing raw salad/high
    grade food) doesnt freeze itself but assists
    effective freezing, W2(remove oil/salt,
    deoxidized food), X2(lower freezing point),
    Y2(acidity control), Z2(fast efficient heat
  • ? Unlisted effects Electron air curtain
    Electrification Screen System that shuts out
    smell/smoke/oil particle/dust/germs from clean
    odorless room while door or widow is fully opened
    - by projected ion flow in any direction required
    vertical/diagonal/ horizontal(Silkroom jp,
    AirFresh jp, Panasonic aircurtain)
  • Unlisted WM Fully rejected Effect occurs in
    same closed space when electron/mist is projected
    from intended type of device listed at bottom
    Manufacturing process improve - not just types of
    electrostatic painting turn over efficiency, but
    regular mechanical friction heat reduce due to
    static drop in same room leading to higher
    product quality, Flavor enhancement all food
    displayed in a room, Kill germs, Reduces
    undesired insects pests occurring, Decreases
    moisture content of closed room. --gtgtcont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
58Ionizing projection in air-mist continued 7
  • ---gtgtcont Unlisted WM Fully rejected
  • This seeming electron phenomena also occurs at
    surroundings of torsion field generator(Rotating
    magnetic field other causes), strong
    antioxidant producing mineral(see section
    33Bioceramic Mineral) or active microorganism
    in sealed bottles(30EM). Majority of effects in
    this section 58 is amplified when it takes place
    where hardwood high temperature
    processed(600-1200C) biochar(non glue) is
    strategically buried or mixed in building
    material,(Maruko-Denshi, ShinseiDenshi,,, linked to
    "Orgone" effect(65'Precipitation Related Weather
  • Long distance effective WINDLESS electron
    projection static removal by balancing repulsing
    effect by separating anode/cathode electrodes to
    decrease dust related precision product defect by
    90(TRINC jp) - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
59Ferrous Ferric/Ferrate ion, or its oscillation
only Effect mix of Accepted, Generally Rejected
Fully rejected by(WM)
  • 59Ferrous Ferric ion dissolved(eg Fe2Fe3Cl5)
    or its oscillation treated water(Ferrous is 2
    oxidation state iron, Ferric is 3,
    Bivalent-Trivalent Ferrates, also see ? Iron
    Sulphate Fertilization in water for later pages
    in this section
  • WM Accepted effect Q2(Advanced Oxidation- AOP)
    Ferrous ion related strong oxidation effect of
    various versions of Fenton Reaction(with H2O2 to
    generate Hydroxyl as likely cause for effective
    disinfection, but something also seems to be
    anomalous with Ferrous ion ability) exists and
    extensively studied by academics but low key
    industrial application for water(US Peroxide),
    compared to moisture-water containing ground
    remediation(Vertex Environmental Inc, In-Situ
    Oxidative Technologies - ISOTEC) even upto
    Chelate use high pH version(Kajima Kensetsu
    or always use Citric acid(

    One of
    most effective commercialized water treatment
    with self H2O2 generating Electro Fenton(Boron
    Dope Diamond electrolysis etc)(Thyssenkrup - Uhde
    - DeNora Permelec - "New Fenton"), Photo Electro
    Fenton(UV/Solar etc), Sono Electro Fenton, or
    rare Hydrodynamic Cavitation Fenton(AG
    Chakinala) etc.
  • WM Rejected At WM unacceptable level, some type
    of activation or ion/electron excitation,
    occurs and works in such a way to generate
    various bio enhancement effects Some devices use
    its bioceramic memory, others very slight ion
    dissolves in water as it passes through device to
    trigger electrical activity in water Similar to
    Weaker effect version of 28Catalytic water,
    and sometimes stronger longer lasting effect
    than majority of 26Electric/27Magnetic field
    treated water, Cross over with 33BioCeramic
    mineral combination water or 21Fulvic Acid
    water, Used often combined with other
    vitalization type filters - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
59Ferrous Ferric ion/Ferrate ion dissolved, or
its oscillation only treated water Continued 2
  • WM Rejected effect(but generally media level)
    I2(solubility increase), J2(emulsion), T2(rust
    reduction/prevention), V2(low redox potential),
  • WM Fully rejected effect S2(bioenhancing) can
    place fresh water and ocean fish both together in
    slight salty water, This effect is also regularly
    demonstrated in 13Nanobubble, or 28Catalytic
    water. ?

    Comparatively weak effect Q2(food stock
    preservation water), X2(low freezing point),
    Y2(acidity control), Z2(Fast efficient heat
    conducting within sealed space), D3(hydrophobic
    drug solubility/carrier/permeable), F3(efficient
    fast drying/ wood by spraying the water on
    surface) Strong electric activity of water seems
    to affect wood surface to depart moisture from
    cell structure- stronger version seen in some of
    28Catalytic water
  • Unlisted effect Medical application
    hydrophobic drug carrier, increased cell
    permeability, Some western medical groups
    continue to use this water without publicizing
    results(to keep reputation, medical license etc),
    For bioenhancing microorganism search(whether it
    grows well in it or stifled)(Ter Higa) - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
59Ferrous Ferric ion/Ferrate ion dissolved, or
its oscillation only treated water Continued 3
  • gtgt cont WM Fully rejected effect

  • Commercialized eg Strong effects of Ferrous
    Ferric ion reaction type water is fairy
    consistently claimed by manufactures of
    device/water (pWater - PiWater or its licensees, there are various water
    claimed to be using similar PiWater recipe, or
    first originator (Wonyong Tamara Water), US FDA
    approved pseudoscientific water as dietary
    supplement(Wonyong Vital Organic Water
    V.O.W)(2030950) Diplomatic Immunity?(South
    Korean product). Unique "Ferrous-Ferric
    Chloride" bioceramic water(Akatsuka FFC) this
    tech is partially mainstream academic backed
    Harvard univ etc. Some are ion dissolving
    type(, ??????),

  • Related strong combitnation effect of
    for lake/drinking water/wastewater/ballast water
    exists by Ferrate ion(FeO4)2? generator as
    initially mainstream highlighted but later
    practically media ignored effect if not
    rejected(Ferrate Treatment Technologies) but
    actually strong industrial and military
    applications - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
59Ferrous Ferric ion/Ferrate ion water
Continued 4 ? Iron
Sulphate Depositing in large body of water
  • ? Iron Sulphate Depositing in water/Ocean
    Fertilization(FeSO4, or FeSO4.7H2O) As std
    process FeSO4 is used for Drinking or Waste water
    treatment(coagulant), Hydrometallurgy, or Part of
    aquaculture feed mix. Incidentally even certain
    toxic heavy metal effluent can be now processed
    by unique mainstream approved low cost
    proprietary photochemical hydrometallurgy to
    produce very potent Iron Sulphate type liquid
    fertilizer(GOLDn GRO) and other reuseable silver
    silver glass slag products with zero waste
    zero liquid discharge(Itronics), Note this is
    related to Ferrous Ferric Ion tech but not fully
    combined "Ferrous Ferric" ion(Fe2 Fe3) type,

  • WM Rejected cost effectiveness of below S2 claims
    at media level, At mainstream science it is
    disputed level, at strict specialized science
    undeniable (below1) or at least it clearly works
    majority of the time at large volcano eruption
    ash deposit level(2), cost effectiveness is
    unknown or questionable(3)?

    S2(bioenhancing increasing population)
  • claims1-phytoplankton increase, 2-Fishstock
    3-CO2 sequestration due
    to phytoplankton increase
  • Mainly Iron(II)/Ferrous Ion (Fe2) to fertilize
    certain selected body of water in ocean/lake
    for(1st claim)Phytoplankton increase(seemingly
    usually at least x2times, very effective to
    distribute at low iron offshore surface area, but
    often lasts only short duration). Phytoplankton
    Increase is significant level in all of dozen
    in-situ mainstream group trial of 0.5-120ton size
    conducted in poor iron surface water area by
    FeSO4 scattering(NIWA, LOFAFEX, EisenEx, CROZEX,
    SERIES, Ironex ).
    --gtgtcont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
59Ferrous Ferric ion/Ferrate ion water
Continued 5 ? Iron
Sulphate Depositing in water 2
  • --gtgtcont WM Rejected claims at media,
    S2(bioenhancing) of 2nd claim
  • Based on FeSO4 depositing consistently showing
    explosively increased phytoplanktons in low iron
    surface water region, theoretically it is
    probable correctly-timed increase of fish food
    leads to(food chain reaction takes phytoplankton
    --gtzooplankton --gtfish stock)

    claim)Fish stock increase its
    biofunction(probably very effective but not
    enough actual data to firmly back up, also
    variables unknown)
  • ? Only one publicly known major trial is made,
    which coincided with abrupt record level 10-20
    fold fish return results then declining as
    expected due to no scattering since(2013/14
    Fraser River etc Canada)(Haida Salmon Restoration
    Corporation, Ocean Pastures Corp ), Some times
    also Iron Oxide is used.

  • ? Selected test sites had iron deficient surface
    off shore ocean/lake environment with already
    sufficient phosphate Nitrogen level, hence it
    is likely single major condition for explosive
    phytoplankton growth(Jo Martin Ste Fitzwater)

    ? Limited but also
    lab type data indicates volcano ash(heavy iron)
    triggers explosive growth of phytoplantkon(Sve
    Duggen) - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
59Ferrous Ferric ion/Ferrate ion water
Continued 6 ? Iron
Sulphate Depositing in water 3
  • --gtgtcont WM Rejected claims at media,
    S2(bioenhancing) of 2nd claim Fish stock
  • Volcano ash(heavy iron) falling on
    ocean/lake/river seems to trigger its short term
    explosive plankton growth followed by fish
    population growth, while negative long lasting
    environmental impact of above doesn't seem to be
    major(Rus George, Pet Gross), Examples
  • 1912 Katmai USA At least 2 times growth but can
    be much more (GA

    1956 ?????????? - ?????
    ?????????? ????????/Kamchatka Russia same growth
    level as Katmai(????????? ??, ?????? ??),
    Kasatochi USA 10-20times(Tim Parsons), also
    numerous tests on fresh volcano ash lab
    environment grows algae, trees, or agricultural
    crops with significantly increase growth for
    1-2yrs after feeding.
  • There are several other academic anecdotal
    stories related to some of other larger volcano
    eruptions Aleutian islands, Chile, Kamchatka.
    Yet results are not uniform - each volcano
    mineral content is not the same(Cli
    Oppenheimer), --gtgtcont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
59Ferrous Ferric ion/Ferrate ion water
Continued 7 ? Iron
Sulphate Depositing in water 4
  • --gtgtcont WM Rejected claims at media,
  • (3rd claim)CO2 sequestration by thriving
    phytoplankton(There is clear effect, but probably
    not cost effective)
  • ? Extremely large volcano's intermittent long
    duration ash depositing causes prolonged massive
    phytoplankton bloom with clear CO2 reduction(JL

    ? When scale is smaller it is lot
    more difficult to measure attribute to CO2
    reduction like dramatic effect of fish
    increase(Rob Hamme),

  • ? Volcano eruption cases when significant effect
    is clearly observed (Agung -
    Indonesia, Pinatubo - Philippines, etc),

  • A- Unlike fish increase type eruption, its CO2
    reduction seems to need locally catastrophic
    volume of ash/iron dispersion cost being

    B- Causes fair
    amount of lasting environmental damage due to its
    scale C-
    Effect could be largely to do with land plants'
    very prolonged enhanced growth rather than
    plankton photosyhthesis? - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
59Ferrous Ferric ion/Ferrate ion water
Continued 8 ? Iron
Sulphate Depositing in water 5 RISK FACTOR
  • gtgt cont WM Fully rejected effect


    A- Interlocked Mainstream Group's
    standard process of across the board debunking
  • i-Majority of large Western media or most of
    Mainstream funded large environmental groups
    ignore most or all of tested positive tech
    results in official western academic data listed
    in this section for volcanic ash FeSO4, hence
    easily claim "there is no evidence this works at
    all" with quotes of willing debunking scientists,
    then furnishing it with words like "devastating",
    "largest geoengineering experiment" "contravened
    UN convention" to encourage public to not even
    consider possible effectiveness.
  • Interlocked environmental groups seem to be
    specialized in this strategy to ultimately
    prevent over-supply of low cost resources of all
    types while ignoring effective alternatives,
    hence often creating shortage and commercial
    benefit to establishment group over all. --gtgtcont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
59Ferrous Ferric ion/Ferrate ion water
Continued 9 ? Iron
Sulphate Depositing in water 6 RISK FACTOR
  • gtgt cont WM Fully rejected effect
    S2(bioenhancing) RISK- A

  • ii-Other mainstream groups partially admit
    academic data and say "unlikely it works, but
    even if it it did..", then list more of possibly
    going wrong exaggerated scenario that are not
    actually seen than workable scenario like
    acidification, irreversible destruction of
    environment etc.
  • iii-Incidentally, other western mainstream
    initiated and managed geoengineering projects
    like climate intervention project of different
    types world wide(on public record), are entirely
    ignored by them or call it "there is no such
    thing exists" hence abstain from criticism while
    successfully create a reality, in which much
    larger mainstream led geoengineering becomes mere
    theory for majority of western public who
    exclusively believes in WM media. (For details,
    see other report and look up "Only Man made CO2
    causes catastrophic global warming" Tesla,
    Other Controversial Energy Tech Claims...

    --gtgtcont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
59Ferrous Ferric ion/Ferrate ion water
Continued 10 ? Iron
Sulphate Depositing in water 7 RISK FACTOR
  • gtgt cont WM Fully rejected effect
    S2(bioenhancing) RISK assessment
  • B- Less limited i.e. wider data sourcing than
    WM(western mainstream) its evaluation leads to
    somewhat different risks/evaluation conclusion
  • iv-Effect of large volcano eruption on fish
    increase has been "tested" with seemingly no
    major long term negative effect, but artificial
    Ferric ion dispersion has been done only in super
    small level(0.5-120ton), hence large scale impact
    of mono nutrient chemical dispersion is really
    inconclusive (volcano ash has mix of phosphate,
    iron, silica, manganese etc, and even has another
    pseudoscientific idea of seeming very strong
    bioenhancing effect causing ORMUSsection 63').
  • v-It is plausible there are variable cases when
    rapid increase of phytoplankton does not lead to
    increased fish stock or even zooplankton(combo
    element with other nutrients in water, location,
    timing duration, sunlight duration, fish
    travelling route vs temperature ocean current
    change etc) highly likely it requires strong
    skill know-how like casting bait net that
    involves hit miss - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
59Ferrous Ferric ion/Ferrate ion water
Continued 11 ? Iron
Sulphate Depositing in water 8 RISK FACTOR
  • gtgt cont WM Fully rejected effect
    S2(bioenhancing) RISK
  • C- But biggest risk of this tech seem to be
  • vi-Along with some other low cost effective
    technological processes, mainstream endorsed
    success of this tech would bring too much too
    rapid large negative impact on economic system,
    geopolitical balance, and key stake holders that
    are largely inflencing them. There are various
    indication of interlocked/coordinated/teamwork
    effort by western establishment groups to
    increase influence of key resources management by
    creating shortage which economical structure
    follows naturally 1- fresh water, 2-food,
    3-heath medical, 4-energy, 5-banking
    financial policies
  • World fish stock supply is 100-120millon ton/yr,
    while all world wide meat stock is 250-300millon
    ton/yr, hence food market would collapse if fish
    increases even just to 130 range with basically
    same base operating cost. If increase amounts to
    200, this largely natural catch protein could
    completely devastate the food market pricing,
    controlled food production(GMO etc) and destroy
    food stock control system shortage idea.
    --gtgtcont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
59Ferrous Ferric ion water/Ferrate ion
Continued 12 ? Iron
Sulphate Depositing in water 9 RISK FACTOR
  • gtgt cont WM Fully rejected effect
    S2(bioenhancing) RISK C- Biggest risk
  • Fair portion of increased fish stock by this tech
    would go to current food importing or starved low
    agri tech nations, where various interlocked
    group members with technological financial
    stronghold, IMF/WB lending and compulsory
    economic restructuring contract(to suit western
    establishment's control of those nations)etc
    would have lot to lose abruptly. This research
    finds some portion of mainstream interlocked
    groups are accommodating gradual low cost
    technological propagation but official overt
    endorsement of this particular tech might cause
    the loss too suddenly even for those "white hat
    groups"'s tolerance standard.
  • This type of geopolitically risky relative
    low-tech(eg Coal Water Slurry, Various water
    based over-unity energy production, Practically
    free medical effect stronger than mainstream
    methodseg Homeopathic vaccine for majority of
    chronic disease) might be better off to be
    practised quietly without endorsement by
    "credible" people at this time.
  • Temporal win-win scenario If allowed
    unofficially, this benefits fish growth operators
    knowledged group of people "who foolishly
    believe it works" while establishment can
    continue to keep food stock etc control world
    wide with little such tech deployment, due to
    most people still only believe in mainstream news
    approved tech. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
60Vacuum Saturation heating or cooling Effect
mix of Accepted Fully rejected by Western
  • 60Vacuum Saturation heating or cooling
    Related processes Many vacuum related water
    technologies are used as fully standard process
    in some industries while almost forgotten in
    other industries or residential applications.

    WM Accepted effect widely used process due
    to lower temperature(lower energy use) water
    evaporation M2N2(helps desalination process
    dimineralization) by low temperature, lower
    energy use vaporization secondary/tertiary step
    as std process in distillation, B3(soil-sand-oil
    separation from water)-
  • Standard process in some industries(Pulp Paper,
    Petro processing, Chemical) but much less often
    used in other areas Z2(fast-efficient heat
  • This process can often replace hot/cold water
    based heating/cooling Conventional heating via
    hot water occurs by heat-giving from water
    towards target medium, hence accomplished
    temperature tends to be uneven, but saturated
    steam is same temperature in closed system so
    whole heating is faster in even temperature(saves
    10-30 of energy, same applies for cooling
    process) This usually means higher consistent
    product quality with less rejects in
    manufacturing - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
60Vacuum Saturation heating or cooling
continued 2 Steam Jet Ejectors/Eductors etc 1
  • gtgt continue WM Accepted effect

    F3(cooling effect or faster
    even heating-cooling) (TLV, Lalonde
    Systhermique, KCPC jp ), Food industry benefits,
    also nutrition flavor enhanced (Miuraz jp,
    Marutaka50 ), I3(metal cleaning) Applies to all
    washing by flash vapour by sudden change of
    pressure(Aqa-T jp)
  • UNLISTED EFFECTS Vacuum generation itself is
    often done by various mechanical process, but
    sometimes can be automatically done by use of
    mini Vacuum creating Venturi Effect pipe which
    has explosive pressure changes in t
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